Bourbon vs Scotch

We want to dicuss on a post titled “Bourbon vs Scotch”. Bourbon and scotch are among the different types of whiskey that is manufactured. Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage. It was derived from an Irish  language phrase called “water of life”.

Whiskey can be produced using corn, wheat, barely and others. Whiskey comes in different varieties but majority of people do consume Bourbon and Scotch. In comparing Bourbon vs Scotch, we need to understand that these two alcoholic drinks are similar in terms of nutrition but the also have their differences in areas like their taste and flavor.


Bourbon Vs Scotch
Bourbon Vs Scotch


Bourbon which is also known as Bourbon whiskey is a type of whiskey that is primarily made from grain mash with at least 50-51%of corn mash. Bourbon is produced in the United States. Bourbon contains 80% of alcohol and it can last for a minimum period of two and a half year. Bourbon is sweeter than Scotch.


Scotch which is also referred to as scotch whiskey is a type of whiskey that is made from malted barley. It is divided into two which includes single grain and single malt and their production process also differs. When producing single grain scotch whiskey, it must be produced at a single distillery  but it may also contain other whole grains from  either malt or unmalted.   Scotch is produced in Scotland. Scotch tends to be more smoky.


Taking moderate quantity of whiskey whether Bourbon or Scotch comes with some benefits. The most renowned benefits are 

(1) Help to promote brain health: Dementia is one of the brain disorder that is encountered by so many people. Research has proven that taking a moderate or average quantity of whiskey can help to promote brain health thereby correcting a brain disorder such as dementia.

(2) It helps to reduce risk of heart diseases: Taking a moderate or average quantity of whiskey either bourbon or Scotch can help to reduce the rate of heart diseases that they person may likely have.

(3) It helps to provide antioxidants: Research has shown that whiskey contains numerous antioxidants one of which is ellagic acid. This acid helps to neutralize harmful free radicals.

(4) Helps to reduce uric acid levels: Another core benefit of taking Bourbon and Scotch is that it may help to reduce uric acid which can lead to gout attack. This post on ” Bourbon vs scotch” is recommended for all.


In as much as taking bourbon and scotch comes with some benefits, it also has some down lines or side effects. This includes:

(1) Liver disease

Liver disease is one of the side effects of taking bourbon and Scotch. Cirrhosis is an example of a fatal liver disease that could be caused by taking at least 25 ml of bourbon vs scotch whiskey daily.

(2) Weight gain

Gaining excess weight is another side effect or downline for taking Bourbon and Scotch. This two types of whiskey contains 97% of calories and if it’s quantity is more than average, it will cause the people consuming it to gain weight excessively.

(4) High risk of death

High risk of premature death is another side effects of taking bourbon and scotch whiskey. when people consume this whiskey excessively, the rate of them dying prematurely will increase.

(5) Depression:

According to research, people who take more than the moderate quantity of bourbon and scotch will likely have an increased rate of depression.


Bourbon and scotch are the most common among the different types of whiskey that we have. Bourbon and scotch can be enjoyed in different ways. At first, if you are taking any of this whiskey for the first time, it is best to take it straight that is, without anything in order to be able to get the idea of its taste and aroma.

 Apart from drinking whiskey straight, some people tends to add water or ice to them. Other people who do not enjoy the taste of whiskey on its own do try Bourbon and Scotch with cocktail. Below are some popular cocktail that you can try in direct comparison of Bourbon vs Scotch (whiskey).

(1) Classic highball

When trying out the comparison of bourbon vs scotch with cocktail, classic highball is one of your greatest choice. This type of cocktail can go with any type of whiskey and it is prepared using just two items which are ginger ale and ice cubes.

(2) Whiskey sour

Whiskey sour is also a tope of cocktail to use when looking for a different way to enjoy your whiskey outside its original taste. This type of cocktail is best if used with Bourbon whiskey. It is produced using bourbon whiskey, simple syrup and lemon juice. It is best served with ice cubes.

(3) John Collins

John Collins is a type of cocktail that is just like whiskey sour including it’s method of preparation. The only different is that John Collins contains club soda while whiskey sour do not. 

(4) Mint Julep

This is another type of cocktail that can be used to enjoy bourbon and scotch. It is prepared using bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, crushed ices and mint leaves. It is best served with derbies.


In summary, we discuss on the topic “Bourbon vs Scotch” which are the two most common type of whiskey. They have their differences and they also have their similarities especially based on their nutrients value.

It is advisable that bourbon and scotch should be taken moderately as excessive consumption of this whiskey can damage one’s health and also cause depression. Bourbon and scotch can be enjoyed in different ways depending on the choice of the person taking it. Adding water or ice cubes can give a new flavor entirely and the taste can be so refreshing.

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