How to Get Sperm out of your Body Fast: 9 Simple Ways

There are many ways on how to get sperm out of your body fast; as a female after sexual intercourse, most times, unprotected sex do occur spontaneously, the both parties might agree on withdrawal during sexual intercourse so as to prevent the male from ejaculating inside the female counterpart, but as the case may be, this withdrawal method has failed a lot of people as most men out of pleasure forget about the proposed withdrawal.

Even the use of condoms during sexual intercourse is not secured enough as the condoms might burst in the course of the act due to low quality condoms in the markets.

This all together coupled with the fear of unwanted pregnancy has led many ladies to ask questions like what are the ways of removing sperm from the body.         

Although there are no scientifically proven methods of removing sperm from the body after sex , there are some proposed methods to get rid of sperm from your body fast.

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Top 9 Ways of How to Get Sperm Out of Your Body Fast

How to get sperm out of your body fast

These methods have being used by some women and they claim that it is effective and it works for them.

Some of these methods of How to get sperm out of your body fast include;


This is a wild carrot that prevents pregnancy by interfering with the progesterone synthesis. It is advisable to take the seed immediately after sexual intercourse for up to seven days (Kriti jains & reviewed by medindia medical review team 2019)           


This is the process of cleaning the vagina with water or mixture of water and other substances. Many women believe that douching after sex helps to wash the sperm away the body. This can only be possible if the sperm is yet to enter the uterus but once the sperm enters the uterus, douching might not be effective as the water will not be able to reach the sperm.          

3. How to Get Sperm out of your Body Fast: BY URINATION

This is amongst one of the ridiculous method I have seen so far. However most women claim that urinating immediately after sexual intercourse helps to get the sperm out of the vagina but I don’t think that is the case because the vagina is very different from the urethral opening where the urine comes out from and the sperm has nothing to do with the urethral opening .           

4. How to Get Sperm out of your Body Fast: USE VINEGAR 

Some women believe that the insertion of vinegar into the vagina may help to kill and drive away sperm from the body. As stated earlier these methods are not scientifically proven and the use of vinegar for one is not that safe as it can cause irritation to some women.                


Quinine is an anti malarial drugs prescribed mainly for the treatment of malaria. The anecdotal evidence suggests that white quinine is one of the way to kill the sperm after unprotected sexual intercourse .             


Some women believe that the use of papaya right after unprotected sex helps to prevent pregnancy, this is a red flag for this method because the consumption of papaya only increases the oxytocin level in a pregnant woman’s body.

And this oxytocin causes contraction of the uterus leading to pregnancy complications there by causing termination of pregnancy. It is important to note that for this case , pregnancy has already occurred (unwanted) and this is not what anybody wants.             


Many believe that intake of Coca-Cola after sex helps to kill the sperm , they believe that the carbon in the soda is supposed to help prevent pregnancy. Some even go as far as douching with Coca-Cola. According to researchers Coca-Cola is not a spermicide and therefore does not kill the sperm.

They also warned against the usage of Coca-Cola for douching as it may lead to serious health complications. From the above suggested ways of getting rid of sperm, it can be noted that they are not 100% effective however some people claims that it works for them.

The purpose of wanting to remove sperm from the body has a role to play in selecting what method to use. That is to say if the purpose of wanting to remove sperm is for hygiene then, there is no much problem with trying some of the above methods but if the purpose is for pregnancy prevention, then below are some scientifically proven ways of killing sperm to prevent pregnancy in women ;     

Basically, there are two main methods of getting rid of sperm out your body fast in order to prevent pregnancy and these methods include the HORMONAL method and the NON-HORMONAL methods.


This method of pregnancy prevention involves the use of contraception, they are scientifically proven to be effective and to an extent safe as well. This involves using contraceptives that contains either progestin or estrogen or both. These hormones present in them helps to prevent pregnancy by distorting ovulation. A good example of contraceptive to be used is Postinor 2


This method of pregnancy prevention involves the use of certain materials to prevent the contact of the sperm with the ovum of the female.

The materials may include use of quality condoms both for male and female use of cervical cap, use of diaphragm and in most cases undergoing surgery can help prevent the contact between the sperm and the egg and such surgery includes ; Tubular litigation and tubular occlusion. These methods helps a lot in prevention of pregnancy.     


It is advisable to make use of the scientifically proven methods since they are more reliable than the anecdotal suggestions although you can try the method if your aim of removing sperm is to keep the vagina clean. Irrespective of the fact that the scientifically proven methods are effective, it is advisable to consult your doctor and discuss with them so that they can prescribe the most effective method that you can use.

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