Infected Snake Eye Piercing

Infected snake eye piercing occurs when when you have your tongue pierced in two areas near the front of the tongue. Fashion has been one of the concepts that sees new trends and developments. From drawing of tattoos, nose piercing, double ear piercings, clothes, etc.

Gone are the days of ears and nose piercing. People now pierce their navals, eyebrows, lips, as well as tongue piercing. Infected Snake eye piercing seems to be one of the lastest fashion trend and gives one the sense of belonging and “bad-ass” aura. 

But you know there is an addage that says “Beauty is pain”. Some of these piercings including venom piercing require some degree of pain and gut. Infected snake eye piercing is not for the weak as it requires going through a painful procedure of which healing is inclusive. 


A snake eye piercing occurs when a person with a snake eyes piercing opens his mouth, the piercings are spread out to look like two snake eyes staring out. There is a straight or curved barbell, fixed horizontally, connecting the two balls or rings.

Try to imagine the pain, the clamping of your tongue to avoid it wriggling during the procedure as well as the inserting of the rings. But the pain might not be excruciating or intense as you thought. It might be like to you chewing your tongue accidentally while eating or hitting your teeth on your tongue.

The important thing to consider is the fact that there might be infection. Remember that infection thrives on places bacteria are present. Piercing the tongue can be a traumatic procedure that if not carefully handled can lead to serious and possibly life-threatening infections.


(1) The Use of Unsterilised Instrument: The use of unsterilized instruments during the process can introduce infections. Remember that these piercings are done in public saloons patronised by different people. The chances of using new or sterilized instruments are low. Just like Hiv/Aids, the use of unsterilized instruments can introduce germs.

(2) Through Bacterial Infection: Imagine a scenario where a client with mouth infection got her tongue pierced using a needle, another client walks in and same needle is used, the bacteria now trapped on the needle is being introduced to the new client.

Although this can be avoided if new instruments are used and well sterilised. The bacteria can be introduced through eating and drinking. French Kissing, oral sex can also transfer the bacteria.

Existing infection in the mouth can introduce bacteria to the wound. Because the wound is open, it will be easier for transmission to take place.


(1) The ring can be mistakenly swallowed: Asides from the infection, there are other reasons why snake eye piercing or tongue piercing are not advisable. The tongue is a muscle and very delicate, it is not meant for piercing. There may be chances of the ring been swallowed cause of its size.

(2) Prolonged Healing: The healing process might take longer than other piercings cause the tongue is always active while talking, eating, drinking. These activities might disrupt the healing process. In some cases, tongue piercing alters speech.

This is because every part of the tongue is important for speech production. Infected snake eye piercing if identified earlier, can reduce the chances of serious consequences


Just like normal piercing, it is normal to feel mild fever, redness of the pierced area, and pain Swelling of the pierced area. The pain should not extend 2 weeks.

However, there are signs that show that a piercing has been infected. These are

  • Yellow pus discharge
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Uncomfortable swelling
  • Redness of the tongue
  • Severe or intense pain
  • Continuous fever

Although there are ways to take of mild infection, but if the above symptoms persist, It is advisable you meet your piercer. When an infected pierced tongue is left untreated, there are chances of it leading to diseases like tetanus, Hiv, and hepatitis.


Getting an infected pierced tongue treated starts by seeing a doctor. He or she will be in the best position to know the steps to take and drugs to recommend. However, there are things to do to get rid of mild infection.

  • Always wash your hands before touching the piercing. This is to avoid introducing new bacteria to the wound.
  • Oral antibiotics recommended by a doctor to help fight against the bacteria
  • Rinsing of the mouth everyday after eating or drinking can also help. This is because the mouth is a breeding ground for infection from leftover foods.
  • Avoid sharing plates, spoons, toothbrushes or anything that can come in contact with another person’s mouth.
  • Avoid kissing, oral sex or sexual activities during early healing process.

Tongue piercings carry other risks besides the danger of infection. Possible fractured teeth, nerve damage, speech impediments, allergic reactions to tongue jewellery, scar tissue, prolonged bleeding and disease transmission as some additional risks. When factoring in all of these risks, having your tongue pierced is a decision that must be considered seriously.


In conclusion, we have discuss infected snake eye piercing, how to identify infected snake eye piercing and among other things the possible recommended treatment for persistent infection.

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