15 Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves

In this post, we are going to discuss the 15 health benefits of soursop leaves. Sasalapa or Soursop is a tropical organic product that you can discover in Samoa and other Pacific Islands, portions of South America and surprisingly in Florida.

The flavor of soursop organic product is a scrumptious combo of strawberry and pineapple and is most usually eaten by slicing the organic product down the middle and scooping out the tissue.

The delicate mash and tissue of the organic product can be utilized as drinks, pastries, smoothies and even treats.

A native of the warm and tropical regions of the Americas, soursop is a fruit that goes by many names. Its scientific name is ‘Annona Muricata’, but it also goes by guanabana, paw-paw, sirsak and graviola.

Soursop is a member of the Annonaceae family, also known as the custard apple family. The fruits which grow on trees are large and oval shaped. The green exterior, which has spines on it, covers a white fibrous flesh. They grow up to eight inches and can weigh up to ten pounds.

According to a study published in the Biochemistry Research International, the leaf of the soursop plant consists of essential oils largely made up of terpenes and terpenoids.

The sesquiterpenes, S-cadinene (22.58%) and a-muurolene (10.64%) are the most abundant compounds identified in the essential oils of the leaf.

Diterpenoid and andrographolide are also present in large amount with a composition of 6.51% T-cadinol, ledene oxide (II), a-cardinol and B-caryophyllene. 3-(octadecyloxy) propylester (5.57%) and octadecane (5.33%) were the most abundant aliphatic compounds present in the essential oil of the leaf.

Critoxigenin, a phytosterol, D-limonene and a-pinene, both monoterpenes, were also identified in the essential oils of the leaf, a-pinene makes up only 0.04% of the total composition.

Soursop leaves have many uses in traditional medicine and it has been used to treat a wide range of health conditions and ailments. With its strong nutrient profile it provides a variety of healthy benefits.

15 Health Benefits of Soursop leaves

1. Cells Reinforcement

Studies show that soursop is a cancer preventing agents, which assist forestalling the activities of harmful cells which could bring persistent sickness and other health related problems. Soursop leaves instigates the mechanism for the production of new cell which is capable of replacing death cancerous cells.

2. Helps In Killing Cancerous Cells

Broad examination has been done on the extraordinary natural mixtures of soursop and it has been generally contemplated as an elective method of decreasing the danger of disease.

It has been found to stop the development and arrangement of disease cells when a review took a gander at the impacts of soursop extricate on leukemia cells. In bosom malignant growth cells it had the option to lessen cancer size thereby rendering cancerous cells ineffective.

3. Helps In Fighting Bacteria

Soursop can adequately kill off numerous kinds of microbes, including strains that cause gum disease, tooth rot and yeast contaminations.

4. Boost Immunity

Securing the resistant framework is one of the main parts of a sound eating routine and wellness system. Adding a touch of soursop natural product to your eating routine, either through reviving drinks or sweets, can emphatically affect your general wellbeing. It has abundance of vitamin C which animates the creation of white platelets.

4. Work on Gastrointestinal Health

The juice of the soursop natural product can be an exceptionally diuretic as it can scrub the gastrointestinal track and eliminate poisons and salts from the body. It can also diminish parasites in the gut and reduce disturbances in the stomach and colon.

5. Helps in stabilising blood sugar level

The health benefits of soursop leaves can be seen in stabilising blood sugar level in humans. Discoveries propose that soursop can be more gainful for those with diabetes when matched with a sound eating routine and dynamic way of life.

6. Analgesic Properties

Among other health benefits of soursop leaves, it has been has been typically applied to facilitates healing of wounds. It is also a pain killer natural organic product use as herbal medicine in tropical region of America. This product has been fully utilize for those who knows its potential benefits especially as pain reliever.

7. It serves as Immune boaster

One of the health benefits Soursop leaves is that it contains a high number of antioxidant properties. Antioxidants keep cells healthy by hunting disease-causing free radicals in the body and destroying them. According to a 2014 study, soursop extract has many compounds with antioxidant abilities. These include: tannins, saponins, phytosterols, flavonoids and anthraquinones. Antioxidants play a role in your overall health and may help to protect against a variety of health conditions. Vitamin B1, zinc and selenium found in soursop leaves can give the immune system a huge boost and helps prevent infection, especially in this era of coronavirus pandemic.

8. It can be use to treat cancer
Soursop leaves have cytotoxic effects on cancer, the same compounds found in chemotherapy and radiation. It is effective at killing cancer cells. Acetogenins (acg’s) a phytochemical compound found in the leaf and seed of soursop have shown in clinicals to kill several cancer types including breast cancer, leukemia, melanoma, skin cancer, colorectal, liver and lung. According to 2016 in vivo and in vitro research, soursop extract was toxic against some breast cancer cell lines.

