Chicken Pox Scars: Helpful Home Remedies and 7 Professional Treatments

Chicken pox scars form when the viral infection known as chicken pox attacks the body. When you have chicken pox, your body feels itchy and small red bumps appear all over the body, you will also have fever. This disease is viral and dangerous, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, before the vaccine became available, about 4 million people would catch it each year and about 100 to 150 died each year.

Almost all adults had this disease at some point in their lives, one of the remainders of this disease is the scars that it leaves on the body. After this disease has been treated, one lasting effect most people have is the scars from the bumps. The scars may be darker or lighter than other parts of the body, it also has a sunken texture and is round. 

The drugs or medications you will be given when you have chicken pox is just to treat the infection and not the scar. If your body is recovering from chicken pox, your skin will also recover from the blisters but when there is insufficient collagen and elastin or the collagen is destroyed, the scars from the blisters will remain on the body. The insufficiency of the collagen will prevent the skin from being repaired.


When you have chicken pox, you will always have the itchy feeling which can be frustrating and irritating. One thing you must not do is to scratch these blisters, if you do, they can lead to scars. Also, the bacteria infection in these blisters can cause a kind of inflammation that will reduce the collagen level in the skin and reduce how your skin heals. 

Even after the scars have developed newly, if you continue to scratch them, you are further irritating the skin and helping the skin collagen to damage. This is why you can see chicken pox scars that have stayed on the body for years without fading off. 

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Chicken pox can occur not only on the face but all over the body as well but it is easier to notice the scars on the face than on other parts. Reason is that the face is the first part of the body people look at when they see each other. Also, you can cover other scars by wearing clothes but you cannot cover the chicken pox scars on the face, some may be covered with heavy make-up while others are still visible even after applying make-up.
The scars can be:

  • Round with brown or red color
  • Larger or raised
  • Sunken into the skin

No matter the appearance of your scar, you can remove them if they make you uncomfortable.


Celebrities are human as well, they can be infected with chicken pox. When some have undergone facial treatments to remove these scars caused by the disease.
One of such celebrity is Shakira. She was infected by the viral disease when she was an adult and the disease left a scar on her forehead.


There are some natural ways you can remove the scars caused by chicken pox. Before using these products, you should confirm from a doctor if they are good for your health and body. Some of such ways are:

1. Coconut oil: Coconut oil has properties that can have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin according to a study in 2017 by the National Institutes of Health. It can enhance the skin look and clear scars as well.

2. Baking soda: This is a household product that can remove the tissues of the scars and help your skin to exfoliate. You should mix 2 tablespoons of the powder with little water to form a thick paste. Place the paste on the chicken pox scar and allow to sit for few minutes before you wash it off.

3. Honey: Honey is another product that is good for the skin and scars as well although it may not remove old and deep scars. You can apply honey on the scars, let it be on your skin for some minutes before you wash off.

4. Lemon juice: There are little clinical studies that agree to the effectiveness of lemon juice on scars, however, some people claimed it worked for their scars. To use the lemon juice for your chicken pox scar removal, you should soak a cotton pad inside a fresh lemon to absorb the juice, then dab on the scars and allow for few minutes, then you wash off.

5. Shea butter: Shea butter needs patience and time to clear the scars. Applying this butter on the chicken pox scar areas will help reduce their appearance and help the skin to heal. It has healing and moisturizing properties.

6. Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil has many reviews of being effective in removing scars. Studies have shown that the oil helps scars to heal by encouraging the cells to come together after they must have been separated by the scar. Rub the oil on the affected area after washing the skin, the oil is healthy and safe for the skin.

7. Olive oil: This oil has many antioxidants and vitamins that helps the cells to regenerate and remove scars. You can either rub the oil on the scars or mix it with lemon juice to treat areas that have become dark due to chicken pox scars.

8. Oats: Oat can be eaten or used as a scar removal product, it can be used to lighten up dark scars. It also has some healing properties that can be good for removing chicken pox scars. Mix oats with water to make a thick paste, place the paste on the scarred area and wash off after 20 minutes.

9. Aloe vera: This plant is used for treating many skin conditions like pimples and acne, it can be useful for chicken pox scars although there may be little effects. You can rub the aloe vera gel on the scars and wash off after some minutes.


There are lotions or creams that can help in fading off scars caused by chicken pox. A few is listed below:

i. Scar removal creams: You can easily get these creams from stores and pharmacies anywhere. The lotions has ingredients that can help with the scar removal. Choose a product that can work well with your skin, you can check the label to know if any ingredients is harsh for the skin.

ii. Chemical exfoliants: These are creams that remove the top layer of the chicken pox scars by producing a chemical reaction in the skin when applied. Read the instructions on the package or product leaflet to know how to use it.

iii. Retinol creams: A study in 2015 showed the effects of retinol cream in treating scars, this cream has vitamin A which is good for the skin. You can apply the cream at night on the scars to stimulate collagen production.

iv. Cocoa butter: Cocoa butter is made from cocoa bean and has antioxidant and moisturizing properties. You should apply the cream on your chicken pox scars to improve their appearance. 


These processes are done when creams and natural methods did not help with the removal of chicken pox scars. 

1. Excision and punch excision: This method is a surgical method, you will need to be placed under anesthesia. A scalpel or a punch tool will be used to remove the scar and the area will be stitched up.

2. Microdermabrasion: A rapidly rotating brush will be used to sweep off the layers of skin on and around the scars. It is very effective in removing removing chicken pox scars.

3. Fillers: Hyaluronic acid is injected into the scars to fill up the space in the scar. This treatment method is very good for scars that have sunken appearances.

4. Micro needling: This procedure is painful but anesthesia is used to reduce the pain you will feel. A tool that looks like a rolling pin with needles is rolled on the skin with scars to stimulate collagen production that will help heal the scars.

5. Laser resurfacing: Laser is very effective in reducing the color of the scars and improving how they look. High energy beams are used on the scars to remove the upper layer of the skin. The whole process lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on how your scars are. The procedure can last for a long time and does not need surgery.

6. Skin grafting: Skin tissue is taken from one area of your body to replace or cover the scars. It is mostly used for severe scars but can be used for chicken pox scars as well.

7. Chemical peeling: Chemical agents are applied to remove the scarred upper layer of the skin. This will help to reduce the color.


Chicken pox is a disease that can affect anyone including adults. After treating the disease, the next issue is to remove the scars that may stay on the skin. The scars may look deep, sunken and round. 
There are many ways you can get rid of these chicken pox scars including creams and natural products. You can go for professional treatments if the other options do not work out.

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