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Advanced diabetes supply are durable medical equipments that must be used primarily for medical purposes. Some examples of advanced diabetic supplies include glucose monitors, lancets, and test strips. Depending on your needs, your doctors will prescribe basic diabetic supplies.

Advanced Diabetic Supply (ADS) is a leading national provider of Durable Medical Equipments (DMEs), specifically diabetes supplies. The company is located in Carlsbad, California, was founded in 2002, and holds the most valued accreditation in the diabetes supply industry -DMEPOS accreditation with the National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy.

The founders, Mark Howard and Tim Cady had founded Advanced Diabetes Supply with the main focus of creating an organization that would persistently and diligently lead the diabetes industry, pioneering efforts to provide an innovative, refined, and quality service experience in the Durable Medical Equipment diabetes supply space.

In 2021, with the company’s zeal to provide diligent and quality service, they expanded their accessibility and customer service by adding US MED (United States Medical Supply) to their group of companies. The company’s commitment to providing unprecedented efficiency, convenience, and excellent service has won them:

Advanced Diabetes Supply
Advanced Diabetes Supply
  • No. 1 distributor for FreeStyle Libre Systems nationwide.
  • No. 1 specialty distributor for Omnipod Dash.
  • No. 1 rated distributor in Dexcom customer satisfaction survey
  • No. 1 fastest-growing Tandem distributor nationwide
  • No. 1 in Google and Facebook customers ratings among large national diabetes DMEs

The goal of the company is to provide you with the knowledge, products, and services needed for the easy management of your diabetic condition.


Advanced Diabetes Supply distributes all brands of Continuous Glucose Monitoring supplies, Insulin Pumps, and Pumps supplies, as well as other leading brands of diabetes supplies and accessories.

1. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

CGM is one of the most comfortable Durable Medical Equipment for diabetes that makes it very easy for you to keep track of your blood sugar levels. So instead of the usual finger pricking test, you could use tho DME. Advanced diabetes supply recognizes this and that is why they make it available in its different varieties and brands:

  • Accu-Chek Guide
  • Contour Next Ez
  • Nova Max Plus
  • OneTouch Verio Reflected Meter
  • Prodigy Autocode
  • Prodigy pocket, 
  • Prodigy Voice

Advanced diabetes supply boasts of accurate and precise glucose readings from the CGMs they provide. CGMs work through a small sensor which you are to insert under your skin with an automatic applicator. With your interstitial fluid, the sensor can read your blood glucose levels all day and night. You will then get a real-time reading in your receiver through a transmitter connected with the sensor wire.

This way you can view your patient information in clearer terms. There are CGMs that operate as apps, so you can read your current and previous blood glucose levels on your smartphone, no wires needed.

2. Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps are DMEs that help people with diabetes conveniently manage their blood glucose levels. So instead of using the insulin pen injections, the small flexible device delivers the precise dose of insulin needed at a specific time without the use of a syringe. Rather, a flexible tube is used to deliver the insulin dose with the help of a tiny needle inserted into the fatty tissues of your skin.

Insulin pumps can deliver doses of insulin either continuously in small amounts or as a surge near meantime. Advanced diabetes supply considers the different methods by which insulin pumps can deliver insulin doses to your body, so it ensures that the different types of insulin pumps are made available.

Different insulin pumps include:

  • Monopod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System
  • Monopod DASH Insulin Management System
  • MiniMed 770G Insulin Pump (pump only)
  • MiniMed 630G 
  • Monopod Insulin Delivery System
  • Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump


To make the testing process a lot easier, Advanced Diabetes supply has a wide variety of testing supplies for dishes. These testing devices range from needles, lancets, control solutions, alcohol prep pads, and insulin syringes. In Advanced Diabetes supply, you will find the following different products in their diabetes testing product list:

  • BD insulin syringes
  • BD pen needles 
  • Clever Choice pen needles
  • Clever Choice syringe
  • Contour Next Test strips
  • Contour Test Strips
  • Medisense Contour Solution
  • Nova Max Glucose Test Strips
  • Nova Max Ketone Test Strips
  • OneTouch Ultra Test Strips
  • OneTouch Verio Control Solution
  • OneTouch Verio Test strips
  • Pharmacist Choice Lancets
  • Pharmacist Choice Strips
  • Pharmacist Choice Sterile Wipes
  • Prodigy Control Solution
  • Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device
  • TRUE METRIX Test Strip
  • TRUEdraw Lancet Device
  • TRUEplus lancets
  • UniStrip Test Strip


1. Advanced Diabetes Supply boasts of quick and easy distribution of diabetes advanced devices. Let’s take a look at what customers have to say if they agree with them or not.

