Can Yoni Pearls Cure STD?

This post seeks to answer the question, Can Yoni Pearls Cure STD? As you read on you will understand whether it can cure STD or not, but the simple answer is NO!

What is Yoni Pearls?

Yoni pearl is a bunch of herb, wrapped in clothes and inserted into the virgina for the main purpose of detoxification.
STD is an acronym for sexually transmitted disease, which can be contacted through sexual activities.

Yoni pearl, Etymologically represents the Sanskrit(a sacred word from Hinduism) meaning “womb” or “vagina”. Although the latin word for pearl means something precious and rare.

Can yoni pearls cure STD?

Simply NO.
Yoni pearls basically, has a function of detoxification and cannot cure STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) it can even in-turn cause infections because of its side effects, which is also as a result of countering the action of natural cleansing of the virgina by itself through this artificial means.

Some STD are already proven to be curable such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. But, it is worthy of note that this STD are gotten rid of, by antibiotics.

This is because infections caused in the genitals are sources of bacteria and definitely need to be gotten rid of by an anti-bacteria from herbs used in making them such as motherwort, osthol, safflower etc.


Medical research strongly stand against the use of yoni pearls in the vagina because of the high risk of complications in the body. The artificial removal of toxins or mucus by yoni pearls could lead to the transmission of STD if the user has an infection and choses to have sex with his or her partner a few days after using the yoni pearls. Medical professionals had come out to debunk the already hyped benefits of yoni pearls by influencers of social medias and on the net.

Know that your vagina is very delicate and should not be tempered with uselessly.
It is very important to know that the vagina was not designed to be herb-incurring because already, it has the potential, naturally and automatically to fight bacteria by itself.

What is STD and Can Yoni Pearls Cure STD?

STD is caused by bacteria and needs an anti-bacteria to fight it. It is worthy of note to the general public that a sexually transmitted infection is not as easy as, to be gotten rid of. Douching tend to have similar methodology and process of yoni pearls.

That is, cleansing of the vagina. But as medical experts will say “avoid the use of any non-medically proven insertion into the sacred space (the vagina) because of its delicacy to avoid complications that could be life threatening”.

Symptoms of STD can even be felt from the side effects of yoni pearl which may question the possibility of how a product causing an effect can cure it. Statistics have it that wider range of end users go to see their doctors with complains of itching, stinging, virginal dryness, cramping from the use of yoni pearls. This tells us plainly that yoni pearls will only mess with your virginal microbiome, killing off the infection-fighting bacteria and creating a hospitable landing place for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis.

Herbs used in yoni pearl production like the osthol has good Advantages of serving as a neuroprotective. This good advantage is also applicable to herbs like the angelica, rhubarb, rhizome which are the herbs that makes up the yoni pearls. But the point is this, herbs do not possess an anti-bacterial character which is very vital and is cannot cure or fight STDs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoni Pearls

Yes! every product have their advantage and disadvantage. So can Yoni Pearls cure STD because of its advantages?

The ignorance on how to use yoni pearls for its advantage will cause you problem in the vagina. Most times, after insertion of the yoni pearls into the vagina, you may encounter an itch or any other adverse body reaction which may tempt one to withdraw it immediately by any means, to regain back comfortability, forgetting its rule for proper withdrawal by not putting your hand into the vagina because it may lead to an infection, say growing of yeast in the vagina through leaving in some of the white tissues from the yoni pearl inside the vagina.

It is therefore advised generally, the avoidance of any insertion into the sacred space except by a professional. Irrespective of the advantage of yoni pearl, excess or overdose of it can kill the lactobacillus acidophilus, a common bacteria in the virgina which prevents the growth of other harmful bacteria good bacteria in the vagina.

The vagina is then exposed and prone to infections. It is vital to reiterate that the power of the virgina is in its self-cleansing ability, you do not have to help it, it is powerful enough!

“Yoni Pearls are left longer inside the vagina, putting you at high risk of infections. It can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which can cause damage to your reproductive system leading to ectopic pregnancy, long term pain and infertility”

In Conclusion

Yoni pearl has its own advantage and disadvantage as also applicable to any other substance or product. But it should be known that inspite of its advantage, it is not capable of curing a sexually transmitted disease because of its lack of proper and enough anti-bacteria to fight back at the bacteria that cause STD.

It is therefore advisable to keep a close and constant communication with a medical expert frequently inorder to gain knowledge on the dos and don’ts when it comes to the human cell, tissues organs or sytems as a whole.

Always consult your doctor before you use Yoni Pearls.

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