9.Treatment of Inflamation
Another health benefits of soursop leaves is for the treatment of inflammation and oxidative stress. It’s known for its antioxidant and anti inflammation properties. The leaves are normally boiled into a tea and consumed for its medicinal benefits.

10. Teatment of Chronic Diseases
The soursop fruit or graviola tree leaves can also be used to treat stomach ailments, fever, gout, chronic kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis, parasitic infections, hypertension and rheumatism.

11. Enhance Muscular functions as well as Treatment of Diarrhea
Soursop leaves contains potassium and calcium, both of which contributes to the maintenance of normal muscular function. The selenium and zinc found in soursop leaves helps promote gut health and prevents diarrhea. Soursop leaves tea is a good probiotic.

12. Regulates and Controls Blood Sugar Level
The greatest health benefits of soursop leaves that is well appreciated is its regulation of blood sugar level. Certain ingredients in soursop leaves include phytochemicals, which may help to regulate blood glucose levels and prevent spikes. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is important because it can help protect the vessels that supply blood to important organs like the heart.

13. Contributes To Energy Levels and Weight Loss
Soursop leaves tea contains vitamins B1, B2 and magnesium, each of which contribute to normal energy levels helps in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Drinking a daily cup of soursop leaves tea helps to burn calories and reduce body fat and weight .

14 Soursop Leaves Are Good For the Kidneys And Skin
The juice of the soursop fruit and leaves can be a very effective diuretic as it can cleanse the kidneys and remove excess toxins and salts from the body. Soursop fruit and its leaves also treat skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

15. Fights Bacterial Infection
Tea from soursop leaves is able to effectively kill off multiple types of bacteria, including strains that can cause gingivitis, tooth decay and yeast infections.

Other Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaves

  • Controls Parasites

In some places where soursop is popular and well utilize, people hardly infected with parasitic infections. These are majorly rural or underdeveloped communities. In developed areas, parasitic infections are prevalent due to influx of travellers or immigrants from the affected areas.
Typically, the treatment for parasitic infections involves the use of soursop tea. You can brew the tea using the soursop leaves.

  • It helps in Boasting Fertility

Research shows that greater percentage of women who drink soursop leaves tea, gets regular ovulation and menstruation thereby resulting into high chances for fertility. The combination of guava leaves and soursop leaves actually help boost fertility and ovulation.

  • Treatment of Insomia

Traditionally, soursop leaves have been used to treat insomnia. The leaves have a smooth muscle relaxant activity and act as sedatives. Taking a glass of soursop leaf tea may also help ease stress.

  • Treatment of Rheumatism

Rheumatic diseases are commonly observed in elderly people, causing great pain. Soursop leaves are a natural treatment for pain. For this purpose, crate the soursop leaves until they become smooth and apply on the areas of the body affected by pain.

  • Treatment of Ulcer

Soursop leaves are excellent remedies for ulcer because the substances within soursop leaves reduce inflammation and also act as a painkiller. Additionally, soursop leaves improve our immune system.

  • Enhances Digestion

The fiber in soursop leaves (up to 7.4 grams per cup) has the potential to ease constipation. It also slows your digestion as well as regulating blood sugar level. Some research even claims that soursop fights heart disease by lowering high cholesterol levels.
The health benefits of soursop leaves cannot be over emphasized. It contributes a great deal towards the total well being of a person as it provides more than the required daily dosage of vital vitamins and it helps to fight and cure certain deadly diseases. It is highly recommended to be included in the diet of everyone for good health and vibrancy.

Description of Soursop Fruits

A soursop is a fruit that is green in colour, prickly and heart shaped fruit which grows in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
Some people call it custard apple, Brazilian pawpaw e.t.c. It is a fruit which have a combination of strawberry and apple flavor with hints of citrus. It smells like pineapple and have a creamy texture inside similar to that of banana.

The Summary of Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaves

Actually, the entire tree including the leaves, the bark and even the roots have been used to cure a number of ailments.
Here are summary of health benefits of soursop leaves:

  1. They antioxidants
  2. They serve as first aid winds.
  3. They help in treatment of diabetes
  4. Effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, virus, parasite and tumor development.
  5. Treatment of boil
  6. It improves digestion
  7. Decoction of leaves can be used as compressor for inflammation and swollen feet.
  8. It can be used to boost immune system.
  9. It helps to eliminate bed bugs in the house
  10. It helps to treat fever and cough.
  11. It is effective for insomnia.
  12. It is used for treatment of blood disorders.
  13. It helps in fighting infections
  14. It helps to lower body temperature
  15. It is used to treat ulcer.
  16. It helps in the treatment of cancer
  17. It is very good in the treatment of skin diseases
  18. It helps in the treatment of kidney problems
  19. It is also use for the treatment arthritis
    There are many more health benefits of soursop leaves that are still yet to be known.

In conclusion we have analyse and discuss in detail the 15 health benefits of Soursop leaves.

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