What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily

Before we unravel what happens if we release sperm daily, let’s look at what sperm is. Sрerm is the mаle reрrоduсtive сell оr gаmete. The term “gаmete” imрlies thаt the сell is hаlf оf а whоle. When а sрerm соmbines with а femаl  gаmete, оr egg, it results in а humаn embryо. In this blog post we shall be … Read more

Does Viagra Make you Bigger

Does Viagra Make you Bigger

So, does viagra make you bigger? It may interest you to know that viagra does not make you bigger in anyway. Let’s find out more about viagra and what it’s used for. First let’s look at the functions of viagra and its meaning. What is Viagra? Viagra is a medication that is used in treating … Read more

PSA Levels in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

The main purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the PSA levels in metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate cancer with local metastasis means that the cancer in ones body has spread to other organs within the pelvis, which usually means the nearby lymph nodes. And it’s usually includes any organ or structure in the … Read more

Cyberknife Treatment for Prostate Cancer

This post will enable you to know the importance of cyberknife treatment for prostate cancer and patient liable for cyberknife treatment. What is CyberKnife          The cyberknife System is a radiation therapy device manufactured by Accuray Incorporated. This system is used to deliver radiosurgery for the treatment of tumors, malignant tumors and … Read more

What are the 5 Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer text

What are the 5 warning signs of prostate cancer so you can be on the alert to avoid this dreaded type of cancer? Prostate cancer is a dangerous disease that, unlike other types of cancer, is easier to treat if detected early. That’s the more reason you need to know the major signs. We’ll also … Read more

How to use a Prostate Massager

How to use a Prostate Massager

Are you interested in exploring prostate massage? This type of massage can provide numerous benefits for your health and wellbeing, including improved erections, better orgasms, and increased pleasure during sxx. If you’re interested in giving it a try, it’s important to know how to use a prostate massager safely and effectively. In this blog post, … Read more

Ten Worst Foods for Prostate Health

person holding a stress ball

Keeping up with good prostate health is important for men of all ages. Unfortunately, some of the foods we eat on a regular basis may be contributing to poor prostate health. This blog post outlines the ten worst foods for prostate health that you should avoid or limit in your diet. Here are The Ten worst … Read more

How to Make Sperm Thicker and Stronger

Healthy tips on how to make sperm thicker and stronger. Let’s start by discussing sperm before talking about how to make sperm thicker and stronger.            Sperm is a cell oftenly called the “sperm cell”, it is a male reproductive gamate  .  This sperm has its body divided into three portions; The … Read more

9 Sea Moss Benefits For Men

Sea moss benefits for men may seem like this seaweed is only meant to be consumed by men or its benefits are tailored towards men. This is not the case as sea moss has benefits for both men and women. However, there has been debates about how this super food can improve men’s health. The … Read more

Ingrown Hair On Penis: Causes, Prevention and Removal

Ingrown hair on penis are those hairs that grow from small bumps on your skin after shaving, that can sometimes be painful. WHAT ARE INGROWN HAIRS? Ingrown hairs occur when hair grows under your skin or curls around and grows directly into the hair follicle, instead of shooting out.  You will notice ingrown hair in … Read more

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