African Foods that make Bum Bigger

What are the African Foods that make bum bigger? Often times we see a bum that you we simply can’t take your eyes off. Like we just cannot get our eyes …Ok! The truth, we all love bums, not just bums but big bums. So ladies with the big derriere, more accolades to you! Congratulations! You have been irrevocably endowed, and without repentance. So rock it! Just the way you love it!

Meanwhile, it’s a little bit daunting that some peeps would have to put in a little or lot of work in order to achieve a conspicuous size.

Factors that establish how big or small the bum can be

The factors include the following;


This is a larger determinant of how fat is distributed in the female body. Human inherit their skin and eye colour, height, bone structure, body fat distribution and so on, from their parents. Body shapes are determined largely by a person’s gene composition.Apple, pear, triangle, ruler and hourglass body shapes are predominantly controlled by genetics.


Hormones rules a woman’s world. Hormones fluctuate, they’re not stable. As a woman experiences aging, childbirth, exercises and so on, hormones are greatly affected.

Hormones, when they fluctuate produce effects which could result in mood swings, gaseous congestions, excessive sweating, insomnia, loosing or gaining of weight, and on and on. There are two sex hormones that rule — Progesterone and estrogen.

Other hormones present do not have major effect, except during child birth, or lactation. Progesterone: A sex hormones produced by the corpeus leteum of the ovaries, adrenal gland and in bits by fat tissues. It plays an important role in a menstrual cycle and pregnancy. It usually goes hand in hand with estrogen.

Oestrogen: Pronounced as ‘estrogen’, Produced by the ovaries, is another hormone present from puberty that brings about changes in a teenage girl. This hormone is particularly responsible for fat distribution in females’ bodies. Yes, it encourages fat distribution in the hips, thighs, and buttocks! Sounds like we can manipulate this hormone to give us what we want. Very true, a safer way to do this is through our diets. Consuming phytooestrogen as well as foods that can heighten oestrogen levels.


Here we are! There is an old adage that says: you are what you eat. Ever heard that before? This implies that what you put into your body, as food, chemicals and so on will eventually reflect on you. You take in lots of sugar, and you get ready for obesity, and unhealthy fat accumulation.

What we eat really affects and influences our bodies, our shapes, our health. Should this not be the most reason why we should be very selective of what we eat? Ofcourse, yes! It’s not bad to be selective, it’s not bad to keep healthy with food, and why not, why don’t we get our desired shape with food?

Meanwhile, not all kinds of foods can be used for the same purpose, in Nigeria, there are foods women eat just after child delivery. That is a deliberate act, not just any type of food can be consumed for that purpose. Lactating mothers drink fresh palmwine to manipulate the hormone prolactin which is the lactating hormone for quick production of breast milk. So you see, we can manipulate a particular hormones to get our bum bigger without going through the stress of tedious ass building exercises or extreme cosmetic surgery.

I like to focus on African foods that make bum bigger, yes, because I am African. Besides, I am in love with our dishes, they are a rich blend of veggies, healthy fats, phytonutrients, carbs, proteins etc. They’re so balanced. But for the purpose of this content, I will gladly dwell on some.

As earlier mentioned, we can eat what we want and at the right quantities to give us our desired results. And in doing this, we do not have to go far to achieve it, we have it all within. Yes! Tighten your seat belt because you’re about to discover that some really great meals that you normally overlook hold the long awaited results.

You will soon stack your food shelves and refrigerators with them, and this time around, you’re going to eat them consciously and deliberately.

African meals are mostly made of swallows, soups, stews, milks and fermented food drinks. Swallows are made with starchy foods like cassave, potatoes, yams, cocoyams, maize, rice, sorghum, millet, plantains.

These food materials are modified into different forms to achieve different swallows. E.g garri, fufu, tuwon, ugali, banku, kenkey. And a whole lot of them.

African soups and stews comprise of vegetables, nuts, and seeds, E.g oil palm soup aka banga, melon soup aka egusi, okro, Bushmango seed aka ogbono, Spinach aka efo riro pumpkin aka ugu, bitter leaf, groundnut and sesame seed soups, fresh tomato stews, and other world of soups!

African fermented food drinks contain nuts and fruits, tigernuts milk aka kunu Aya, milk, soymilk and soy yoghurt etc.

Amazingly, Most of these foods contain nutrients in varying amounts which does promote the level of estrogen in the female body.

AFRICAN FOODS that make bum bigger Because they Increase estrogen Levels

Oestrogen is a sex hormone produced predominantly in the female body than in the male, by the ovaries. That is, men have oestrogen too, but in little quantity which is just enough for the male specie.

But women have more of it, infact, estrogen is the hormone that converts girls to women physically. It initiates storage of fat in the lower body region — buttocks, thighs, and hips. It determines how fat should be distributed in the body to produce does killer curves.

When you are thinking about increasing your oestrogen level, you can bank on African foods.

Here are the African Foods that make bum bigger;

  • Sesame seed Oil
  • Palm fruit,
  • Soybeans,
  • Soymilk,
  • Soy yoghurt
  • Milk and yoghurt,
  • Groundnut,
  • Tigernut,
  • Millet/ millet drink (fura)
  • Sorghum
  • Wheat
  • Tomato
  • Corn or maize
  • Pumpkin leaf aka ugu.

Now that you know what foods and drinks to consume for that singular purpose of enhancing your booty, you should hit the grocery store and make some purchase, confidently and consciously.

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