Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

Tummy tuck gone wrong!

Tummy tuck is defined as a cosmetic surgery that is carried out in order to improve the shape or size of the tummy. Another name for tummy tuck is abdobinoplasty surgery. Most of the times, tummy tuck are carried out by private surgeon. Tummy tuck helps to remove excess fat that may have been gotten as a result of pregnancy. Most times, tummy tuck goes wrong reason is because no surgeon can guarantee a perfect result.

When a person thinks or have it in mind to go for tummy tuck, the person should know that a mistake can occur and the surgery can go wrong especially if it is carried out by private surgeon and not by National Health Service (NHS). Tummy tuck is highly risky, so before it is done, the surgeon must check to see if the person is medically fit before the surgery can be done.


There are different types of tummy tuck and they include:

(1) Endoscopic Abdobinoplasty surgery: Endoscopic abdobinoplasty surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery, carried out in order to tighten the stomach muscles. The surgery is done by carrying out an incision around the pubic region. This is quite different from alarplasty surgery.

(2) Standard Abdobinoplasty surgery: A standard abdobinoplasty surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is done in order to remove excess fat or skin around a person’s oubic region and around the navel region.

(3) Mini abdobinoplasty surgery: The mini abdobinoplasty surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery carried out in order to remove excess skin from a person’s navel. There is a clear difference between standard abdobinoplasty surgery and Mimi abdobinoplasty surgery because the first helps to remove excess skin around the navel while the second helps to remove excess skin from the navel.

(4) Extended Abdobinoplasty surgery: From it’s name, extended surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is carried out in order to remove excess skin from body parts like the stomach, the waist, the abdomen, the back and the thighs.


There are several reasons why people carry out tummy tuck. One of the core reason especially for the ladies is that most of the women after giving birth, their body accumulates excess skin and fat as a result of child bearing in their body parts like the novel, tummy and the abdomen. These women become uncomfortable and they decide to carry out tummy tuck. People also carry out tummy tuck because they want to loose weight.


Before establishing why tummy tuck gone wrong, It is advised that tummy tuck should not be carried out by amateur, that is, a person who is not really skilled. Tummy tuck should be carried out by a very skilled and experienced person as this will help to reduce the risk. Even in Chicago, UK and other states in the USA, tummy tuck can go wrong. Tummy tuck itself is a surgery that is really risky even when it is carried out by experienced surgeons and a mistake can occur which can make tummy tuck to go wrong thereby causing some side effects which may include;

(1) Body deformity as a result of inadequate removal of excess skin: Body deformity is one of the side effect of tummy tuck. This deformity occurs when fat is not adequately removed.

(2) Pus or fluid around the navel: Another side effect of tummy tuck is that there will be pus around the navel. When this happens, the individual should meet the doctor for profesional advice.

(3) Constant pains in the abdomen area: Frequent or constant pain in the abdomen is another side effect of tummy tuck. When tummy tuck goes wrong, the affected person may likely feel constant pains around the stomach and abdomen.

(4) Blood at the incision site: Another side effect of tummy tuck is that blood will keep coming out at that incision site

(5) Belle button not properly repositioned: This is another common side effect of tummy tuck. If the surgery should go wrong, the Belle button which is navel will not be properly positioned and it could end up being too high and too low.


Tummy tuck is not just any kind of surgery. A person must be qualified before he or she is allowed to carry out the surgery. A person is only qualified to undergo a tummy tuck if the person has body weight, his physically fit and the person must not be a smoker because this can get things worst.


If after undergoing the surgery and the surgery went wrong and you still don’tlike the way your body looks like after the surgery, you can meet your surgeon and request for tummy tuck revision surgery. This revision surgery will help to eradicate or take of problems that were made in the first surgery in order for you to achieve your desired body.


In this topic “Tummy tuck gone wrong”, we have pp0 the meaning of tummy tuck, different classification of tummy tuck and why people embarked on it among others. I hope this post “Tummy tuck gone wrong” gives you the desired information you were researching on.

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