7 Major Koichi Hair Evolution

Koichi hair evolution is a popular and well known character by people who watch anime. The character, Koichi changed his hairstyle a number of times in different occasions it reflect on his current mood or situation. The hairstyle made Koichi to be among the characters that generated curiosity and intrigue in the mind of the viewers of the anime series. Many wondered how his hair whose hair reached down to his waist was able to be styled in a high tail style giving him a sophisticated and cool personality

At some point when he found love and was tired of trying to live up to societal expectations, Koichi decided to rebel against societal values and cut off all his hair. When he started to care less about anything or others and turned into a slacker, his hair became messy and unkempt. This means that every image or point in his life was a point of Koichi hair evolution.


Koichi is a well known and popular character in an anime series. He was portrayed to be a meek and amiable youth who wen through many degrees of development for his character throughout the series Diamond is Unbreakable. He became confident while dealing with the evil stand users. One of his greatest transitions were seen by the transformation of his Stand, Echoes.

Koichi is loved and known to be friendly and polite even to strangers and acquaintances. He has a gentle heart that does not wish to harm people including his opponents. The goodness of his heart was seen when he saved Yukako from dying even though the latter wanted to kill him before. He even fought Giorno Giovanna for a brief time without using the strength to kill which saved Giorno Giovanna.


Most anime series have characters with ridiculous and unsuitable hairstyles and Koichi hair evolution is one of them. One thing that makes a character to stand out is the design which may be the hairstyle or clothes. There are some facts to note about the character Koichi. Koichi is not the main character, he is just a supporting character in the series.

He is known for switching between being a villain and a hero as the plot develops. Koichi is not a protagonist neither is he an antagonist. He is a supporting character that did not play a major character. However, on notable aspect of Koichi is his hair evolution. To really understand Koichi hair evolution, we will have to start from his childhood. Koichi hair evolution when he was a baby

When Koichi was born, he was shown to have has a full hair. His parents were excited to and eager to see which color of hair he would have, but his hair had dark brown color. The more he grew, the more his hair color becomes lighter and more wavier. By the time he was a toddler, he had the most beautiful and adorable hair.

Koichi Hair Evolution
Koichi Hair Evolution

1. Koichi Hair Evolution During Childhood

Koichi continued to grow as a toddler, his hair began to have unruly locks with a mass of curls. To manage the hair, his mom would put it in a cute little topknot on the top of his hair. This is not really help because his hair always managed to break out and stick out in all sides. Later in the series as Koichi gets older, his hair became less curly and was easily managed.

2. Koichi Hair Evolution As A Teen

Koichi had a mop of unruly and curly hair as a toddler but this changes or evolves as he became a teen. His hair changes in the series to show his current mood or situation. This was seen as anytime he was angry, his hair stands and on end and sticks in all directions. His hair becomes adorable, well groomed and shiny when he is happy and anytime he is sad, his hair has a droopy look and hangs down his face. 

His long curls at some point became longer straight locks and his hair eventually became slightly wavy. One thing about his hair that was seen throughout his entire life is the bangs. Another thing is that Koichi was not shy to use gel on his hair as a teen.

3. Koichi Hair Evolution During High School Days

During his high school days, Koichi had long hair whose length got to his waist. He styles his hair into a high tail and this look gives him a sophisticated and cool aura.

4. Koichi Hair Evolution During Junes Arc

When Koichi falls in love with Tomoeda Higuchi, he became tired of trying to live up and meet the expectations of the society and those around him. So he decides to go completely against what he has been made to believe is right. First, he cuts off all his hair and leaves just a small toupee on top, he also starts to wear pink clothes and makeup to show his feminine side.

He continues with this style through much of the summer arc till he regains his sense of self finally at the closing chapter. Koichi’s hair loss does not only show a change in his character but an expression of the emotional stress he was going through.

5. Koichi Hair Evolution During University Days

When Koichi was done with high school, he turns into a character who does not care about other people or anything else but himself, he became a slacker. His hair became messy and unkempt, this is used to express an image and important turn in Koichi hair evolution.

6. Koichi Hair Evolution After Leaving Tomoeda City

In the last chapter of the series, Koichi comes back to Tomeda City after years of travelling. At his return, Koichi finds out that his friends and mates from school have all moved on with life and made progress while he has been out of the city. He also finds it difficult to adjust to his new environment and this made him to start wearing oversized clothes, and he also hangs out with the wrong people. His hair begins to grow longer again but remains untidy and unkempt most times.

7. Koichi Hair Evolution At The Confession Arc

In the most recent complete story of the series, Koichi finally tells everyone about what really happened during the Junes arc. After coming clean to his family and friends, Koichi makes up his mind to start living a normal life again. He cuts his hair short and styled it in a high ponytail style, this hair style signifies that he has accepted the fault in his actions and taken responsibility.


Yes, there are reasons behind his hair evolution. The first reason is that his hair evolution was a way Koichi could reflect his changing moods. This was seen when he was sad, his hair became droopy, when angry or upset, his hair looked unkempt. Also, when he is happy or excited, his hair was shiny and perfectly groomed.

Another reason for the hair evolution is that it is a visual representation of Koichi’s development. The character went through different stages of growth and changes from being a child to a teenager and to a young adult. His hairstyle helped to show these xhanges.

Koichi’s hairstyles was used to show social status and class. People who are in the high class have more stylish hairstyles as compared to those from the lower class. Koichi’s hairstyles became so popular that it even became a fashion trend in Japan, the trend is known as Koichi-man and it is used to refer to people who dress like Koichi or wear hairstyles that looks like his (YouTecho, 2022).


It was not only his hair that evolved, Koichi’s dressings did as well. In the early beginning of the series, he was often wearing button-down shirts and slacks. As we progress into the series, we saw that he began to wear more of casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts. His change in dressing showed or reflected his growth, maturity and increase in his confidence. In fact, the whole appearance of Koichi changed significantly throughout the series.


Unlike in anime, people do not wake up with their hair already made. In fact, it is normal to wake up with untidy and unkempt hair. It takes a lot of time to style these hairs and if the style is more complex, more time will be needed. And most people in real life do not have the time for this. 

Also, most hairstyles in anime look insane and need a long time to grown the hair, not to talk about styling them. People are free in animes, they project those things they cannot do in real life for themselves into anime characters. Some hairstyles are challenging as to when compared to the hair human body can produce and how much weight the head can support or carry.


Koichi hair evolution is a new way of getting many hairstyles or if you just want to remember the character who stood out in a series. The character Koichi Mashiba from the series called Azumanga Daioh had a unique and unforgettable hairstyle with bangs. His hairstyles are one of the ways to know his moods and situations. Koichi hair evolution is just his hairstyle from when he was a any till he became an adult. 

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