2. Sandra Gardner had written on Google that she recommends Advanced Diabetes Supply to anyone who wishes to get diabetic needs, adding that their accuracy and spontaneity of customer care service are excellent when getting the needed prescription in a timely fashion.

3. “ADS you’re absolutely amazing thank you so much” Anna Massie had reviewed on Google.

4. There are a lot of great good reviews from customers on the company’s website. 

5. Another customer commented on how Advanced Diabetes Supply was able to get their blood glucose sensors approved by Medicare when no one else could. Adding also that communication was terrific and shipping fast.

6. Advanced Diabetes Supply takes your needs more personally than you know, and this way provides you with a satisfactory service while making sure you get your advanced diabetic devices.

7. Consider the case of William Symes, a customer who reviewed the company’s efficiency and great customer service saying “maintained contact with me while they worked with my insurance company and doctor to get me the best possible diabetic supplies available. Really appreciated the effort”.

8. Another customer, Sam Kimes had the same thing to say about the company. “My representative was fabulous. He went above and beyond to help me get what I need! Would 100% recommend them!”

9. You too could be one of the millions of people testifying about how great the services of advanced diabetes supply are if you make an order for your diabetic supplies from them today.


To keep up with its high performance and efficiency, Advanced Diabetes Supply puts in a lot of commitment to having the best adaptive teams to provide you with knowledgeable and reliable services; insurance, billing, and shipping. With the expansive growth of the company, comes many more opportunities for the employees to grow and also for job creation.

The company has a comprehensive on-the-job training program at all levels. So as its workers continue to move from one level to the next, they continue to learn better ways to improve the company’s services. If you are looking at applying to work at Advanced Diabetes Supply, there are plenty of overtime opportunities, along with profit-sharing and incentive opportunities available, as the company is a fast-growing one. 

Here are a few benefits Advanced Diabetes Supply provides for its employees:

  • Health insurance
  • On-site gym
  • Greenspace access
  • Daycare FSA
  • Potential profit-sharing plan
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) including 8 paid holidays
  • LinkedIn learning membership
  • Company matched 401(k)
  • Convenient Bressi Ranch Carlsbad location

Advanced diabetes supply strives to maintain a respectful, yet casual working environment, to balance work-life, and ensure they provide a stress-less environment. In so doing, workers perform their tasks with passion, hence delivering first-class services to their customers. Are you thinking of working at Advanced Diabetes Supply? You may want to consider the following reviews from people that have worked or are still working there.

Here are a few reviews from both former and current employees at Advanced Diabetes supply as of 2021:

“Working for this company enabled me to learn more about the healthcare field in a different setting than just a hospital or clinic…Management is very helpful and helps you grow in the company. Some days are difficult but every day is worth it when you are doing everything you can for your patients” a Customer Service Representative had this to say about the company.

Another Customer Service in Remote said “stable 40 hours a week. Take notes when training after a while, tasks get repetitive and easy to accomplish. If you want an independent desk job, while working on a team, this is a perfect job for you”. However, some do not agree with these reviews and think that Advanced Diabetes Supply is not such a great place to work.

One of the billing specialists in Carlsbad wrote this about the company, ” not a great company to work for. Benefits didn’t start for 3 months after I started there even though I am full time… Pay is very low for all the work they want us to do… Overall would not recommend here at all. The only pro I gave for 5his company is that you can work from home”.

Another employee had said, “been there for 2 years. At first I thought what an amazing company then once time came you see the real company. There are some people who try to help”.


Advanced Diabetes Supply is one of the leading DME distributors of diabetes supplies that helps with easy management of the condition, in Carlsbad, California. They provide efficient and diligent services, leaving their customers fulfilled and satisfied.


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