Superbeets Pros And Cons: 8 Nutritional Values & Side Effects

Knowing the superbeets pros and cons is very important especially if you are using it for the first time. This is not just only for this supplement but for any new product you may want to use as there are many brands or categories available in the market. Superbeets is a powder form of the beetroot vegetable. 

Beetroot is a rich vegetable that has rich purple colour. It is known for the many nutrients it has including nitrate, folates, betaine, fiber, magnesium and other antioxidants. This root vegetable has become popular and can be added to smoothies, soups and other foods for their flavour and nutrients. Since Superbeets is just a powdered form of this root vegetable, the nutrients are still packed in these supplements.


Superbeets is a dietary supplement that is made from beetroots and contains enough nitric acid to keep the body healthy. It is a product of human, previously known as neogenesis. Beetroot has nitric oxide in them but the amount each root varies from others so in order to get the nutrient, you may have to eat lots of this vegetable.

This may not be possible to achieve most times. In order to help experience nitric oxide and other nutrients in beetroot, human decided to make a product that will help you achieve your nutrient desire with just a tablespoon of the powder. Beetroots are used in making superbeets. The company preserves the beets by keeping them in a crystalized form so as to retain their richness and nutrients.

This method of preservation makes it easier for you to get their nutritional values even if you consume them long after the production date. Even though the company did not state the exact number of beetroots used in making the product, they confirmed that a tablespoon of superbeets has the same amount of nitrate like 3 beetroots. Superbeets comes in two flavours which are black cherry or original. The original is highly concentrated and scientifically formulated to provide optimum levels of essential Nitric Oxide.  


Just like every product has pros and cons, Superbeets has, as well. You should know that these pros and cons does not stand for benefits or good sides and side effects or bad sides of superbeets. They do not also undermine the effectiveness of the product as well. Pros and cons are just few factors you should have in mind before getting superbeets as compared to buying other supplements.

Superbeets pros include:

1. It Can Improve Health Of The Heart

Superbeets can promote a healthy heart and healthy circulation of blood. The presence of nitrates and vitamin C in the supplement is of great benefits to the heart. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and this can improve how blood is circulated. When the body does not have enough of this nutrient, several heart disease can occur. 

2. It Can Lower And Regulate Blood Pressure

Superbeets does not only make the blood pressure to be healthy but also regulate it as well. Superbeets contains nitrates and these nitrates become nitric oxide when they get into the body. Nitric oxide is not just a neurotransmitter but also a vasodilator that can dilate and relax blood vessels. The more these blood vessels are relaxed and dilated, the level of blood pressure is reduced and regulated even in hypertensive patients.

3. It Can Increase Nitric Oxide Level

Having enough nitric oxide in the body is beneficial to heart health, blood pressure, circulation level and cardiovascular health as well. One vegetable that has more of this nutrient is beetroot, the level of nitric oxide in beetroot is higher than in other fruits. This is why Superbeets promises that just one tablespoon of their powder will give you as much nitric oxide as 40 teaspoon of fresh beetroot will give. Since eating as much beetroots that can give you enough nitrates is not possible, you can just get the amount you need by drinking Superbeets.

4. Superbeets Can Increase Energy And Stamina

Superbeets can boost energy and stamina especially during workouts and exercises. Many users of this supplements reported that they were able to last longer during work-outs after taking superbeets. Taking beetroot juice can increase the energy and stamina of athletes by improving their oxygen utilization. When the muscles are tired during physical activities, the nitric oxide in superbeets can promote glucose intake by your muscles cells.

5. It Is Reviewed Medically By Scientists

Enough research has been carried out on the nitric oxide boosting properties of superbeets. The makers of superbeets have been in the game of conducting researches on nitric oxide and making nitric oxide supplements. Human have their own patent technology that helps them to preserve nitrates in beetroots. There are also several doctors who are knowledgeable in the science of making of each N-O supplement.

