Keratin Plugs

Keratin plugs is found in every cell on the surface of your skin. It is a type of protein that is is responsible for your fingernails, hair and skin structure. According to, keratin is an intermediate filament-forming protein that provides support and a barrier of protection.

This means that the protein protects the fingernails, hair and skin and keep them healthy.
Keratin is not only limited to humans as it can be found in animals too. It can be found in their feathers, wool and hooves.

All these part of the animal features or body protects them. Because of how beneficial this protein is, the keratin in animals are extracted and used as ingredients in making supplements and products. It is mostly used to make hair products.

When keratin is applied to the hair, the cells that extend to form your hair strands are smoothened. This makes the hair full and glossy. When your hair cuticle absorbs keratin, you find your hair straighter and easier to comb or style. 


(1) As shampoo and conditioner

 Researchers concluded in 2013 that the active components of keratin were a promising ingredient for people that wanted stronger hair ( very well ). These shampoos and conditioner made with keratin can moisturize the hair and revitalize it especially when it is damaged by the use of hair dye products.

It can also help in making your hair more stronger and your hair will not break easily. Keratin shampoo can help you prevent your hair from fading it’s color.

(2)Keratin Serum

Keratin can be infused into hair serum. The presence of keratin will stimulate hair growth and nourishes your hair. It is also effective for frizzy hair and help.

(3)As oil 

Most times, the use of chemicals, hair products and some hair styling techniques can result to damages to your hair. You might notice your hair will become dry and breaks at any slightest touch. Applying keratin oil before using heating styles on your hair can protect it against damage.

(4) Keratin treatment

 A method known as Brazilian Keratin treatment is used to smoothen and straighten the hair. Their process involves applying keratin and a chemical called formaldehyde to the hair. After application, your hair is dried and straighten with a hot iron.

 (5) Keratin supplements

These supplements can be in a capsule or powdered form. They are taken to increase the growth of the hair, fingernails or even to make the skin smoother. 


Keratin plugs

There are many bumps on the skin caused by different things. A keratin plug is a type of bump that forms when dead skin and protein cluster to block hair follicle. These bumps are non medical condition that are not contagious. They can be caused by irritation of the skin or even other skin conditions like eczema.

Most times, these bumps go on their own without treatment, while other times, they need to be treated.
If you have a dermatitis, asthma, hay fever or you experience dry skin, your chances of getting keratin plugs are high.

These bumps look rough and like pimples. Sometimes, they look like goosebumps, touching them feels like touching a rough surface or even sandpaper. One of the ways to distinguish between keratin plugs and pimples is that while pimples have heads from where pus comes out, keratin plugs do not.

Keratin bumps can be found in places like cheeks, buttocks, arms, thighs and other places. 
Keratin plugs are different from sebum plugs. Keratin is caused when dead skin and protein block hair follicle while sebum plugs occur when oil from your glands ( sebaceous glands ) are trapped in your hair follicle.

Sebum plugs are painful and can lead to blackheads or whiteheads on the skin. 
Keratin plugs are also different from blackheads. While keratin plugs have rough texture, blackheads do not. Blackheads have dark and soft bumps unlike keratin plugs.


One of the things you should not do if you have keratin plugs is not to pop them. You should never scratch them as doing so will only result to irritation.

These bumps are not harmful or contagious and they go away on their own. However, if you do not want them on your skin because they change the lion if the skin, you can look for ways to treat them.

First is to see a doctor to know if they bumps are keratin plugs or any other skin condition.
Exfoliation is one of the ways to get rid of these bumps. You can use gentle acids like glycolic acid, peels, salicylic acid.

By rubbing these acids, they will help you get rid of the dead cells on the bumps. A dermatologist can recommend other creams that can also dissolve these plugs. There are habits you can adopt that will reduce how these plugs occur, habits like:

(1) Bathing with warm or lukewarm water
(2)Reducing the number of times you shave as doing this constantly will irritate your hair roots and follicles.
(3) Moisturizing your skin regularly to avoid drying

(4) Reduce the time you spend in bathrooms and showers.
(5) Avoid wearing tight clothes. Restrictive clothes can also irritate your hair follicle.
(6) Use a humidifier when the weather is cold and dry.


Keratin bumps are not contagious nor a death sentence. Their treatment methods are easy.
Keratin plugs can be treated at home using creams and changing your lifestyles. But if the bumps are persistent and the creams and exfoliating processes do not work, you can see a dermatologist to recommend other methods. 
Other methods can be micro dermabrasion ( a cosmetic procedure that involves removing the top layer of the skin ) or laser therapy treatments ( the use of strong light beams to destroy inflamed tissues ).

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