Oil Injected Muscles: 3 Types, Risks and Removal

Oil injected muscles are fast becoming a trend among amateur bodybuilders and young people as well. One common feature of those who use this oil to grow their muscles is that they have these large but freakish muscles that are disproportionate and look way bigger than the rest of their body. Instead of going through the normal procedure, which involves exercises, they inject some oils into their muscles, these oils make the muscles increase immediately.

The effect is immediate, but one thing the oil does not do is increase strength. People who build their muscles by exercising, eating good foods, and lifting weights have this body and their muscles growing at the same rate as their body. Oil injected muscles are those body forms that are made by taking in site enhancement oils using needles and syringes. These oils can be synthol, anabolic steroids or liquid paraffin. 


1. Synthol: Synthol composed of 85 percent of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), 7.5 percent alcohol and 7.5 percent lidocaine. The active ingredient, which is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), expands the muscle fibers on the biceps, triceps, deltoids, and calf when the oil is taken into the body through injection. The other components, alcohol and lidocaine, reduces the chances of bacterial infection by sterilizing the mixture. 

This synthetic hormone injection does not have any medical value. It is not advised to be used by anyone, including bodybuilders. The only thing this oil does is to increase muscles immediately after it get into the body. A study published by the National Library of Medicine in 2009 explained that the oil grows muscles but these muscles look deformed and are shaped unnaturally. 

2. Paraffin: Paraffin is an oil that has medical uses, it can be used to reduce stiffness in the joints, lubricate the bowels, increase blood circulation and even for skin care. But when injected into the muscles, it can enhance the growth and size of the muscles. This growth is temporary and can cause muscle damage.

3. Anabolic Steroids: These steroids are useful when used in the correct way and dosage. It is used to supplement the body’s supply of testosterone, it can help to improve sexual function, increase hair growth, and can also be used to grow muscles. Bodybuilders and those who wish to rapidly grow their muscle mass usually combine this steroid with other growth hormones and insulin, this is known as “stacking.” That is why the knowledge of oil injected muscles becomes paramount.


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If these oils are used appropriately, they are not harmful and can provide some medical benefits. However, if injected into the fibers of the muscles with the sole aim of increasing their elasticity, they can be extremely harmful. They can even cause death in some cases. The European PMC in 2015 reported the case of a bodybuilder who injected both synthol and paraffin oil into both upper arms to increase his muscles.

The muscles increased to 66 cm in circumference, but his arms were very solid like a rock and deformed. The patient suffered from spontaneous ulcerations on both arms a few years after taking the injections.
Let us look at each of these oils and how they can harm the body.

1. Synthol: Many studies have been carried out by researchers on the harmful effects of using synthol for oil injected muscles. One of such studies seen in the 2012 Journal of Medical Case Reports and it shows that synthol can cause muscle fibrosis – a condition where the muscle tissues may become scarred and die. The muscles can also become unevenly shaped and look off when compared to other muscles in the body. This injection can also cause serious side effects such as:

  • Rupture or bleeding of the blood vessels in the brain leads to stroke.
  • Blood flow to the heart is blocked, this will cause a heart attack.
  • Nerve damage as a result of the syringe injuring a nerve.
  • The pulmonary artery, which supplies blood to the lungs is blocked.
  • Redness around the injection site.

2. Paraffin: BMJ Case Reports in 2017 described some of the harms or dangers associated with injecting this oil into the muscle tissues. Some of the complications are:

  • Systematic embolism: a blocking of a blood vessel by a piece of material.
  • The muscle area can develop nodules which will become very firm and strong, like fibrosis (paraffinomas).
  • The skin surface of the muscles can start to break causing ulcerations.
  • The muscles become damaged and can not be reversed or treated.
  • Infections may occur in the muscle tissues.

3. Anabolic Steroids: One of the side effects of this steroid is that it can affect other parts of the body that use testosterone. 

  • The tissues in the breasts start to grow even in men.
  • The increased chances of having heart disease.
  • You can get male-pattern baldness earlier than you should.
  • Liver damage.
  • Your body reduces how much testosterone it makes naturally.
  • In women, excess anabolic steroids can cause infertility, irregular menstruation, changes in the face, excessive hair growth, deeper voice, and shrinking of the breasts.


One fallacy the Internet projects is that these oils can give you strength, this is completely false. The injections are only for cosmetic purposes not medical, and will not give you any strength even if you take it in excess. 

Most bodybuilders that use oils do so to create a huge image in the minds of competitors and others, but not to add to their strength level. Some also use the oil to grow muscles and look attractive, especially if they are bullied for looking lean or thin. 


Every injection may cause some degree of pain depending on who is doing it. Oil injections for muscles may be more painful than others, one of the reasons why we believe so is that these oil injections are not done by doctors or health practitioners. Using oil to increase muscle size is not legalized and no hospital will take such a risk.

The only option left for these bodybuilders is to inject the oils by themselves. Since they are not trained in how to use the syringe, the injection can be very painful.
An article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showed that injecting oils into the muscle tissues can lead to painful cysts. You can also develop pain in other parts of your body, like the chest and skin surface.


There is a possibility of this happening, especially if bacterial infection causes an abscess. When there is an abscess, you can feel pain, heat and swelling around the area. If the abscess continues to grow due to lack of medical treatment or continuous use of the oil injections, the abscess will explode under the skin and the bacteria will start to spread through the blood circulation into the body. 
When the bacteria spreads throughout the body, sepsis occurs. If the sepsis is not treated as well, an inflammation that can cause death will occur too. This condition is known as necrosis and will lead to amputating the affected limb.


Since there is no way to extract the oil from the muscle tissues since their effects start immediately, the damaged tissue can be removed. 

1. For paraffin: One of the ways of curing damage done by paraffin oil injection is to use antibiotics to stop the dissemination of the oil into deeper tissues and other nearby organs (National Library of Medicine). 
If there are ulcerations on the skin surface, compression bandages can be used to improve blood circulation and also reduce edema that can be caused by the distance between the skin and capillaries becoming shorter. Corticosteroids can also be used to lessen the inflammation and swelling caused by these oils on the immune system. Surgery is used as the last option when the case is so severe.

2. Synthol: A study in 2019 showed that the only way to remove damaged muscle tissues that are caused by injecting synthol is through surgery. An MRI will first be used to determine the exact muscle tissues that are damaged, then incisions will be made in the affected area. All the damaged tissues are taken out, and the cuts are stitched up.


There is no reason why you should use these site enhancement oils, they have never proven to be good for the muscle tissues. The internet and online advertisements are all false and misleading. These oils will not improve or increase your strength level, your muscles will look deformed, shapeless and out of proportion when compared to other normal muscle bulges.

You will get the instant muscle increase you wanted but the effects can cause you a lot including your life in rare cases. If you really want to really increase your muscles, there are many exercises that will help you followed by good food and a few changes in your diet. Dedicate more time to aggressive strength training and watch how your muscles will grow.

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