Spider Bite Piercings

Spider bite piercings are unexpected, you may have seen piercings on the ear, under or above the lip, by the side or even in the middle. Spider bite piercings are done by the edge of the lips and come to the top of the mouth from the underside of the pout. The piercings are made side by side and are placed closely together on either the right or left side of your lips. The mark of the piercings looked like the bite of a spider. These types of piercings are fast becoming a popular trend among fashion people as they look perfect. Getting spider bite piercings is not the only issue, another worry is the aftercare and maintenance associated with it.


The lips are not the only place where spider bite piercings can be done. The ear is also a good area to have those double marks that resemble a spider. The two separate piercings are near each other on the lobule or on Darwin’s tubercule. The closeness of these jewelries makes them have the name “spider bite piercings”. You know that spider bite piercings are different from snake bites, snake bites have only one piece of jewelry while spider bite piercings have two.

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The first step your piercer will take is to disinfect your lips or ear with clean water and disinfectant. The disinfecting and cleaning is done to get rid of germs and bacteria on the body. The needles, jewelry and other equipment to be used are sterilized also, this is to reduce the chances of getting an infection through these objects.

The part of the lips where the jewelries will be inserted is marked with a pen. The markings are done to target the correct distance between the jewelries so as to give the piercings the perfect spider bite look. A sterilized needle will be put through the skin to make a hole for the jewelry to be put in, this process is quick but gentle. The jewelry is inserted into the hole made with the needle and any blood that has been drawn is cleaned up. This same process goes for the second hole and jewelry. After both jewelries have been inserted, the whole lip is cleaned and disinfected to avoid bacteria.


One thing you should know is that pain is subjective, it ranges from one individual to the other. We all do not feel pain the same way so it may be wrong to generalize how much spider bite piercings will hurt. When getting these piercings, some people feel discomfort or pain during or after the procedure while other do not feel much pain, they can go through the whole process without feeling discomfort. For those that feel pain, they have liken how the pain from spider bite piercings are by comparing it to a flu shot immunization.

The pain may feel like a sting but is very brief and then there is no discomfort except for maybe some discomfort or sensitivity. A spider bite piercing can hurt more than an ear piercing but less of a nose piercing. The double holes made for the piercing may cause severe pain. The pain is not as intense as it looks like it will be, you will be fine. You can try to fill your mind with something else other than the pain. 


The cost of spider bite piercings varies, some low end piercing may cost up to $20 to $40 including the price of your jewelry. Exclusive beauty experts and piercers may charge up to $50 or more plus the cost of the jewelry. Most experienced and skilled piercers may charge higher, you should go to them as they can pierce your lips in locations that are not harmful to you or result to complications. A qualified piercer will also know the best quality of jewelries to use and how you can care for your skin afterwards.


The jewelries that are used for spider bite piercings are ones that will stay in place. The mouth is one part of the body that does many activities daily, a loose jewelries may only stay for a short period of time. Some piercers prefer to use flat disc labret studs with simple beads at the end that look like dogs made by a spider bite. You can also use hoops that sit very well with the lips, they make the wearer look like they have fangs. Barbells can be used to give out aesthetic look and can be a good option. Twisted barbells are a good choice as well.

Spider bite piercing
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Spider bite piercings can be done by anyone but there are precautions that should be considered first. These precautions are:

  • Eating and drinking can cause the piercings to become irritated.
  • People with keloid scars or a history of them should not get this type of piercing.
  • Before getting the piercing, you should rinse your mouth with mouthwash. This is to prevent germs.
  • Your skin may reject the piercing, this usually occurs as the skin around the lips is very sensitive and thin.
  • Choose a piercer that has good records and reviews from past clients. Piercing needs skills and not necessarily a certificate.


The average period for spider bite piercings to heal properly is between 4 to 12 weeks. The timing can be longer or shorter if appropriate care is given to the piercings. You should see your piercer to know if the lips have fully healed before you stop the aftercare practices.


Side effects can happen after the piercing is done. Some side effects are:

  • Tearing out of the jewelries from the mouth if they become stuck to clothing or any objects.
  • The nickel in the jewelry can lead to allergic reactions like itching, rashes and swelling of the skin.
  • In cases where the body rejects the jewelry, it can grow back tissue and push the jewelry out of its position.
  • Not taking good care of your piercing or the use of unsterilized equipment during the procedure can lead to infection.
  • If the jewelry is too small for the lips, skin can grow over it.
  • During the procedure, the nerve or any tissue around it can be damaged, this will lead to many more complications.


Caring for your piercings will remove side effects and make them stay longer while your body is comfortable with them. Some ways to care for the piercings are:

  • Covering the piercings with a bandage and changing the bandage at least once a day till you have fully healed.
  • Make sure your hands are properly healed before you touch your piercings.
  • Clean the lips and pierced area with clean water and a salt solution.
  • Pat the rinsed lips dry with a clean towel.
  • Pass clothes or other accessories carefully over your head to avoid passing near or grabbing your piercings.
  • Use a milder toothpaste that will not irritate your piercings. You can change back to your normal after you have healed fully.
  • Eating soft foods will help you avoid chewing on your piercing. The first few days after the procedure can make your lips swell, hard foods can cause more pain.
  • Sleep on the other side without piercings. Pillows have bacteria that can be transferred to your piercings and the bed clothing may tear off your jewelry if it gets stuck.

There are other things you should avoid doing to your piercings, like:

  • Engaging in oral sex before your lips have fully healed, may cause you to contract sexually transmitted infections in the process.
  • Touching your lips or piercings with unwashed hands.
  • Using alcohol or any antiseptic to wash the piercings.
  • Playing with your jewelries when they have not fully healed.
  • Allowing your facial hair to be tangled with the jewelries.


There are some signs that may show your piercing is infected or not in the right position. You should see a doctor if you have:

  • Yellowish or greenish pus from the piercing
  • Unpleasant odor from the pierced area
  • Pain in the lips a few days after the procedure
  • Swelling of the lips
  • Burning sensation in and around the piercings
  • Rashes around the lips
  • Jewelry falling out of the holes and they cannot be fixed back
  • Damage to your teeth.


Spider bite piercings are forms of fashion that gives the face an edgy look. If it is done by a skilled piercer, they give off good appearance. However, there are some precautions to consider before getting one. Another thing is to adhere to the aftercare instructions that will help with your healing process and also avoid risks. It is advised that you overlook the cost and get your spider bite piercings done by a skilled piercer, you will look beautiful and the side effects will be minimal too.

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