Tooth Gems: 4 Fascinating Designs, Cost, Risks, And Aftercare

Tooth gems are a growing fashion trend that helps improve the smile, giving you that spark when you smile. They are tiny rhinestones or jewels that are pasted on the teeth, or sometimes as a cover up on the teeth of those who have inserted artificial teeth; tooth gems often look very fashionable.

Depending on your preference, tooth gems are of different sizes, shapes, colors, and types. You could decide to give a diamond, gold, Swarovski crystals, whatever jewelry type you like. Some people even go for grills. A grill is a decorative cover that fits over most of a person’s front tooth. This gems are semi-permanent accessories for the teeth and are only a few millimeters wide, but can give you that million-dollar smile.


You could get your tooth gems at your dentist’s or a registered professional piercing parlor. Whichever you choose, ensure that the establishment is clean and the use of sterile equipment is important, to prevent any complications after the procedure. There are DIY kits available to enable you to fix your tooth gems yourselves, however, this is not advised.


Tooth gems can stay in long enough as 6 months, although this depends on the type of gem you use and also how long you want it to last, as there are temporary and semi-permanent tooth gems. The temporary gems can last for at least 6 months example diamond gems, while the semi-permanent tooth gems can last for as long as a year or until you wish to remove them, depending on how well you take care of your teeth after the procedure.

Also, tooth gems such as Swarovski crystals, Brilliance crystals, and Shaped crystals tend to last longer than other tooth gem types.


The process of getting tooth gems placed on the teeth is a non-invasive and painless procedure that does not require you to get any shots, or even undergo surgery. No drilling is required also. The procedure is simple and only takes about 20 minutes with no need for the use of anesthesia to numb you as it is completely painless.


If you are considering getting a tooth gem, here are some tooth gem design ideas that might inspire you:

1. SIMPLE STUDS: This is a perfect tooth gem design, especially if you are new to getting tooth gems. It may be best to keep it simple on your first attempt. Simple studs are usually placed on the incisors or canine.

2. CUSTOM CURATED COLLECTION: As we have said, tooth gems are of different shapes and sizes, ranging from mini studs to dainty hearts and oblong gems. You can try to do something different by mixing and matching different shapes and sizes of tooth gems. This gives you a custom correlated tooth gem collection.

3. EVIL EYE: Make a statement easily by blinging out one tooth with the same unique design, but different colors of tooth gems.

4. SPECIAL NUMBERS: Whereas tooth gems are common in the stud design, you can be unique and request uniquely shaped gems like those shaped like numbers.


Now you know what design you could suggest to your dentist or professional piercer, it would probably be of your interest to know what to expect from the procedure. Recall that there are several reasons why people get tooth gems. There are also 3 types of tooth gems to help accomplish these reasons.

The first type of gem is fixed in between the teeth, the second is glued to a tooth, and the third is set into the tooth. If you want your tooth gem to go in between your teeth, then there should be gaps or spaces in your teeth that can be filled with these gems and they have to be placed properly, else food particles could hide in between the spaces and the gems, giving room for tooth decay.

However, generally, the procedure for getting a tooth gem fixed in your tooth involves:

i. Thoroughly clean the tooth enamel with 37% orthophosphoric acid. This will help the gem to stick to the tooth.

ii. Rinse off after 30 seconds and allow the teeth to dry for 10 seconds.

iii. Your dentist or professional piercer will use a light bonding agent on the tooth. The bonding agent will be left on the tooth for 20 seconds before it is rinsed off and left to dry.

iv. Then a small amount of composite material is placed on the surface of the teeth, and the selected tooth gem is placed on the tooth with forceps so you don’t introduce germs into your mouth.

v. Positioning the tooth gem has to be done carefully. It must be in close contact with the tooth enamel, making it easier for excess composite material from the tooth structure to be pushed out.

vi. Finally, the composite is cured with a special light for at least 60 seconds to harden the composite and set the gem in place.


The prices for tooth gem varies according to:

  • The number of gems to be fixed
  • Type of gem
  • The material used in making the gem as the material makes the gem differ in weight
  • Size of the gem
  • Choice of dentist

However, according to a global community and booking platform for tattoo artists -Tattoo doo, you can get tooth gems fixed at an average price ranging between $25-$150. Getting tooth gems fixed is not medically insured as it is a cosmetic procedure, not a health procedure.


The procedure is not painful, but within days after getting your tooth gem, you will be very conscious and feel differently in your mouth but after a while, you will get used to it. After the procedure, you will need to take your oral hygiene more seriously than you used to. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is essential to avoid accumulating plaques that can result in tooth decay.

For the first 24 hours after the procedure, you are advised to eat only soft foods. That will ensure that the bond between the gem and your natural tooth is secure. Also, avoid spicy and sticky food for some time. Do not touch or play with the gems.


To remove your tooth gems, it is advised that you go to your dentist. First, the gem will be polished off, making sure no visible marks are made on the tooth. The process only takes a few seconds. It is preferable to go to your dentist because, at a piercing parlor, a harsh chemical that can affect your tooth enamel may be used.


No. Adhesives such as nail glues and superglues are toxic to the teeth, as they can damage your enamel, fracture, and even pull out your teeth. When you use nail glues to fix tooth gems, this can lead to tooth discoloration, tooth damage, cavity development, gum disease, and sensitive gums and tissue when food particles and plaque build-up underneath and around the jewelry.

Specific glues have been designed for fixing tooth gems. Even if you want to do it yourself and not go to a dentist, DIY kits for tooth gems come with their specific glues for fixing tooth gems.


One of the common possible risks of wearing a tooth gem is that it can serve as a good hiding spot for food particles and bacteria, and when these build-up, it causes bad breath and infections.

Other risks from wearing tooth gems are:

  • Jewels in the mouth can lead to weakness of the muscles in the mouth.
  • Allergic reactions are possible¬†
  • As a result of jaw problems, you may experience neck pain and headaches. Could even lead to TMJ.
  • The gem may end up pressing on your gums with so much pressure it could damage it.

Neither of these is favorable for the health of the mouth and if neglected, could cause further complications.


Tooth gems are not for everyone. The bonding agent used in fixing tooth gems can only stick to the natural enamel, so if you wear veneers, false teeth, crowns, and caps, then the tooth gems will not stick. With Invisalign, the gems will be placed directly over the tooth, but you can’t wear your Invisalign during the period you still have the gems on because they would no longer fit properly over your teeth.

However, if you use a wire retainer, then your dentist may place the gems in such a way that they don’t interfere with your retainer.


Tooth gems are the latest fashion trends. It involves placing different gems of your choice over your teeth. The process is simple and requires no drilling or shots to be taken. It is a completely painless process. You must maintain proper hygiene after the procedure as the fixed gems may serve as good hiding spots for food particles and bacteria which if not taken care of can lead to severe complications.

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