Postinor 2: Usage, Effects and Dosage

Postinor 2 one of the contraceptives that helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The fear of unwanted pregnancy especially after unprotected sexual intercourse has led many ladies especially the single ones into searching for means to prevent the unwanted pregnancy, they don’t want to be seen with a pregnancy while they are not yet married and most of the married women that don’t want any more babies are also in search of how to prevent pregnancy.


Postinor-2 also known as the morning after pills is one of the effective contraceptives that helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy this pill is much more effective when taken from 24-48 hours of Sexual intercourse as it has a very high chance of fighting the sperm cells when they have not yet entered the ovum and also delaying the release of the ovum.

When this postinor-2 is taken from 72hours after Sexual intercourse, it’s effectiveness might be questioned because there are chances that fertilization has already occurred and postinor-2 can be of little or no help in this case.

But these are just proposed objectives as how this postinor-2 really works is not yet known. The content of postinor-2 that does most of the contraceptive work is known as LEVONORGESTREL.       

How to Use/Take Postinor 2

According to research, for postinor-2 to be effective, it should be taken in 2 doses. The first dose should be taken as immediate as possible after unprotected Sexual intercourse so that the postinor-2 can be very effective, since taking the first dose anything above 72 hours after Sexual intercourse might seem futile because fertilization must have occurred. The second dose is to be taken 12 hours after the first dose.

Now it is very important that you find a way that makes it possible for you to take the drugs in a convenient time, the 12 hours should not fall within midnight it should be convinient enough and you must make sure that you take the second dose at exactly 12hours after the first dose so that you can get the result you seek.        


Literally, all the medications we take comes with its own side effects in as much as some are just normal reaction of the body system to the medication, some are very detrimental and if not taken care of might lead to great complications. Postinor-2 for one has its own side effects, there are common side effects of postinor-2 and there are also detrimental side effects of postinor-2.     


There are many side effects of postinor 2 which might even affect the womb. Some of the common side effects include;- Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness head ache, breast tenderness, vaginal bleeding and fatigue.     


– Ectopic pregnancy

– Acne 

– Symptoms of flu.      

When you start seeing any of these side effects, it is important you contact your doctor for proper treatment because it might result to more complications that can cause death.

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Effects of Postinor 2 on the the womb

It has been proven that too much intake of postinor-2 will weaken the wall of the womb and damage the uterus and can lead to miscarriage in the future as the womb cannot be able to carry a child anymore.    

Effects of Postinor 2 on Menstruation

Intake of postinor-2 can have little effect on your period in the sense that your next menstruation might come slightly earlier than normal or it might come slightly later than normal, in most cases, you may witness irregular bleeding between your cycle.    

Before you take postinor-2, it is important you ensure that ;- you are not pregnant- you don’t have liver problem- you are not hypersensitive to the      ingredients- you don’t have breast cancer- you are not having high blood pressure- you are not having vascular heart disease – you are not breast feeding


if you want to take postinor-2, ensure you do that within 24-72 hours after unprotected sex so that it can be effective enough, you should also contact your doctor so that he can check if taking postinor-2 is good for your health. 

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