What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily

Before we unravel what happens if we release sperm daily, let’s look at what sperm is. Sрerm is the mаle reрrоduсtive сell оr gаmete. The term “gаmete” imрlies thаt the сell is hаlf оf а whоle. When а sрerm соmbines with а femаl  gаmete, оr egg, it results in а humаn embryо. In this blog post we shall be … Read more

Does Viagra Make you Bigger

Does Viagra Make you Bigger

So, does viagra make you bigger? It may interest you to know that viagra does not make you bigger in anyway. Let’s find out more about viagra and what it’s used for. First let’s look at the functions of viagra and its meaning. What is Viagra? Viagra is a medication that is used in treating … Read more

Uda Water: Preparation, Uses & Side effects

Uda water is extracted from uda plant for medicinal use as contraceptive in order to prevent and reduce an unwanted pregnancy. Throughout history, a variety of plants have been used safely and effectively for contraception and a typical example of such plant is Negro, Ethiopian pepper (Botanical name -xylopia Aethiopica). This plant is known as … Read more

Needle Poking Sensation in Eye

Have you ever felt a sharp pricking pain in your eyes? May be while going about your daily activities, in the harsh harmattan weather, and your eyes begin to feel awkward, like something must have pierced through it. Or you woke up one morning feeling a sharp pain, that could make you swear a needle … Read more

How Long Does Monistat 1 Stay Inside You

So, How Long Does Monistat 1 Stay Inside You? Let’s find out in this post Monistat 1 refers to a vaginal cream or tablet that is used in treating yeast infection in women. Monistat 1 is an antifungal medication. It should be used as prescribed by the doctor or physician. Monistat 1 comes in the … Read more

Top 8 Best Blood Tonic for Weight Gain in Nigeria

Blood Tonic for Weight Gain

There are many blood tonic for weight gain and in this post, we will explain top 8 best blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria. Some of these blood tonics are available in some countries and you can buy them directly from online store or pharmacy shops. What is Blood Tonic? Blood tonic is a … Read more

How to Flush Out Sperm From The Body Naturally

How to flush out sperm from the body naturally is a common practice from ladies or women who are conscious of unwanted pregnancy. Some persons may prefer to remove semen from the vaginal area after sex for sanitary reasons or to avoid pregnancy. Semen is a mixture of fluids containing vitamins, minerals, and sperm. Sperm … Read more

Amlodipine banned in Holland

Amlodipine is defined or simply referred to as a medication that is made of calcium which is used in treating heart diseases and high blood pressure (hypertension). Use of Amlodipine in Humans High blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the major health conditions that humans tend to face. High blood refers to the … Read more

High Cheekbones Vs Low Cheekbones

What is the differences between high cheekbones vs low cheekbones and how are they significant? Let’s look at these two types of cheekbones. The Oxford dictionary defines cheekbone as the small prominent bone of the cheek, which aids in muscle movements while talking or chewing. Scientifically, there is no significant meaning of having a low … Read more

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