Hip Dip Surgery: All You Need To Know

Hip dip surgery is one the ways of reducing hip dips. Hip dips are completely natural features that appear like a concave or an inward depression between the love handles and the upper thighs.  Because we seek perfection in our lives, some people have come to see this naturally occurring concave shape as something they are ashamed of and sought to get rid of it.

Hip dip surgery is just one way of getting rid of hip dip, as it involves either injecting or removing fat from the hip and thigh area. In this article, we will explain what causes hip dip, the steps involved in a hip dip surgery, the cost of the surgery, and everything else you need to know.


Hip dip or hip divots or violin hips or trochanteric depressions are inward curves or indentations right below the hip bones and above the upper thighs.
This indentation can occur when the skin on the side of your hips is more tightly attached to the trochanter, a deeper part of your thigh bone.

The pelvic bone is indented inwards, causing a dip in the skin, which comes down to the structure of your bone. Not everyone has hip dips, and this is for different reasons such as genetics, fat distribution, muscle mass, and width of the hips.

For some people, their hip dip is more prominent than others. This could be due to the presence of excess fat. If you have love handles, the accumulation of fat on the side of the abdomen and hip dip area will make the indentation appear more prominent.

There is absolutely nothing medically wrong with having hip hop, but to some people, having hip dip makes them self-aware of how they look and that can be uncomfortable, so they look for ways to eliminate it.


Yes, you can. The options are diverse, from exercising to surgery, however, exercising can be time-consuming. You may think that losing fat through dieting and exercising can help you get rid of your hip dip, but it is difficult to spot target fat across the hips, and in the process of burning fat, you may burn too much fat and that could worsen the issue, as it may just expose your natural bone curve, even more, making your hip dip a lot more prominent.

But with the right exercise, you can build up gluteus minimus muscle, which will sit on top of your pelvic bone indent, concealing its concave shape. Exercises such as squats, side lunges, or fire hydrants can help you target your hip fat and give you the contour you desire.

There is also surgery. If you do not wish to go through the stress of exercising, you could get a doctor’s appointment for hip hop surgery.


So, if you have decided to have hip dip surgery. What is it all about? and what are the surgical procedure?
Hip dip surgery is usually done along with liposuction and/or fat grafting. It is a fat redistribution surgery, that is, fat is sanctioned from one area of your body and then injected into the trochanter area. Fat could also be removed from the dip area to create a contoured silhouette.

The purpose of this surgery is to smoothen out the curvature of your hips, adjust the muscles and fat  in the area, while getting rid of the dip, however, nothing will be done to change the natural shape of your pelvic bone.


Getting a hip dip surgery is usually a day’s event, as you will be out of the hospital on that same day. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you may be put under general anesthesia, then the following steps follow:
1. Using a liposuction procedure, fat will be removed from your buttocks, stomach, or inner thighs.
2. The area where the fat was removed will be stitched up and the fat will then be prepared to be reinjected into your body at the target area.
3. In preparing the fat, a machine will be used to spin the fat so that blood and other body fluid will be removed from the fat.
4. Then the fat will be finally injected into your hip area. Usually, no stitches are required at the injection site.


The price for a hip dip surgery varies, depending on the cost of living in your area and the experience level of your surgeon. However, the average price for a hip dip surgery costs between $8,000- $11,00.


As we know, too much of everything could have consequences. Sometimes the result from a hip dip surgery might look extreme, this is possible because:
(1) You do not have the ideal body weight
(2) You do not have good responsive skin elasticity.
So when you have the surgery, you may notice severe swelling and sometimes even, bleeding in the area where fat was injected.
For such procedures as hip dip surgery, you are advised to find a licensed and experienced surgeon, who will put facts together to know if you are ideal for the procedure, so as to avoid any complications.


Hip dip surgery is one of the relatively low risk and simple procedures, but like any other surgery, it comes with certain risk of complications like:
(1) Bruising or pain at the injection or incision site.
(2) Dimpling at the site of injection.
(3) Scarring and swelling.


Hip dips are naturally-occuring concave and having it is not something of great concern. But if you are self-conscious about it and you want to get rid of it, you can consider dieting and exercising, or you could get an appointment with a licensed and experienced surgeon to get a hip dip surgery.

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