Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Smoking weed does not have a clear link with the occurrence of acne. There are different reasons to
why people smoke weeds. Some persons get to smoke weed as a result of bad influence, some smoke
weed because according them, it makes them high and also give the stamina and the boldness to do
what so ever they want to do, even in a large group of people.

Smoking refers to the act of breathing in and breathing out (inhaling and exhaling) the fumes or smoke
from a burnt plant such as tobacco or marijuana. Smoking of weeds has been legalized in most part of
world. Therefore, people are not being punished by law when they smoke weeds but they are allowed
to face the consequences of the side effects of smoking weeds personally. Although, it is being said that
smokers will face the consequences of smoking weeds by themselves, most of the consequences, affect
people around them as well.


Smoking of weed is something that can continue till eternity. There are varieties of weeds, and different
group of persons has a type of weed they do like to smoke. This different types of weeds have different
effect in the body. The different types of weeds includes:

  • Tobacco
  • Mullein
  • Marijuana
  • Skulcap
  • Uva-Ursi
  • Sage
  • Mint


Smoking of weed has a lot of side effects of consequences ranging from skin conditions, heart conditions and it’s effect on the general wellbeing if the body. Their side effects include:

Cancer: Smoking of weeds can result to cancer. Cancer in most cases is as the result of smoking weed. Continuous intake or smoking of weed can damage a person’s internal system and result to cancer in the affected person.

Lungs damage: Lungs damage is another side effect of smoking weed. There is nothing that destroys a person’s lung as smoking. Smoking of weed can badly damage someone lungs.

Increased heart rate: Another leasing side effect of smoking weed is increased heart rate. Smoking of weed can lead to an increase in a person’s heart above the normal heart beat and it is not good for one’s health.

Memory loss: Memory loss is also a side effect of smoking weed. Weed smoking can lead to
memory loss, loss of focus and concentration and even a serious mental problem.

Anxiety: Anxiety is also the side effect of smoking weed. Anxiety is this characteristic that is
really found in weed smokers.


Acne medically, is defined as a skin condition that is caused when the body produces too much oil which
is called sebum and it then mixes with dirt in the body mostly on the face and it forms a dead cell which
blocks the pores. Acne is really common in adolescent and group of persons that are not too old at least
fifty years old.

Acne could be as a result from stress, smoking, poor hygiene, bacteria and cosmetics. Acne can be found
on any body part, but it is mostly found on body parts like the face, chest, breast and the back. Acne can
be treated by using mild cleanser to be cleaning yourself and also usage of topical skin cream can treat


Acne occurrence cannot be directly traced to be as a result of smoking weed. Smoking weed can cause
serious skin condition but acne is not proven to be one of them. Acne are of different types. The normal
kind of acne that can be seen on the body which is also known as pimples is not said to be caused by
smoking of weed.

Although smoking of weed does not directly cause acne, when weed is smoked, it leads to the production of excess oil in the body (sebum) and the person’s testerone level will also increase as well and in turn, it will trigger acne breakout for persons who already had acne but for persons who didn’t have acne, the possibility of getting normal acne through smoking of weed is very low.

Apart from the normal type of acne that is know by people (acne that are more feasible and be seen
which is otherwise called pimples), there is another type of acne and this acne is called Atypical Post
Adolescent Acne (APAA).

Atypical Post Adolescent Acne is not a common type of acne. This type of acne is not really feasible as compared to the normal acne. Smoking of weed can lead to a worsening type of acne which is the Atypical Post Adolescent Acne (APAA). This type of acne is called worsening because it doesn’t appear in a reddish form like the normal acne (pimples), but instead, it is associated with pores blockage. This acne is also called smokers acne.

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