How Does 4 Weeks After Circumcision pictures look like

How Does 4 Weeks After Circumcision pictures look like?

Circumcision is one of the major thing that cannot be over emphasized especially in a male. When a male child is born, there is foreskin that covers his manhood (penis), in which without this foreskin being removed which is the act of circumcision, the male child may find it difficult to impregnate the opposite gender (female).

Circumcision is simply defined as the act or the process of removing out the foreskin that covers a man’s penis (manhood). Circumcision is not done immediately the child is born. It is advisable that the child should reach at least seven to ten (7-10) days old before the foreskin is removed.

This process doesn’t take up to an hour, five to ten (5-10) minutes is okay for an expert in that field. Circumcision is not a compulsory thing, it is left in the hands of the child’s parent to decide whether the want their child to circumcised or not. Some religion do not support circumcision of the male child.

Benefits of circumcising a male

There are some good health benefits associated with circumcision. This health benefits includes;

Easier Hygiene: One of the greatest benefit of circumcision is easier hygiene. Circumcision makes it possible for a male child to wash his penis well and it also prevents the accumulation dirt under the foreskin.

• Reduction in Urinary Tract Infection: Reduction in urinary tract infection is another benefit that is derived from circumcision. When a child is circumcised, it reduces the rate or even eliminate the child from having a urinary tract infection especially in the first year.

Risk of circumcising a male child

The following risk below can be as a result of circumcision. They include;

• The patient’s age: one of the risk of circumcision is as a factor of the patient’s age. A lot of persons do not believe in circumcision and some religion do not support it, so children born into this religion or individuals do not get to undergo circumcision at the first year of their birth.

Circumcision carried out at the first year of a child’s birth is less risky or not even risky at all but when circumcision is carried out at an older age, it is very risky because the can be excessive bleeding and other health conditions. Therefore it is advisable that circumcision be done during the first year of a child’s birth in order to avoid this risk.

• The patient’s weight: another factor of risk for circumcision is the patient’s weight. A study has proven that the higher the weight of a person that wants to be circumcised, the more risky it becomes.

A child whose weight is from 5.1kg above will face more risk when undergoing circumcision but a child with a weight that is below 5.1kg will face less or no difficulty when undergoing circumcision.

The reason why a person with higher weight of about 5.1kg above is because when a person has a higher weight, it makes the groin fat pad around the penis to become thicker and this will increase the amount of bleeding of which inturn can lead to a risk of developing buried penis.

• Practioners experience: another factor of risk in circumcision is the practioners experience. Some parents do take their children to inexperienced practioners who may not even observe the after effects or implications. Wallpics

How to care for your baby after circumcision

The following are the necessary things to do in order to care well for your child after circle in order for him to recover quickly from the pains. They include:

• One of the most important care tips to note when taking care of your child after circumcision is to always remember to wash your hands before and after touching the child’s penis. This is vital because it will help in order for you not to add dirt to wound which inturn may cause infection.

• Another thing that must be done is that, enough quantity of petroleum jelly must be applied on the penis because this will not allow the penis to stick with the diaper and it will help quicken the healing process.

• Another care tip is that the penis must be washed with plain warm water and neither soap nor hydro peroxide should be used as this two items normally slow healing process. Also, when fastening your baby’s diaper, you must not make it tight, rather let the diaper be loose.


How Does 4 Weeks After Circumcision pictures look like?

After a child was circumcised, taking care of the penis is really necessary and important. That can be done by washing the penis with warm water and even tubing petroleum jelly on the penis to quicken the healing process. After the circumcision, the looks of the penis becomes different.

After circumcision is carried out, there will be yellowish patches which is normal and after like three to four days, the skin may look green or yellow in color. A 4 weeks after circumcision pictures will have a scar which is as a result of the penis being healed.

The size of this scar depends on the method of circumcision that was used. At four weeks after circumcision, the penis as already healed, the yellow patches will form into a new skin and the scar will still be there but it will fade off overtime.

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