Blackheads In Ear: Causes & How to Get Rid of it

Blackheads in ear are those dark, annoying, small die-hard spots or clusters of bumps in your ear that never seem to leave when you pop a pimple on your face.

Considered to be a mild form of acne, blackheads are wrongly thought to be linked to bacteria but in actual sense, they are formed when dead skin cells and oils collect in the opening of your skin follicle thus forming bumps.

If the skin over the bumps is closed, the bumps are called whiteheads but where it’s open, that area is exposed to air which makes the area look dark and black. Hence, the name.

Where can blackheads be found?

While blackheads are commonly found on the face and areas of the T-zone like your chin, nose and forehead, research shows that they can however be found anywhere on the body. Indeed, blackheads can be found on your chest, back, neck, arms, shoulders and even in your ears. Yes! Your ears.

What Causes Blackheads in Ear

In this post ”Blackheads in ear”, we are going to discuss some common causes of blackheads in ear . Believe it or not, your ears are susceptible to blackheads because of the followings

(1) They do not typically or normally get the same attention your face does to prevent oil accumulating.
(2) Moreso, because of the position of the ear and how somewhat invisible its interior is, one is very unlikely to clean or pay attention to that part of the body.
(3) Unlike our face, the skin on our ears is much more sensitive and less visible. While getting rid of black heads on your face could be relatively easy, many admit that doing same when they are found in your ears can be worrisome and frustrating. This is clearly so because of the above reason.

Major Reasons Why Getting Rid of Blackheads in Ear Become Difficult

(1) The skin inside the ear canal is covered with hundreds of tiny hair follicles and glands that produce oil and ear wax.

(2) Residual earwax on your headphones, earplugs, cell phones and devices.
(3) Dirty pillowcases. Yes, you heard it! A build up of bacteria and dirt on these can transfer to your ears while you are sleeping and tossing.

(4) Constant tourching your ears Just like your face, can transfer dirtfrom your hands into the pores of your ears.
Next, it is important to understand how to remove blackheads in your ears without causing further problems for yourself.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear Easily

If you happen to suspect a blackhead in your ear, don’t fret!. As our custom is, we hate you stressing and so, we leave you with all the help you need. So, in this article ” How to get rid of blackheads in ear”, we have provided some useful steps on how to carry out the procedure succesfully.

(1) Know your skin type: Blackheads are as a result of excess oil accumulating on the skin. However, not every body’s glands produce oil excessively. Thus, knowing your skin type will ultimately aid you in knowing how frequently you must clean and what skin health products to use.

(2) Never pick or squeeze them as this can lead to bleeding, inflammation, scarring and even infection.

(3) Give attention to your ears by washing them daily.

(4) Cleanse your ear daily with a soft wash cloth and warm water, cotton buds, wax vacuum, wax vacuum cleaner, oil- free products.

(5) Products with salicylic acid are highly recommended for this purpose. This acid is your blackhead’s
worst nightmare! as it is known to exfoliate inside pores to loosen up the clogs around the skin.


How to Remove Blackheads in Ear: Continue Reading

(6) Clean your headphones, earplugs and cell phones occasionally and avoid wearing them for long periods of time.

(7) Use noncomedogenic skin care products which are specially formulated not to clog your pores. Avoid over using acne products as these can over dry the skin, lead to excess production of oil and ultimately worsen the blackheads.

(8) Use over- the- counter (OTC) treatments and medications for acne available either in gel form, cream, or pad form to be used directly on the skin, most of which usually contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol. These medications work by killing bacteria, drying excess oil produced, and forcing the skin to shed dead skin cells.

(9) Alternatively, where these do not work, medications that contain Vitamin A can be administered as they prevent bumps from forming in the hair follicles and increases greater shedding of the skin cells. These medications include antibiotics which contain tazarotene and benzoyl peroxide.

(10) Shampoo your hair occasionally to prevent oil and dirt build up from going into your ears.

(11) Clean items that touch your ears like your cell phone, pillow cases, your fingers, etc.

(12) Exfoliate while showering, once a week. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that dull your skin tone and clog your pores.

(13) Consider extraction as a last resort where the case is extremely severe. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can use a blackhead extractor tool to remove the trapped dirt built up under the skin in your ear.

In conclusion, we have examined the major causes of blackheads in ears and have provided useful information on how to remove or get rid of blackheads in ear.

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