How Long After Vasectomy Can You Have Sex

How long after vasectomy can you have sex
Some married couples and single men alike wish not to have children at all. Among the many effective birth control, they opt for vasectomy as a very effective birth control method. Unlike some birth controls that are carried out mainly on the female, vasectomy is carried out on the male. A surgery that renders the man incapable of impregnating a woman permanently.
Many are worried if they can engage in sex normally as they use to before vasectomy. And how long they need to wait before they can have sex again. This article clarifies the above issues and other related questions.


This is a surgery carried out on a male for permanent contraception. During the surgical procedure, the vas deferens is cut and tied or sealed to prevent sperm from entering into the urethra, thereby preventing fertilization of the female eggs through sexual intercourse. After this surgery, how long can the man wait before having sex?

How Long After Vasectomy Can You Have Sex?

You do not have to wait for a long time before you can have sex. A period of about 48 hours basically between 1-2 weeks is recommended.
People’s body system and reaction to certain procedures differ. So an individual will have to consider his overall feeling after the surgery, how the affected area has healed and some side effects of the surgery which is usually naturally minimal.

During recovery, some men may feel soreness around their testicles after a week or two. Engagement in sex during this period might increase the pain and delay the affected area from healing and even cause infection.
So if after 48 hours, a week or two weeks an individual feels relieve from the pains, he can engage in sex. But if within the first two weeks, he still feels some discomfort he will have to wait for more than two weeks before he can have sex, when any feelings of discomfort are no longer felt.


The answer is no. This is because even though the sperm route has been blocked, there is residual sperm in the semen. It is therefore recommended, that you confirm your sterility by a semen analysis. The semen analysis involves 15-20 ejaculations  or a period of 3 months, until the semen is completely free of sperm.

This analysis is carried out by a doctor, where the semen after ejaculation will be observed for trace of sperm. It involves a period of 3 months in which the first analysis will be done two months after  vasectomy and the second one a month after the first analysis. In some cases it takes longer.

Other forms of birth control method will need to be practiced before or during sex such as the use of condom, until the semen is completely free of sperm.
Once the analysis tests show no sperm found in the semen, the individual is then confirmed sterile and will not need to use other methods of birth control.


How long can you wait after vasectomy before having sex
How long after vasectomy can you have sex

After vasectomy, there is no change in the person’s sexual performance or his ability to ejaculate. The appearance of the ejaculate fluid remains unchanged too.
It should also be noted that, physical activities a week after the surgery should be suspended. Activities such as walking or standing all day, carrying more than 10-15kg of load, sports like; swimming, tennis, football and many others will have to wait until 2weeks after surgery.

An individual can expect to have a small wound or swelling in the scrotum where the procedure was done. This usually results from the way the doctor performed the surgery. And if it causes severe discomfort, it should be reported to the doctor.


Serious complications from the surgery are rare. Though few men have complications such as bleeding or blood in the semen. When this happens consult your doctor or qualified medical practitioner.
Few ejaculations after the surgery may be painful, but with time, the pains fade. Generally, if directions after surgical procedures are followed, there will be little or no side effects and sexual activity can be resumed within a short period of time.


The sperm moves through a tube called the epididymis to the Vas deferens where it goes off through the urethra to fertilize the egg during ejaculation.
But after vasectomy, the sperm can no longer move out of the epididymis, because the Vas deferens is cut and sperm cannot go out of the body, It is then absorbed by the lining or membrane of the epididymis where it dissolves.

Sperm will continue to be produced after vasectomy but will not be ejaculated with semen. This unused sperm produced, dies and it is absorbed naturally by the body with no effects.
However, the testosterone level and other male sex traits remains unchanged. Therefore, Vasectomy is an effective birth control method. It does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI). So one should engage In protected sex.

The side effects of vasectomy are rare and can be controlled, if the doctor’s instructions are followed carefully.  Vasectomy does not change a person’s sexual trait or performance and an individual can fully engage in sex after the surgery depending on the rate of the individual’s recovery. This is the more reason why this post “How long after vasectomy can you have sex” is recommended for all.


In summary, we consider the topic “How long after vasectomy can you have sex?” We have discuss on vasectomy, its surgical procedure, side effects as well as how long after vasectomy can you have sex which is between two weeks if the wound heals faster or atleast one month before engaing in sexual activities.

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