Black Braces: Types & Factors to Consider When Choosing Colored Braces

Black Braces are not for fashion but to correct crooked, overcrowding and misaligned teeth just like every other braces. For most people, braces are not for them because they would not be comfortable or because of aesthetics purposes. After making the big decision to get braces, the next decision to make is to select the color you want or would like.

Braces like metal, ceramic and others have components and parts. There are strong metal bands that encircle the back molars while firmly holding the arch wires that run on the teeth. These arch wires (upper and lower) are fixed to brackets on the front of each tooth using rubber bands. It is these rubber bands that have colors. The rubber bands which are also called elastic ligatures can come in different colors.

Color rubber bands are meant for the kids since dentists recommend that they begin orthodontic treatment somewhere between the age of 8 and 14, the different colors can invite them and make them see that wearing braces can be fun. Adults can also go for any color of their choice especially during special events.

There are so many colors of braces that you can get. Most orthodontists have a palette that looks like an artist’s because of different full spectrum of color options. The color ranges from bright red to maroon, sky blue to navy blue or dark blue, yellow to lemon to different shades of green and lots of other choices. Your orthodontist will even give you enough time to make your choice.

Why should you care about the color of your braces? This is because they allow you to express yourself. Picking a specific color or mixing two or more can be chosen to fit your mood, personality, favorite sports team, or holidays.


Many people see black braces as good options especially young ladies, this is because they love to wear dark color braces to look attractive. Black can complement lighter skin tones and help the teeth look whiter. Braces are good for correcting teeth problems and black is seen as dark color, however there are advantages of wearing black braces.

  • Black color is seen as representing glamour, strength, mystery and sophistication.
  • Black braces are usually made from steel and this can make users to feel more comfortable with them.
  • Black braces are perceived to help in getting relief from teeth pain.
  • Teeth stains can be avoided after wearing black color braces.
  • There may not be any need to follow more treatment time if they wear dark metal color braces.
  • You can eat and drink anything without any hard efforts by wearing dark metal braces. You do not have to worry about food staining your rubber bands.
  • Black color braces are less expensive than gold or diamond braces.
  • Dark metal braces are pretty reliable and stronger. A good example of such are power chain braces
  • Black braces are small in size and also pretty.

However, choosing black braces are not really a good option. This is because they may make your teeth look whiter as they can contrast with the natural color of your teeth. They could make your teeth look like they are rotting. Black is often seen as a “bad” or negative color since it is commonly associated with death and evil. But black is also the color of elegance and formality.

People who wear black often appear regal and mysterious. However, black elastics can make your teeth look rotten from a distance, so it might be best to save black for when you change your braces colors at Halloween (Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics).



For people with brown or dark skin, there are many colors you can choose for your braces to complement your skin tone. Just like any skin color can wear any color they want, brown or dark skinned people can also wear including black. Black signifies power, strength and elegance. There is no discrimination to who can wear this color after all it does the same function and job as in light skinned people.


There are many colors you can combine with black to give you that beautiful color when you smile. Example of this is orange and black. Orange is a beautiful and unique color. Most people who choose or wear orange braces are perceived as wild and daring. The color is for enthusiastic and creative people.

Orange also stands for energy, enthusiasm, balance, warmth, expansive, inner strength, adventure, vibrant, freshness, youthful, and creativity. We have already established that black signifies power and elegance. Now imagine combining these two wonderful colors, it will give out highly creative vibes.


Red is mostly believed to represent fierceness, anger, fire, passion and heat however it can also represent strength, courage and power. Choosing a red brace may mean you are full of intensity and you are forward-thinking. Red is also an emotionally charged color, so people that wear red are usually loving, caring people. You can even wear it during Christmas holidays or valentine’s day.

Combining red that represents courage, strength and black that stands for elegance and power can be a wonderful color that will gear you up to heal faster. It can also stand for proactive, productive, confident and being decisive.


Blue is seen as a calm color, it shows healing and tranquility anywhere it is applied. People who wear blue braces are seen or perceived as cool or levelheaded and loyal. Pairing black with this color that signifies intelligent can be a good combination. The combination can mean you are enduring and ordered.


Silver black braces can be good if you do not want your teeth to appear whiter. Silver braces can change color after some time or after eating some foods like tea, dark sodas and others.If you do not like the idea of your braces mismatching with your clothes, your best option is to choose silver black braces.


1. Your skin tone: There are different skin colors like dark skin, olive complexion, medium skin and light skin tone. The color of braces you choose should go with your skin tone. Even if your clothes do not always match your skin tone, you can try to make your rubber bands complement your skin tone.

2. Color correct your teeth: There are some colors that may make your teeth look whiter and also help to brighten your smile. Rich and deeper colors like deep purple, deep orange, black, dark green can give you a bright smile as they will have nice contrast against your teeth.

3. Your favorite color: If you are really a fan of any color, you can choose the color for your braces. Your teeth are yours and you can use them to express yourself. 

4. Celebrate the season: Choosing a color to match with the season can be fun. Imagine choosing a red brace to celebrate Christmas or valentine’s day, using neon during the summer to represent the oceans. Mint green or petal pink can be suitable for spring. Just make sure your next appointment will be the beginning of a new season if not, you will have to wear the braces like that.

5. Color braces that make your teeth whiter: There are color that can be stained when you eat certain foods. Lots of berries, tea, chocolate and oil can change the color of your braces. So, you can get braces that hardly get stained or make your teeth looked off-white.

6. Match Your Outfit: Almost everyone have favorite color that their clothes come in. You can take a look at your wardrobe and note the colors that are more in number. While choosing your braces, you can put this into considerations.

7. Braces colors might change: A study published by the National Library of Medicine in 2016 tested four different brands and colors of elastic ligatures and found that all of them became stained over the course of a month. This means that the color can get stained although there are factors that can cause these elastic bands to get stained, some are:

  • How you brush
  • Acid in foods and drinks
  • Brand of the elastic band
  • Bacteria in the teeth or the band


There are some colors that make your teeth appear like they are yellow or that you have food leftovers stuck on your teeth. Here are some colors you can avoid when choosing braces colors:

  • White can make your teeth look like they are yellow.
  • Yellow will make your teeth appear more yellowish
  • Greens especially light ones can look like you have food particles on your teeth.
  • Brown can make your teeth look like food 
  • Black braces can make your teeth look or appear rotten.


Braces are great tools for correcting teeth problems like misalignment and crooked teeth. If you are not really comfortable with braces, one way to make it fun is by choosing colors that is comfortable to you or better still, you can find comfy spacers for your braces. You can make your choice based on your favorite color, clothes, seasons and skin colors.

Black is a great color that shows strength and courage, it also shows elegance. To improve the color tone, you can switch it up with colors like red, silver, blue or even orange. They can make you look cooler and more creative.

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