Kybella Swelling Day By Day: 2 Ways To Make It Go Down

Kybella swelling day by day is an after-effect of getting the Kybella injection, the injection is used to treat double chin without having to go through surgery. After the injection, it is normal to feel your chin swelling up days after the treatment, the swelling can last as long as 4 weeks in some people. The swelling is normally a sign that the Kybella injection is breaking down fat cells in your chin. They can go away on their own but you can reduce the length of time as well.


Kybella is a non-surgical procedure that is used to reduce fats under the chin and eliminate double chin. The procedure involves using vials of deoxycholic acid to inject in areas that are targeted. There is no incision made during the procedure.

Fat chins and double chin is one facial feature that bothers a lot of people, this is because it gives the face another shape which may be unbalanced. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) carried out a survey in 2015 and concluded that about 67 percent of individuals are bothered by excess fat under the chin or neck. To correct this, injections are used. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently approved only Kybella as an injectable technique that can be used in treating double chin.

Kybella works by using an artificial form of deoxycholic acid, this acid is produce by the body naturally to help break down and absorb fats. When the synthetic acid in Kybella injections are taken into the skin, it destroys the fat cells under the chin that store fats. When these fat cells are destroyed, fats can no longer be stored and the stored ones are gradually dissolved. Kybella is only used for under the chin.


Swelling of the chin after Kybella injection is a common effect of the injection. The swelling is as a result of your skin having an inflammatory reaction while the deoxycholic acid breaks down fat cells. This swelling is temporary and goes away after few weeks. The swelling can increase as the day goes by, but; it will go away on its own.  If the swelling has open sores and produces foul smell, it may be a sign of infection but if these symptoms are not present, the swelling may be an aftereffect of the injection. 


Kybella treatment is splited into multiple sessions. The number of sessions you get is determined by the amount of fats under your chin. The maximum number of sessions is six treatments. Understanding the entire process from start to finish will prepare you and make your experience go much smoother. Before getting the injection, there are some information you should tell your doctor or health personnel. Information like if you:

  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Have bleeding problems
  • Have had or plan to have cosmetic or surgery on your face, neck or chin
  • Are takin blood thinning medications
  • Have swallowing difficulty or any medical issue around or in the neck.

These will help your doctor determine if you are fit for the injection. If you are fit, your doctor examines your neck to target areas for the injection. Multiple small injections are given in different places under the chin, this process will take about 15 to 20 minutes. These side effects are common and fade off on their own after few weeks. If you notice severe side effects that does not seem normal, you should see your doctor or healthcare provider. You can notice your chin swelling up after some days coupled with other side effects like:

  • Stinging or mild pain
  • Mild bleeding
  • Numbness
  • Hard skin 
  • Redness
  • Slight bruising
  • Headache 
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Day 1

The first day of the injection will make your feel discomfort, the injection itself may not be painful. After the injection, underneath your chin will sting and become numb throughout the day. You can also feel mild burning sensation and red marks in or around the injection sites. Swelling may be immediate in some people while in others, it may come later.

Day 2

The swelling will be present by now and worse as the day goes by. You feel much pain when the injected areas are touched, the numbness and itching will also increase. You may also feel like your neck is dangling when you move, to prevent the wobbling or to keep the neck steady, you can wear compression chin strap. It will help your neck to stay at a place.

Day 3

The swelling continues to increase under the chin but the jawline area may experience less swelling. The numbness will also decrease in some places but you may still feel some pain when you touch the injected areas or move your neck. New bruises will also appear by now.

After 1 Week

Some may start to feel that their chin is recovering from the side effects. You may still feel pain in the neck and more bruises may appear. The swelling may become slightly better in some areas of the chin while other areas may still be worse.

After 2 Weeks

This week will have the swelling increase, you may feel small lumps in the area where the injections were given (these lumps are the destroyed fat cells that have clustered together, it may take some time before they dissolve). The skin around the chin will become tighter than it was and can hurt when you touch them. The bruises will go down at this point although you may still see some.

After 3 Weeks 

Your neck will start to become firm as it was, the wobbling feeling will go away. Most areas that are numb will start to dissolve. However, you may still feel the small lumps and pain under your chin.

After 4 Weeks

The lumps will start to go away and the swelling would have reduced by now. You may still feel slight pain in some areas. 

After 5 Weeks

The swelling and lumps have completely gone. You may still feel very mild discomfort and tightness when you touch under your chin. The jawline will significantly become slimmer by this time.


The swelling start from the first day of the injection, you may notice the swelling going down after about 2 weeks. The swelling may last till up to a month before completely healing. Other side effects may also take few weeks to go away. These effects do not require medical treatment because they go away on their own but you can fasten the recovery process using some natural methods. 


There are some ways you can reduce how your chin swells after getting Kybella injections.

1. Apply ice or cold packs on the swollen areas. Do not allow the ice to stay on a spot for a long time to avoid numbing the area. You can place the pack for few minutes, remove the pack and give the chin some minutes before replacing the icepack. Take an over-the-counter antihistamine before your appointment. This drug will help treat symptoms of allergies in case you are allergic to the injection or its ingredients.

2. Apply warm compresses to the chin few days after the procedure. Wear chin strap compressor, it will help keep your neck steady. Take over-the-counter medications to help reduce the swelling and pain.  Raise your head as much as possible while sleeping for the first few weeks.  Do not wear makeup on the day of the treatment and a day after. Avoid vigorous exercise and physical activities two days after the procedure. Do not lie down for hours after the injection.


After your first treatment, you can see results within 4 to 6 weeks, the fats will reduce more after other sessions. You will get two vials’ worth of Kybella every 4 to 6 weeks, this means that you will have 4 to 6 sessions with your doctor. This method is known as the traditional method of injecting Kybella. The patient will see maximum results at the end of the session. You can expect results like:

  • 10% improvement after the first treatment.
  • 20% improvement after the second treatment.
  • 38%, 50%, and 75% improvement over the next three treatments.


Kybella is an incisionless procedure that is used in treating double chin. It works by destroying fat cells that store fats under the chin using the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. One of the side effects you will experience is swelling and it shows the injection is working well. The swelling may take weeks to dissolve including other side effects. However, you can reduce how long you experience these effects by avoiding some activities and adopting few steps. 

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