How to Remove Henna from Skin

In this article, you will learn the various ways of how to remove henna from skin. Read on WHAT IS HENNA? Henna is a coloring paste or dye that is extracted from the Lawsonia inermus tree native to tropical regions of Africa and Northern Asia. The flowers of this tree are frequently used in making … Read more

Can You Eat Salmon Skin ? 

Let consdier a very interesting topic titled ” Can you eat salmon skin ?” The answer is yes. Salmon skin contains omega-3 fatty acid which is good for the skin. One of the nutrients needed by your body is protein as it helps in growth and development. It also helps in blood clotting, good vision … Read more

Are Hiccups A Sign Of Pregnancy ? 

Different American citizens have been searching on the topic ” Are Hiccups a sign of pregnancy” The answer is yes. Hiccups is a sign of pregnancy. First lets understand something that pregnancy is a phase most women look forward to as it gives them the chance togive birth to another human being and experience motherhood. … Read more

Why Is My Nose red

In recent times people have asked ” Why is my nose red? “. It is not uncommon to see your nose being red sometimes and you are not the only one experiencing it as it also happen to most people too. You can have a red nose as a result to allergies, infection, cold or … Read more

Dysport Vs Botox

Dysport vs Botox are injectable medications that is used in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines on the face and forehead. This two injectable medications are safe and both of them are neuromodulators and they have their difference and similarities. This neuromodulators helps in a temporary paralyzing of the  face which in turn helps … Read more

Thread Lift Cost

What is thread lift cost and why do you need a thread lift? Getting old comes with many changes like the skin getting weak and loose. The skin looses its elasticity and starts to wrinkle. The cartilage surrounding the skin will start to get weak. Some people like to treat their face of these wrinkles, … Read more

How Long After Vasectomy Can You Have Sex

How long after vasectomy can you have sexSome married couples and single men alike wish not to have children at all. Among the many effective birth control, they opt for vasectomy as a very effective birth control method. Unlike some birth controls that are carried out mainly on the female, vasectomy is carried out on the male. A surgery … Read more

Athlete Blood Pressure

All you need to know about athlete blood pressure An athlete is someone who involves in sports, these sports require speed, endurance, stamina or physical strength. Athletics are different from normal exercise because athletes are trained to perform these sports. They are always competitive. These sports include running, swimming, table tennis, football, basketball, golf and … Read more

Toasted Skin Syndrome: Causes and Treatment

Toasted skin syndrome is a condition that causes skin discoloration, itching, and burning sensations due to heat. It is uncommon to see someone placing a lap on his or her lap while working with it. Neither is it strange to see someone sitting in front of a heater due to the cold weather while the … Read more

Conjunctival Cyst: Types, Causes and Treatment

There has been an incessant cases of conjunctival cyst among American citizens. A cyst is an abnormal sac-like tissue which contains fluid, air or semisolid substances.  It can develop anywhere in the body. Whenever there is a blockage of a glandular cell or organ, the accumulation of fluid produces a cyst. Cysts vary in size … Read more

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