How Long Do Tooth Gems Last

How Long Do Tooth Gems Last?

Fashion is slowly drifting away from only clothes and clothing accessories to piercing on the nose, ears, naval, lips to teeth. Yes, you heard right! Tooth gems were fashion statements and trends in the 90s but it is coming back again. In fact, celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry have been spotted rocking their gems.

Tooth gems or tooth jewelries are small rhinestones that are placed on the tooth. These gems can be gotten in different colors, shapes and designs. These gems do not require holes to be drilled into your teeth, they are just attached to the surface of the tooth with an adhesive, this means there is no dental surgery or pain. Some people may choose diamonds, crystals, sapphires, gold butterflies, rubies, logos while others go for grill (a decorative cover that fits over most of a person’s front teeth).

Tooth gems are not placed on the gums, they are usually placed very far away from the gum. People with retainers, braces and invisalign can wear tooth gems because they would not damage the gems or discolor them. However, they should meet their orthodontist if it is okay to fix them to the teeth.


According to Bang Bang Body Arts in Massachusetts, tooth gems can last for at least 6 months especially if they are temporary gems. However, semi permanent gems can last up to 6 months to a year or until you decide to remove them, if you decide to remove them, be sure to get it done by a dentist. Gems like Swarvoski Crystals, Brilliance Crystals and Shaped Crystals usually last from 6 months to a year. Both temporary and semi permanent gems cannot harm your teeth enamel. 


There are many factors that can determine how much you will be charged to have tooth gems attached to your teeth. Factors like:

  • Number of gems.
  • Type and quality.
  • Materials used that differs in weight like silver or gold.
  • Size of the gems.
  • Choice of dentist and dental clinic.

However, according to Tattoo doo, a global community and booking platform for tattoo artists, you can get tooth gems anywhere from $25 to $150. Tooth gems are not included in medical insurance because it is a cosmetic procedure and not a health procedure.


One of the major reason why people get tooth gems is for fashion, they want their smile to come with a sparkle. Those with teeth irregularities like crooked and unwanted gaps use tooth gems to shift the attention of other people from these irregularities. Also, if you have stains on your teeth or discoloration, you can use tooth gems to rightly close or hide them. The fact that it involves no surgery procedure, pain and is temporary makes people to get tooth gems too. 



It is not advised that you fix tooth gems by yourself or allow an untrained person to do it for you. You should go to a dental clinic or any registered piercing palours. It should be done by a dentist or a trained professional who works in a clean establishment and uses sterile equipment. Even if you want to remove the gems, visit a dentist or a trained professional too.


Using super glue also known as cyanoacrylate to fix your tooth gems is not advisable. Super glue is not meant to be used on the skin, there is even a warning on the label against that. It can have effects in your teeth and health overall.

There is dental glue and the permanent dental glue is the adhesive that is used to fix the gems to the tooth. These gums can be easily removed if the tooth gem is no longer wanted. Some gum can last for 6 months while others can last longer although the type determines the lifespan.


Some tooth gems are glued on the tooth, some are fixed in between teeth while others are fixed into the teeth. The type that is set into the teeth can change the structure of the teeth or even cause damages.
The gems that are glued on the teeth use adhesive to stay on the tooth, they can stay for at least 6 months although some can last for 12 months depending on the type of glue used. 

The type of gems that are placed in between the teeth are done carefully so that no gaps are left. The process involves putting the gems between two teeth and opening them. The dentist or piercer must make sure that no space is left out, if there is space or gap, food particles can get stuck inside them which can cause dental issues.

The gems that fixed into the teeth requires drilling. However, this type is not really recommended as some particles of the drilled out tooth can be swallowed or breathed into the lung. Also, if the gem is removed, the space becomes empty and this makes it easier for plaques and food particles to get stuck there. The teeth can also become sensitive. 


The procedure for tooth gem is not surgically nor painful. The first process is to for your tooth enamel to be cleaned and prepped, this is done with 37% orthophosphoric acid that is left for at least 30 seconds. The acid will help the gem to bond to the tooth. After 30 seconds, water will be used to rinse off the acid and the tooth is left to dry for 10 seconds.

A light curing agent is rubbed on the tooth, the agent acts as a bond. The bonding agent is left on the tooth for 20 seconds and is rinsed off. The tooth is left to dry. A small amount of flow composite is placed on the tooth surface. The selected jewel is picked with a forceps and placed on the tooth. A forceps is used to prevent the jewel from being touched with the fingers and to avoid skin contact. The jewel on the tooth is carefully positioned and gentle pressure is applied.

The jewel is positioned to be in close contact with the tooth enamel, this makes it easier for excess composite material from the tooth structure to be pushed out. You should see the gem and where it is placed to know if it is what you want. After minor adjustments and approval, the composite is cured thoroughly including the back of the teeth for at least 60 seconds. Your tooth gem is ready!

Some days after the procedure require you taking good care of your teeth, you can brush your teeth but gently. Continue to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid accumulating plagues. Avoid spicy and sticky foods for some time and do not touch your gem or play with it.


There are complications and risks associated with tooth gems, some of them are:

  1. The jewelry can be swallowed in cases where it breaks off from the tooth.
  2. Tooth decay can occur if proper oral hygiene is not adopted, dirts and food particles can hide by the gem’s side.
  3. If the gem is bigger than the tooth structure, this could lead to tooth fracture.
  4. The adjacent mucosa especially lips or tongue can become irritated. 
  5. The tooth can become so sensitive to hot or cold foods and temperature. 
  6. People who are allergic to some jewelry material like silver can get reactions if they have tooth gems.
  7. The tooth enamel can start to wear off 
  8. The gum around the jewelry can become inflamed.
  9. The adjacent teeth can start to get damaged or chipped.
  10. Bad smell can emerge from the mouth.
  11. The tooth’s natural structure can often get permanently changed during the prepping process.
  12. Most tooth gems leave the teeth discolored when they are removed.
  13. The muscles can become tired because of the jewelry in the mouth. 

Swallowing the gem is a common problem that may occur, the gem can pull out if the adhesive becomes weak or it is usually pulled at. The swallowed gem if small can cause problems like tearing the lining of the stomach or the intestines. Big gems can pose more problem, they can get stuck in the stomach or intestines, this will require surgery for the gem to be removed.


Tooth gems have become a fashion trend that is gradually gaining round today, celebrities are not left out of the fashion trends too. Tooth gem does not involve surgery, it is done by placing gems on the tooth surface. Anyone can get tooth gems including those with braces and retainers.

However, it is recommended that tooth gem procedure should be considered by people who practice good oral hygiene. To make sure that the gem is not damaging your teeth or gums, you should see a dentist every 6 months. 

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