Hard Nipples

The pressing concern of hard nipples is now becoming a concern, based on the fact that over 1,000 women are filled with worry and complains every year, nevertheless, the issue of hard nipples, should not make you worried.

Do you experience hard nipples or a frequent erection of your nipple? If you experience this or you would love to have some knowledge about the hardness of your nipple, kindly continue reading this article!

Is having a hard nipples normal? 

It could happen anytime and anywhere, you can be cooking in the kitchen, and suddenly your nipples become hard, you can be in a business meeting, and boom! your colleagues notice the pointy hard nipples sticking out.

surely you can be a little worried, but that is not an issue, they are some explained reasons for hard nipples. Hard nipples could be that the body is responding to stimuli, that could either be psychological or physical.

Having a sexual thought could lead to changes in the body’s temperature and contraction of sensitive parts of the body, leading to hard nipples. Nonetheless, they are some issues that may lead to hard nipples, continue reading to learn more and when it’s the right time to visit the doctor.

1. Reaction to Sensitivity or Allergies: the breast reacts to sensitive products and this allergy can enhance an allergic reaction this product includes some laundry detergent and fabrics, they have direct contact with the breast other symptoms, could be redness, itching, chapping on the skin and rash.

2. Pregnancy: the fluctuating hormones as well as an uptick of blood supply, will lead to the hardness of your breast. your breast will grow larger and stick out and most of the time be hard. you may have the following experience:

  • Enlargement of your breast 
  • Your areolas darken
  • Colostrum leaks out a thick and yellowish liquid from the breast.

3. Ovulation: Ovulation has no general feeling, and it is different for every woman, not everyone will experience the same symptoms. the tenderness of the breast is one of the signs, which will lead to hardness, this occurs because of the estrogen levels. Symptoms of ovulation include changes in your cervical fluid, Visible light spotting, bloating of the breast, A rapid increase in the libido.

4. Breastfeeding: If you are flat or inverted, it makes it difficult for your baby to find your nipple. this makes an erected nipple very vital during breastfeeding when your baby is feeding your nipple may become hard because of the stimulation.

5. Breast Abscess: This is bacterial that enters the breast, it may enter the breast either through a cracked nipple or a pierced nipple and this can lead to build-up pus, and result in breast abscess. This is extremely painful will lead to the hardness of the nipple. signs include of breast absence include muscle pain, constant lack of energy, the feeling of nausea, and persistent headache.

6. Perimenopause and Menopause: During this period in a woman’s body it’s highly possible to lead to several change, this change maybe in hard to content with, and the tenderness is most common during perimenopause, this stage is inevitable in every woman, based on the constant factor of aging.

This occur because of the decline in the estrogen levels, when a woman is gradually approaching her menopause. When this occurs it leads to the hardness of the breast, this is caused by the changes from the breast.

The following symptoms might be experienced Irregularity in periods An issue in sleeping The symptom of hot flashes Quick dryness of the virginal organ Constant mood swing 

7. Arousal: The nipple is an erogenous zone for most women, that is because the sensation felt be the breast travels down all the way to the same part of the brain organ, and still receive the genitals. When your nipple is stimulated, the muscle around the area contracts and leads to the hardening of the nipple.

The nipple can be erected when a sexual taught is in your mind, when this thoughts are stimulated and you become horny, then your nipple, will contract it self and be erect.

This is most common with women that are sexually active, and here are some symptoms. A wet and swollen vagina You suddenly begin to breath faster And a rapid increase in your heart beat.

8. Piercing of the Nipple: The nipple loses it sensitivity once it is pierced, to further elaborate, it means that, the nipple harden more frequently than usual, and they react more quicker to simulation than a nipple that is not pierced.

As attractive and seductive a pierced nipple may look it’s still very risky, based on the fact that it is very prone to bacterial entry. Bacteria could enter the great parts through a hole created from piercing, a breast that is infected by bacteria may lead to, mastitis, which is the cause of nipple hardness.


Some symptoms will be experienced

  • Breast swelling Breast pain.
  • Fever Chills.

How to hide an erected Nipple in African society

An erected nipple holds a bad reputation and could bring hurting reactions which will lead to a low level of confidence. You can use padded bras, brand-aids, and nipple covers will. Help in keeping your nipple covered and not seen, even when it gets hard. 

When is it right to see the doctor when you experience hard nipples? 

Don’t be too disturbed if your nipple gets hard on random occasions, it could happen out of nowhere without a valid explanation. Kindly visit the doctor if your nipple hardness occurs with another symptoms like soreness or rapid discharge, it is wise to plan an appointment with the doctor.

Medical Advice: Most of the illnesses that comes our way is because of our actions and lack of foresight on the result of it, take good and intentional decision on taking good care of your body. 

Avoid piecing the body, it might be attractive at the moment but unknowingly for you, it’s opening your body up for bacterial entry, and now that will require, medical assistance, when it could all be avoided. Your body is yours the decision is yours, no body will love your body and health better than the way you should 
Stay safe, stay healthy! 

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