Dentist Instrument and their uses

Dentist instrument are widely known to be tools used by dentists to care and treat people with dental problems. These tools may or may not be common to people who are not working in the field. These tools are use to provide treatment by dental professionals. Such tools as those used to remove teeth, treat, repair or restore damage teeth. Dental instruments may include those tools used by dentists to assess, treat or diagnose oral diseases, etc.

These instruments are mainly to be used by professionals in dental fields or staff, for dental care. These instruments helps in the process of assessing and treating of dental issues or problems. Each of the tools anchored a specific purpose.

There exist different kinds of instruments used by dentists to treat different kinds of oral care needed by a patient or patients. They have their own different specialities . In no particular order, I’ll be talking on different diagnostic instruments used by professional dentists during an examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Dentist Instruments (Dental Tools Names) and their Uses

Elevators: They are used by dentists to lift or raise the patient’s gum tissue or bone for treatment and diagnose. This process helps to make the view of the gum better and accessible.

Spreaders: This instrument is use to spread or widen the hot gutta percha so that the patients root canals are accessible.

Reamers: This instrument is use to remove damage organs in the oral cavity by making a big hole. Reamers are to be bigger than a file.

Syringes: They are used to wash away the all the canals that the water is stagnant for proper cleaning.

Files: Files are used to clean the area or nerve of an infected tooth. File has different sizes and length.

Broach: Broach is used to remove dead nerve tissues and it is also used to enlarge the canal for proper examination and administration of medication.

Explorer: It is used to make the root of canals of the affected tooth or teeth easy to assess.

Cotton pliers: They’re used mainly for putting or keeping or placing cotton rolls to quickly dry the saliva in the mouth for effective treatment.

Mouth mirror: It is use to view those areas that are hard to see with just eyes or those areas that are not accessible to eyes. Such areas may include mouth roof, the back of anterior teeth and the back of molars.

Amalgam carriers: They are use to transfer amalgam to the mouth of the patient. This is done when amalgam is transfer from the tray to the mouth of the patient.

Excavators: They are used to remove some small amount of decay near or by or close to the nerve.

Probes: They are use in measuring how deep the periodontal pocket is or the depth of sulcus.

Composite: It is use as an alternative way of filling material in the case when saliva fillings are not a better option.

Carvers: They are use in the process of filling of amalgam to the shape of the tooth.

High speed hand piece: It is use to remove the decay in tooth. It is widely referred to as the DRILL.

Spatulas: They are use to mix compounds for the treatment of teeth diseases. Such compounds may include; cements, decal and alginate, etc.

Pluggers: They are use in the placement of amalgam filling deep in the tooth that has been excavated.

Slow speed hand piece: It is use in removing the deep decay from the tooth. They are said to be use in the removal of outer stain and they are referred to as the slow drill because unlike high speed hand piece, its process is slow.

Burnishers: They are use to smooth the filling of amalgam.

Chisels: These are instruments of surgery that help to remove the tooth that is infected.

Wire cutters and twisters: They are used by the dentist in cutting the wires needed for treatment.

Extraction forceps: They are use to remove teeth for examination of the affected or infected area.

Utility plier: it is use in cutting thick wires before they are place in the mouth.

All these instruments are further categorized into different procedures like during orthodontic procedures, periodontal procedures, endodontic treatment, etc.

PS: There are several other instruments used by dentists that are not mentioned in this article.

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