Jaw Filler: Cost, Side Effects & 5 Amazing Benefits

Jaw filler is a non surgical procedure that is aimed at improving the appearance of the jawline and enhancing facial features. It is also an anti-aging treatment for sagging or drooping chin. The fillers injected is usually hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this means that it is healthy and safe for the skin.

The acid stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin; the more collagen is produced, the more the skin becomes firmer, tighter and less saggy. Most people prefer to go for jaw filler instead of other facial treatments because jaw filler gives a natural look and there are no cuts or incisions.


The filler is injected on the jaw and chin area of the face, the effects can:

  1. Make the jawline more defined and contoured
  2. Reduce how saggy the skin around the jaw and chin looks
  3. Help with aging effects on the jaws and neck
  4. Balance the angles of the jawline
  5. Reduce how jowls appear on the face
  6. Improve the shape of the jaw and chin


Every part of the face is important including the chin, if the chin is not balanced with the rest of the face, facial look can be off. Chin filler is sometimes combined with jaw filler to enhance facial appearance. Chin filler is used when the chin is short or weak with saggy skin. The filler, when injected, makes the chin stronger and balanced. When combined with jaw filler, the face gets a heart shaped look.

Chin filler is recommended alongside jaw filler so that while the filler for the chin elongates the neck and shape the chin, the jaw filler balances the jaw angle and make it more defined. These things gives the face a perfect and beautiful look. 


Jaw filler is not only for women, men can also undergo this procedure. Many cosmetic clinics are testifying to the fact they have men who come for jaw filler every week. The Google Trends data for UK have had more searches on “jaw filler men” times three of their average number since 2004. Also, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have reported that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2018, representing a 29% increase since 2000. 

You may ask yourself why these numbers are increasing, this is because men now want their jawline to become more stronger and have a chiselled appearance. One of the ways of measuring a man’s handsomeness is by how high and strong his cheekbones are, how defined his jaws are and how pronounced his chin are. Nature Communications journal had a study which shows that the strength and sharpness of a man’s jawline improves his sex appeal.

Models and celebrities all have this well defined and strong facial angle. 
Before the procedure, the jaws may be out of shape, asymmetrical, and weak. The chins may also be weak, short and retracted, all these gives the face an unbalanced look.

Men undergo jaw filler procedure to:

  • Make their jawline squared and chiseled
  • Improve how the chin looks• Give the jawline strength
  • Reduce the appearance of double chin
  • Give the face overall perfection
Jaw Filler (Men)


Overtime, women have been known to be beauty queens, they dedicate most time for their face than any part of their body. There have been facial enhancement from makeups to injections and surgeries. All these are to make the face more prefect and feminine.

The jaws may look unbalanced or have saggy skin around them. With old age creeping in, wrinkles and lines may start to form around the chins and jaws. Jaw filler will be injected into these areas to give the face a more graceful and feminine look. The wrinkles will be smoothened out and the saggy skin will become tight and firm.

Photo credit: Cosmedocs.com


There are many face shapes like oval, heart, triangular and round face. Round face has rounded jawline and the cheeks are full, the distance between the lips and the chin is also short. As the individual with this type of face gets old, the volume of the of the face shifts to the jaw, this will make the face to have the shape of a pear or square. Jaw filler will be done to give the vertical angle of the face a better structure and increase the height of the chin. 


Jaw filler is a non surgical procedure, it only needs injections. This does not mean or imply that you can do it yourself. You must get jaw filler in a clinic, hospital or an approved cosmetic saloon. Before the injection, anastasia will be given and the anatomy of the face is assessed to know how the results will be after the procedure. All these are the reasons why you should not do it by yourself. Jaw filler must be done by licensed and experienced professional like;

Nurse practitioners (note that they are different from registered nurses)

  1. Physician’s assistant
  2. Plastic surgeons
  3. Dermatologist


The cost of jaw filler is determined by many factors like:

  1. The location of the clinic
  2. Experience of the injector
  3. Number of injections needed or the age of the patient
  4. Type of filler ( Brand of hyaluronic acid)

However, the cost of jaw filler is between $600 to $1000 per syringe. According to Seem Collective (a dermatological website), the estimated prices of different filler brands per syringe are:

  • Juvederm Voluma: $600–$1,000
  • Restylane: $600–$700
  • Sculptra: $600–$1,000
  • Radiesse: $700–$1,000


Jaw filler can last up to 2 years if maintained but you can start seeing sign of weariness after 18 months if no post treatment was given. To make your fillers last longer, you need refresher injections to be used consistently. Also the type of filler used will determine how long it will last before the body sufficiently breaks down the fillers. One good thing about jaw filler is that the results become noticeable few hours after the injection. It does not need recovery time before the effects are seen.


Before the procedure: You will be asked to stop taking supplements, over-the-counter medications, blood thinners or any skin treatment. You will also avoid taking alcohol two days before the injection day. This is to make your skin as free as possible and to avoid stressing it too much. You should go to the clinic on the day of the procedure without makeup.

During the procedure: The first step is to administer anastasia to numb the area and help reduce the pain you will feel. A cannula is used to inject the filler on the marked sites while the injector carefully assess the results.

After the procedure: The whole treatment may last for 30 minutes, you may bleed a little. Your face swells up and there will be little bruises, you can use ice pack to reduce the swelling. Avoid makeup immediately after the injection, allow your face to absorb the effects of the injection. Avoid exercises, strenuous activities and alcohol for few days as well. 


Just like other facial treatments, you will notice side effects that may be minor or severe. Some minor side effects which are common are;

  1. Swelling of the face
  2. Acne breakouts
  3. Itching
  4. Redness
  5. Tenderness
  6. Scarring
  7. Infection
  8. Blockage of blood flow caused by tissue death
  9. Injury to the blood vessels with the needles.

The side effects are just accident that are not planned or common and normal, the normal side effects will likely fade away after some days while the severe cases needs medical attention.


People prefer jaw filler to other facial treatments because:

  1. It does not involve surgeries or incisions
  2. It takes little time for the whole process to be done
  3. There is little recovery time
  4. The results are almost seen immediately unlike other treatments you have to wait till you have fully recovered to see the results
  5. Jaw filler is sometimes called 3 in 1 treatment, it is anti-aging, jaw treatment and sometimes chin treatment as well.


The face is very important in the human body, so every part should be taken care of or even fixed in case of imbalance. Jaw filler is a good facial treatment that uses hyaluronic acid to work on saggy skin, asymmetrical jaw and chin. It can be used for both men and women. 

The best place to get jaw filler is clinic, hospital and cosmetic saloon where there are experienced and licensed professionals. You should never inject the acid by yourself no matter how simple the process looks. Side effects are common and fade off after some days but if you experience severe complications, you should seek for medical help.

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