Jaw Filler Before And After: 7 Amazing Benefits For Men & Wemen

Jaw filler is one treatment that is fast becoming popular today, it is a facial treatment that focuses on improving the structure of the face. Jaw filler is a non surgical procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers on the areas of the face for anti-aging and facial enhancement. The injected substance is … Read more

Blue Teeth: 7 Causes, Remedies & Helpful Products To Use

Blue teeth is so rare and uncommon. You may have seen white teeth, which is the normal teeth color. You can also see yellow teeth which signifies dirt on the teeth but blue teeth? We all know that yellow teeth is caused by not taking good care of the teeth and other lifestyles like smoking but … Read more

What Does a Cavity Feel Like

What does a cavity feel like? Having a cavity in your tooth is not normal in any way. It needs to be treated depending on the case the treatment can be planned.  WHY GOOD DENTAL HYGIENE IS IMPORTANT Proper brushing and flossing help keep the teeth in a good shape, there is more purpose to … Read more

Jaw Filler: Cost, Side Effects & 5 Amazing Benefits

Jaw filler is a non surgical procedure that is aimed at improving the appearance of the jawline and enhancing facial features. It is also an anti-aging treatment for sagging or drooping chin. The fillers injected is usually hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this means that it … Read more

Grey Teeth: 8 Causes, Prevention tips & Cure

Grey teeth are discolored teeth that are likely result from an underlying condition that could need immediate treatment, and sometimes they are a result of some unhealthy lifestyle decisions or just a sign of aging. Not everyone has naturally white teeth, some people have milk colored teeth, some gray. No matter how often these people brush … Read more

Toothbrush For Braces: 6 Types & Where To Buy

A perfect toothbrush for braces is a true dentition of oral hygiene, it’s the consistency and frequency that one get to brush that makes the difference and the right choice of a toothbrush can go along way as well. DENTAL BRACES Dental braces are appliances used by orthodontics for aligning and straightening the teeth. Braces … Read more

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