6. Superbeets Is Easy And Convenient To Have

Beetroots have a bitter taste that may not be liked by everyone, so the best way to eat the root vegetable is by taking superbeets supplements. A tablespoon of the supplement can give the body the same amount of nitrates if you eat 3 whole beetroots. There are different flavors available so you can choose anyone that matches your taste buds. 

7. High Quality Ingredients

HumanN uses high quality Non-GMO beetroots that are grown in the USA to make superbeets. The preservation method of converting the beetroots into concentrated crystals is best because it will give you the full benefits of the root vegetable. The powdered form of beetroots can be easily absorbed by the body. 

8. Superbeets Can Improve Vitality

Superbeets have nutrients like iron and folic acid that can help to boost your immune system. These nutrients can be used to treat diseases like polio and hepatitis. This means that Superbeets can help your body to fight against certain diseases while also helping it to function properly.

Superbeets Pros And Cons


1. There Are Risks With Side Effects

Just like any medical product, superbeets have some risks and side effects that should be taken note of by certain people with health conditions. Taking this supplements when you have some health conditions can lead to interactions or worse symptoms.

2. Superbeets Is Expensive

It can cost you $39.95 to get a 150-gram canister of SuperBeets, this may be costly especially to those who use the product regularly. 

3. Results May Vary

The results you get from beetroots and fresh beetroots juice may not be compared to the nutrient you get from superbeets. Superbeets is just a supplement and may not be the best way to get the nutrition you need.

4. Dissatisfied Customer Response

Some customers reported that they did not see any difference after taking the supplement, others experienced allergies and unpleasant side effects. Customers also reported that it is difficult to blend and mix the supplement powder very well, you will have to put in extra efforts to avoid having lumps and clumps.


The main ingredients that are used in making superbeets are Non-GMO Beetroot Powder, Non-GMO Beetroot Powder (fermented), malic acid, magnesium ascorbate, natural apple flavor and stevia leaf extract. 

These nutrients are:

  1. Total fats: 0g 
  2. Sodium: 65g
  3. Total Carbohydrates: 4g
  4. Protein: 1g
  5. Vitamin C: 50mg
  6. Magnesium: 18mg
  7. Manganese: 0.14mg
  8. Potassium: 160mg 


The ingredients that are used in making Superbeets are very safe for most people and side effects are rare and temporary. However, there are some side effects that may be noticed. You should know that these side effects does not mean that superbeets is not safe for consumption. The supplement is very safe and made with the finest ingredients.

Some of these side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Stomach pain
  • Sleeping problems
  • Nauseous feeling
  • Pinkish-red stool.

Avoid taking superbeets if you have some disease or health conditions as the supplement may worsen the condition or even lower the blood pressure lower than it should be.

Some of these health conditions are:

  • Heart attacks
  • Herpes
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Liver damage
  • Low blood pressure


You can buy Superbeets from HumanN official website, you will get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and the price tag is $39.95 for a one-time purchase. You can use their subscribe and save option to save more and get free shipping to your location. With this option,you can save up to 12% to 45%. 

Many online retail stores like Amazon, Walmart and GNC have Superbeets supplement. However, the best place to buy the apple flavour is from their official website and Amazon. You can buy the supplement at Amazon for $37.95 for one month supply where you will be able to save $2 but you will not get a 90 money-back guarantee.


Superbeets is a supplement that you can consider if you want to boast your nitric oxide level. It is the best option if you are not a fan of eating raw beetroot or drinking fresh beet juice. There are so many benefits your body can get from superbeets other than nitrates. However, you should not replace high blood pressure medicines with this supplement as there may be other underlying causes of this health condition which drugs can take care of.


Knowing the pros and cons of Superbeets is very important especially as there are many beetroot supplements available in the markets. This will help you make up your mind if you are going for human beetroot powder or another product. 

You should know that Superbeets is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon and there are over 3000 reviews by customers. It will interest you to know that out of the thousands of reviews, 81% were positive. Superbeets is one supplement you should give a shot.  

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