Bad Microblading Eyebrows: Side Effects & 4 Ways To Fix It

Bad microblading eyebrows happen, you may book an appointment for a microblading so as to get perfect brows and fabulous results but it turns out your eyebrows become bitched. This can be frustrating, embarrassing and discouraging. Remember the face is the first place most people look at all day, so any flaw on it will be easily noticed, this is why we spend so much money to make out face look beautiful, fresh and glam.

What does it mean for microblading eyebrows to go wrong or become bad? There must be signs that shows a bad microblading eyebrows like:

  • The brows have strokes of color instead of hair strands
  • The arches of the eyebrows are not even, one may look bigger than the other.
  • The arches of the micro-bladed brows are not in the same position as the natural brows.
  • The color of the pigment does not match with the natural brows or even the skin color
  • The strokes are too thick, too short or even too long.


1. The first reason why you have a bad microblading eyebrows is if you go to unqualified artists. Some of these artists do not go through the basic training, they may even be self taught, they may not even know about ink preservation and this can cause health risks. They hear about how lucrative the business is and venture without spending money to learn themselves. But they make up for their lack of qualifications by charging clients low prices. The cheap price will attract many people and they end up getting bad microblading eyebrows. 

2. Another reason bad microblading eyebrows is the poor training courses some of the artists undergo. Some may have certificate but the courses were so poor or there were not much practical to make them grounded. 

3. If the artist did not draw the outline first, this will result to errors. No matter how good an artist is, it is important to have an outline of what the customer wants, explaining the concepts is not enough. The client may not really know how thick the arch you are talking about will be. The artist should first listen to the client’s preference, draw the outline, make adjustments before starting to draw.

4. The client did not see the artist work on others or have a referral to know how good an artist is, look at the brows of his or her clients to see how yours will turn out. The artist’s best work seen as an outline may not look beautiful on you. You should try to at least see his work on other people’s faces and decide if it is worth doing.

5. The artist believes the outlined shape would look smaller after the procedure this is not true as the outline of the arch does not reduce or become smaller. If you do not like how big the outline if the arch is, you should request that it is made smaller, it is easier to add more outlines than to remove them.

Bad Microblading Eyebrows


There are psychological and health effects of having bad microblading eyebrows. The effects are:

1. Low Self-esteem and Confidence

Nobody wants to walk around with bad microblading eyebrows that are too thick, unevenly shaped or have a different color from your natural complexion. The face is the first place people look at when they meet others so those whose eyebrows have gone bad will become withdrawn. They may even ditch going to social functions and situations to avoid getting awkward looks from others.

2. There is a Feeling of Disappointment

They may be disappointed in the artist, in themselves or even in those that referred them to the artist. They will also end up paying more money to fix this bad eyebrows or to remove them.

3. Trauma to the Skin

The skin around the eyebrows are sensitive and delicate, so if you are going for additional procedures to correct or remove the eyebrows, the skin will go through another experience. After the procedure comes the healing process, remember how draining the first healing process is. All these will cause trauma to the skin.

4. Allergic Reactions

The ink used for the microblading may not be suitable to your skin, this can cause itching. This is why if the itching during the healing process continues after the expected days, it may no longer be normal.Allergic reaction can occur if the pigment has elements of nickel or is of low quality. This can spike off irritations and other symptoms.

5. Infections

One of the courses microblading artists take is how to care for the equipments including the ink or the water. If the equipment or the water is dirty, viruses can get into the body. Also, if the ink has mold or is contaminated, infection creeps into the body.If the infection is not given medical treatment, it can lead to serious and life-threatening conditions because the eyebrows is very close to the sinus cavities.

6. Granulomas

Knots may occur around the eyebrows as a result of the body trying to protect you. During microblading, the pigments which are foreign objects are inserted into the body, the body’s way of protecting you is to form knots. These knots may not happen immediately, they may take months or even years to show.


Bad microblading healing process do not have another way they heal, they follow the same stages and steps as perfect eyebrows but instead of coming out perfect than the last recovery process, they have the bad shape or look bad. 

  • Day 1: There is redness and swelling, also the brows will look darker. There may be slight bleeding which will stop after sometime.
  • Day 2: The brows are darker than the day before, the redness may go down a bit.
  • Days 3 and 4: The tenderness and pain you feel will continue to go down. The redness will also go down also. One thing you will notice is that the brows will become thicker.
  • Day 5: From this day, your brows will start to itch you but you should never scratch it. Scratching it will pull out some pigments. Scabs will also start to form on the brows, this is your body trying to heal the cuts you had during the process.
  • Days 6 and 7:The scabs will continue to show and you will have the itchy feeling. You should not scratch them no matter how irritating it will be.
  • Days 7-10: The flaking stage will begin. The scabs will fall off on their own, there will be little pigments falling off with the scabs, you should not worry. You will also have patches where the scabs fall out from.
    Days 14-21: The flaking will gradually stop and your brows will start to have its color. There may still be patches.
  • Days 21-30: The brows will start to look perfect if the microblading procedure went well. If the procedure did not go well, you may still have thick brows. For bad microblading eyebrows, the final shape which is uneven or asymmetrical will clearly show. This is when you decide to remove the eyebrows or to fix the imperfections.


One of the ways to fix bad microblading eyebrows is to allow it fade off on its own, this may take up to two years. If you really want the brows fixed immediately, you can use any of these options:

1. Touch-up from another Artist:

If your first microblading procedure produced bad result, you should look for a good and skilled artist for the touch-up session. You should schedule for it as soon as possible, do not wait till you are completely healed. This will attract additional cost but if it can make your brows perfect, you can take it up.

2. Saline Removal

This is a very fast method but it should be done after you are completely healed. A saline solution will be injected into the areas that have the bad strokes, this method is always successful. You should get this treatment from a cosmetic doctor or a microblading artist.

3. Glycolic Acid Removal

This method of removal produces fast results like saline but the difference is that while salt solution is used in saline removal, a form of acid is required for this method.

4. Laser Removal

A laser beam uses pulse of light energy to break the pigments. The particles of the pigments will be shattered and absorbed by the body. Laser removal treatment needs many sessions to remove all particles.


Microblading is done to make the eyebrows look perfect but this procedure can go wrong especially if the microblading artist is not experienced or skilled. Bad microblading eyebrows looks uneven, thick and badly shaped, this can result to psychological effects. Health risks may also occur in a bad microblading eyebrows procedure.

If your brows are bad, you can allow them fade naturally or use some treatment methods to remove them. The best way to avoid having bad microblading eyebrows is to use the services of only the best artist no matter the cost.

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