Chin Botox: Duration, Advantages, Disadvantages & 5 Repulsive Side Effects

Your facial appearance gives your first impression. Healthy, young-looking skin is more of a smaller amount regarding tending and care products and additionally It can be more regarding individual skin type, knowledge, enthusiastic and routine program consistency and current progress chase can result in a perfect outcome.


Good skin is the basis for a gorgeous and healthy look. While some individuals are genetically blessed not needing a lot of effort, some others needs to put in additional effort to attain that unflawed look. In todays market largely beauty and care product are always full of harsh chemicals. It is important not to use those products on daily basis as such products harm our skin on long term. Opt for natural tending and skin care brands that have merchandise, that are sulphate and paraben free.

These products don’t feel harsh on the skin as compared to brands that have chemically-infused products. Be sure to apply sunscreen on your skin everyday regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. Also, the sun may be terribly damaging and cause early aging, therefore make sure to use a high-quality sunblock of a minimum of SPF 30. Here are a few factors that should be taken into account while deciding your go-to skincare routine:

1. Skin type: Knowing your skin type is very important in creating a skincare routine since different skin types need other skincare products take for instance,  you will need a lighter moisturizer for oily skin, while a more creamy, heavier face cream may be required for dry skins.

2. Problem areas and concerns: Look for skincare products that work on your areas of concern, such as dullness, acne, or signs of ageing. Design a skincare routine for acne and your other problem areas.

3. Ingredient-specific irritability: The best skincare products for you are those that your skin tolerates well and don’t clog your pores. For example, coconut oil is an excellent ingredient for some people but can cause acne in others. So, see what works for you. Also, one can go for non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic products from trusted skincare brands.


Cosmetic treatments might facilitate and also improve the design and feel of your skin. Cosmetics are make up done to enhance the appearance and to help you look better. Some Cosmetic product are really efficient depending on the purpose of usage. Definitely all skin care cosmetics does not perform it’s promised job. But at a similar time there are products that extremely gives a good result in meeting our expectations.

Cosmetic procedures are those that are done to make you look some way you want, rather than the way you actually do look. They commonly involve a bit or a lot of surgery, and commonly around the face, but not always. Sometimes it’s focused on fat removal, or lifting some space that has sagged with age and use.


Cosmetics can cause premature aging because it clogs one’s pores and creates uneven skin tones. The best method to combat this can be to clean your face doubly daily and use a delicate cleaner, then cleanse once more in the dead of night. Use a clay based mostly mask at least once per week to put off impurities. Acne and rosacea are common skin disorders that can be associated with allergic reactions from cosmetic. 


Cosmetic surgery is a subset of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery, depending on the procedures to which the patient requires, can help improve skin texture, decrease wrinkles and sun damage or even change the shape of the face. While Cosmeceuticals on the other hand are topical creams, gels, lotions that are used primarily for moisturizing, protecting the skin from sun damage and treating hyperpigmentation. To make big changes to your appearance cosmetic surgery is probably the answer, as cosmeceuticals can’t do it all.


Botox is also name as Botulinum Toxin. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers are used to relax or fill the lines of wrinkles,  do not involve surgery. They are also a cosmetic procedure, but not a cosmetic surgery procedure. As a leading cosmetic treatment, the dermatologist injects in an equipped office or clinic on an outpatient basis without making any incisions. The injection method is specified a thin needle is inserted into the connective tissue surface of the skin.

Botox is additionally used for a spread of medical conditions together with migraine, eye squints, muscle disorders, and leaky bladders. Botox has proven to be highly effective and beneficial with a very good safety record. It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can’t contract. That makes the wrinkles relax and soften. Getting Botox takes only a few minutes and It’s not a permanent one. It also involves many risk, so one should try to get this treatment only from the experienced one.


The side effects of botox range from different reactions of the system, there are:

1.  The botulinum toxin may spread beyond the treatment area, causing botulism-like signs and symptoms such as breathing problems, trouble swallowing, muscle weakness and slurred speech.

2. Botox can result in allergic reactions.

3. Occurrence of Diarrhea.

4. Numbness.

5. mild pain, swelling, or bruising around the injection site

Chin Botox
Chin Botox


The operating surgeon has got to choose the tactic in line with the age and condition of the skin between botulinum toxin and filler. This procedure have side effects and moreover you have to do other procedures to maintain the appearance. If you start using botox under your skin at any age, you should think about what you are doing and the disadvantages and side effect that comes with it. You could find yourself with monumental lips, infections and different skin and facial issues. To get a Botox you must be of a legal age enough to handle the side effects that accompanies the procedure.


Botox is created from the microorganism that causes botulism and gastrointestinal disorder. Doctors use a very thin needle to inject small amounts of Botox into muscles in the face just enough to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botulinum Toxin Improve the appearance of skin dimpling of the chin when injected. Botox paralyzes the muscles or blocks some specific nerves. Doctors target specific muscles that the close skin isn’t affected.

The quantity of injections depends on the severity of your wrinkles. The procedure takes concerning quarter-hour and doesn’t need physiological condition, anesthesia or recovery time. Results usually last several months. The chin are very defining features that provide structure and beauty to our face. Many individuals suffer from a poorly defined chin, resulting in lack of definition.


The results last for 3 to 4 months. If you have very deep lines between your brows or lines that are present at rest then Botox alone will not fully resolve them and filler injection may also be needed. Therefore, the suggested treatment is once each three to four months. Nonetheless, if your facial muscles begin to train themselves to contract less, the period of time for each treatment may be extended longer than three or four months.


Beside the physical appearance Botox can be of great advantage in the following;

  • Botox are also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms or cervical dystonia.
  • It treats excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis.
  • Botox can remedy  an overactive bladder and lazy eye.
  • Botox injections may also help prevent chronic migraines.
  • Reduce joint pain  and Relieve muscles spasms.
  • Help to reduce and ease the appearance of facial wrinkles.
  • It remove visible signs of aging.


Some of the disadvantages of Botox are:

1. Temporary unwanted weakness or dysfunction in close muscles.

2. Cardiovascular events, such as arrhythmia and myocardial infarction.

3. Spatial disorientation or double vision after treatment for strabismus

4. Temporary eyelid drooping.

5. Botox paralyzes muscles and makes them immobile, the long-term loss of muscle may cause the skin to lose fullness, which will actually make the overall face. appear older.

6. A face with frozen expressions by preventing the muscles from contracting, the injections modify facial expressions.

7. lack of mobility in facial muscles, dull expression, and confused appearance are caused by incorrect calculation of dose and unit amount.

8. In some cases, fluid leakage may occur in the treated area after injection.

9. The toxin get absorbed by the liver and cause severe liver cirrhosis and damage as well as paralysis of your facial nerves which your clinician will never be honest with you.

10.  Urinary problems after treatment for urinary incontinence.


Cosmetics don’t make your skin worse. Subjecting your skin to improper care is the true enemy. If the looks and appearance is truly  your masseter muscle making an uneven look then it are often injected to relax it and cause atrophy which is able to shrink the muscle and create a more symmetrical appearance. The greatest disadvantage is receiving it from someone who is inexperienced or lack the knowledge or credential to administer it properly. Chin Botox isn’t cosmetic surgery, it is an effective cosmetic treatment.

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