9 Best Weighted Hula Hoop

Weighted hula hoop makes exercise interesting. We shall be looking at best weighted hula hoops. After gaining millions of views on TikTok, a lot of people have signed up for the fitness challenge of hula hooping with smart weighted hula hoop. Weighted hula hoops are typically like the regular hula hoops which you played with … Read more

13 Best Moisture Wicking Underwear

In this article we are going to explain the 13 best moisture wicking underwear you should go for when looking to buy moisture wicking underwears. Working out isn’t easy, it can be fun. But we can all agree that once the sweat comes running down our bodies, giving us a swampy feeling, we most times … Read more

Belly Button Piercing Keloid

Belly button piercing keloid are keloids that appear after a skin piercing on the belly. There are so many practices and ways people adorn themselves today. Many wear jewelries or ornaments on their wrist, around their neck and on their head. Others draw tattoo on their body and many too pierce their body parts with … Read more

Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching

Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching?Eyebrow twitching is a common occurrence. It can be annoying and uncomfortable. Twitching of the eyebrow is when the skin around the eyebrow moves or spasms involuntarily. It often occurs when the eyelid twitches, as this can pull the skin around the eyebrow.  They usually last for few seconds but they … Read more

Triple Eyelid: Causes and Prevention

If this is your first time of hearing the words “triple eyelid”, it may sound strange. The eyelid as we know, is a thin gold of skin that covers the eye. Your eyelid protect the eye from foreign objects. Have you looked at your eyelids or someone’s else, and you see their eyelids having two layers … Read more

3 Ways of How to Tighten Your Virginia

This article seeks to reveal the Healthy tips on how to tighten your virginia. After a period of time in marriage or relationship women’s virginia start becoming loose and this in a great way leads to reduction of sexual pleasure and can lead to some health complications as well. This phenomenon is called VAGINAL LAXITY  This … Read more


In this article we going to take a look at the 5 Best chamomile tea to better guide you in the choice of chamomile tea to go for. A cup of hot tea on a rainy day keeps the body warm, and a cup of coffee in the morning keeps one energetic through out the … Read more

Can You Use A Heating Pad While Pregnant ?

Can you use a heating pad while pregnant! Heating pad can be used to relieve pains associated with sore neck and back. A research in 2014 shows that heating pad help relieves pain and increase blood flow. It can be used to relieve menstrual cramps. Using a heating pad can help open up blood vessels … Read more

Lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is the most consumed liquid in the entire universe and it exists at different temperatures and also can be used for a wide range of activities. Lukewarm is something that is not with too high or too low a temperature. Lukewarm water is neither hot nor cold. It’s just water that is barely … Read more

Tooth Sensitivity Months After Filling

Tooth sensitivity months after filling happens when the filling turns out to be very close to the nerve and also depends on the tooth filling procedures. Who  would  not  want  to have a healthy  teeth and  gums? Badly  decayed  tooth dental  procedure  involving  the  repair of  the  damage  inside  of  the tooth, once  a  hole  forms  … Read more

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