Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Coconut oil for diaper rash arouse the interest of mothers due to its outstanding benefits. Coconut oil is a less viscous natural oil that is gotten from coconut fruit.

How To Process Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be gotten through this process. Firstly, you get a matured coconut fruit and then break it to get the dry coconut from the shell. Manual or electric grater can then be use to grate the cococnut into smallest sized particle.
Secondly, the grated coconut is then mixed with a hot water which allows the oil to float on top and be separated from the chaff.
Thirdly, one can choose to prepare the oil that same day or be processed the following day for better result. After mixing the grated coconut with hot water, you now can then separate the chaff from the water.

The coconut water is then poured into pot and cook thorougly to produce coconut oil.
Coconut oil that is naturally prepared is used for the treatment of so many skin conditions among which include the treatment of diaper rashes which happends to be the subject of discussion of this article ” coconut oil for diaper rash” Coconut oil is very useful and helpful for maintaining an healthy skin.


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In examining this topic coconut oil for diaper rash, we will like to first give an enlightening information about diaper rashes.

Diaper rash is a common skin health condition amongst children. Diaper rash comes in different forms, they could appear reddish or inform of pink splotches and always appear near the baby’s diaper area which is mainly the buttocks.

Diaper rash can be prevented if they baby takes her bath frequently and her skin is kept clean. It can also be prevented if the baby’s diaper is changed immediately it is contaminated with faeces and stools.


In considering this topic ” Coconut oil for diaper rash” , we shall be looking at the major causes of diaper rashes in this section. They following are the causes of diaper rashes and they include:
• Irritation of the baby’s skin: Diaper rash could be caused by irritation of the baby’s skin. This skin irritation occurs when the baby wearsa particular diaper contaminated with urine and faeces for a long without a change.
Allergy: Another cause if diaper rash is allergy. Some babies that have sensitive skin are always prone to diaper rash. When a baby skin is sensitive, the baby can be allergic to some soaps, creams which in turn cause diaper rash.
Infection: When a baby puts on a diaper that is soaked with urine and stool for too long, it leads to bacteria and fungi infection and may lead to other diseases and sicknesses for a new born baby.


Some persons do ask question like how can I apply or use coconut oil for diaper rash on my baby. In this post ” Coconut oil for diaper rash”, we are going to show you how to use coconut oil for the treatment of rashes effectively.

Applying coconut oil on diaper rash on your baby is not a hard process, it can be done as thus;
Before applying a coconut oil on your baby for diaper rash, you must make sure that the coconut oil is not solid. That is , it must still be in its liquid form.

If it is solid , put it in a container and place it on warm water for it to dissolve. When you dissolve the coconut oil, you now apply a teaspoonful of the coconut oil on the baby’s skin that is affected by rash.

Please note, that the coconut oil should not be applied on the baby if her skin is not clean. After the coconut oil have been applied on the baby’s skin, the oil should be allowed to dry into the baby’s skin before wearing the baby a diaper.


Coconut act as an antibacterial. It helps to prevent bacteria from occurring on a baby skin.

It helps to form a layer between the diaper and the skin. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can actually works on diaper rash if applied properly.

It leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. Coconut oil contains natural essential nutrients such as vitamin E which help to keep the body hydrated at all times. Using coconut oil on diaper rash will help fight antibacterial and antifungal growth which may lead to diaper rash because coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to prevent the growth of diaper rash.

Using coconut oil is a natural way of treating diaper rash and it’s far way safer than some products that contains harsh chemical content.

Coconut oil is generally good for babies if applied properly. Although coconut oil saves as a great remedy for diaper rash, coconut oil could be sensitive on some babies skin.

Coconut oil should not be used in large quantity on a baby, this could react badly on a baby skin especially if that child’s skin is so sensitive.

If the baby’s skin shows sign of sensitivity, the baby nanny should monitor very well for allergies and some reactions.
Applying coconut oil on a diaper rash does not necessarily mean that the rashes will stop immediately. When coconut oil is applied on a diaper rash, it takes like few weeks for the rash to go off after applying the coconut oil consistently.

One should also note, that this result may vary from one child to another, since every child skin are not the same and the react differently.

In conclusion , we have been able show that on this topic ” coconut oil for diapper rash”, coconut oil is very effective and can be recommended for the treatment of diaper rashes in infant, babies and children.

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