Foaming At The Mouth: 3 Causes, Treatment and More

Foaming at the mouth is a symptom that is not only uncommon but signifies an emergency. It is the sign of an underlying medical condition that needs medical attention. This means that for a human or an animal to foam, there must be a cause and if medical care is not given, it can result … Read more

Low Sodium Peanut Butter: Brands and Health Benefits

Low sodium peanut butter is delicious with a lot of people developing a voracious apetite for consumption. Is there any health benefits of taking low sodium in our diets? Are low sodium peanut butter delicious?. We shall be answering these questions as we go through this article. Peanut butters are protein rich food made from dry … Read more

Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack

People with diabetes are often given a list of food they can and cannot eat by their doctors. Sometimes, they are told to eat certain foods in moderation. Such restrictions to a person’s diet can prevent them from getting all the nutrients they need. Nature made diabetes health pack is specially made for diabetic and … Read more

Black Toenail Diabetes: Complications & 3 Effective Treatments

Naturally, our toenails are white in color, but certain conditions like diabetes could lead to the discoloration of toenails, this situation is called “Black Toenail Diabetes”. Other factors are trauma, nail polish, nutritional deficiencies, or infections. Most times this discoloration may resolve on its own. If your toenail doesn’t get better after some time, you … Read more

Calcium Deposits On Teeth: Symptoms, Removal and Prevention

Have you noticed hardened sticky substance on your teeth that have a yellowish to cream color and have terrible smell?, that is calcium deposits on teeth. You may see them on your teeth or notice them in other’s teeth. This sticky substance is called tartar or calcium deposits and is caused by calcium.  The calcium … Read more

90 90 Stretch: How to Perform and Benefits

One of the best exercises for hip mobility is the 90 90 stretch. Research has shown that a lot of people unconsciously lead a sedentary lifestyle; a lot of sitting down at home and work  for really long hours. It is stated that an average person sits down for at least nine hours in a … Read more

Tonsillectomy Scabs: All You Need To Know

Tonsillectomy scabs are thick yellow-white patches that forms after tonsillectomy. Tonsils are your body’s immune system that help to fight against viruses and bacteria that enter the mouth. Because the tonsils are the first defense agents, they are susceptible to inflammation and infection (Tonsillitis). Tonsillitis can also occur when the body’s immune system decline after … Read more

Diabetes Swollen Feet: Causes, 6 Powerful Ways to Manage it

Diabetes swollen feet is an excessive accumulation of fluid, it is also known as edema. Edema can be localized in any part of the body or it can be generalized. It often occurs either due to hormonal changes or sitting in one position after eating a salty meal. Diabetes can cause edema in the feet … Read more

Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss

In this article we will be discussing on the topic “Does diabetes cause hair loss?”. There are so many reasons why you may be suffering hair loss. Could diabetes be one?. Hair loss and hair thinning could make you feel ashamed and uncomfortable in your body as hair contributes to beauty. People with diabetes are … Read more

Face Pull Alternatives: Benefits and 9 Different Types

Face pull alternatives is an exercise that  is targeted at the muscles of upper back and shoulders which are the posterior deltoid muscles, the rhomboid muscle, the trapezius, the infraspinatus and the teres minor muscle. It is performed with a cable pulley machine.  On the cable pulley are ropes attached and it is with this that … Read more

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