Lymph Bubble on Nipple Piercing

Lymph Bubble on nipple piercing: Over century now, nipple piercing has been a habit both young and old have been venturing in. This habit as grown rapidly among the teenagers.

What is Nipple Niercing?

Nipple piercing is the act of piercing the centered base of the nipple in other to attach a gold or any other jewelries. It is a modern way of fashion. This piercing is usually done horizontally or less often vertically.

Multiple piercing can be done on the nipple depending on individual decision or choice.
It is a pity, that many teenagers ventured into this habit without knowing the repercussions or reaction of this habit, e.g. the secretion of a yellow or white pale fluid Called lymph fluid.


Lymph are white fluids made of white blood cells, particularly the lymphocytes, a cell that spike bacterial in the blood. This is kept in balance by a lymphatic system. Lymphatic System, is a connection of small tubes in the body that drain lymph fluid from the body.

This lymphatic system or tissues are found in the bone narrow, lymph nodes and tonsils. The function of the lymphatic system is to keep the fluid balanced and defend the body against any infection.

Lymph bubble on nipple piercing

A newly pierced nipple will secret a yellow white or green fluid which is a normal sign. But many teenagers are not aware of this before piercing their nipple, so when the sign begun to show up, they are always afraid to discuss it with people for Proper guide on how to take care of the pierced nipple, and this can lead to a nipple getting infected.

Is secretion of fluid normal on a pierced nipple?

Yes, a newly pierced nipple will surely produce a yellow or green pus which is normal.

What does a lymph fluid indicates on a pierced nipple?

Secretion of lymph fluid on a pierced nipple is normal. This can indicate

  • Your would be healing soon and
  • A successful piercing.


When should I see my doctor?

As the secretion of a yellow pale liquid by a newly pierced nipple is normal, there are some conditions individual must notice about the fluid

  • When the fluid is getting red and irritated, this is not a good sign. I strongly advise you to visit your doctor has red fluids is a sign that a nipple is infected already.
  • When the fluid is forming a bubble, I will also advise you to visit your doctor in that kind of situation, as bubbles formed round the nipple is a bad sign.

What does a lymph fluid indicates?

A newly pierced nipple will surely produce a yellow or white fluid. This indicates

  • Fast healing of wounds
  • Successful piercing

How would I know that my nipple is infected?

  1. When lymph fluid is getting red or irritated: Red or irritated lymph fluid is not a good sign. A red or irritated fluid indicates an infection.
  2. When a bubble is being formed by the lymph fluid: The lymph fluid is creating a bubble round the nipple, is a sign that a nipple as been infected. I strongly advise you to visit your doctor.
  3. Pain: You will start feeling pain on your nipple which indicate something is not right.
  4. Redness: A red nipple is not a good sign. So visit your doctor.
  5. Discharge: Watch out for a red discharge which is a symbol of an infected nipple.

I strongly advise you to visit your doctor as soon as you start see all the signs mentioned above.

Is lymph bubble on nipple piercing a good sign?

Lymph bubble on a pierced nipple may not be a good sign, as this indicates that something is not right with the nipple. I advise you to see your doctor when you start seeing a bubbles forming round your nipple.

How to treat an infected nipple?

Treating an early infected nipple is simple, antibiotics in this kind of situation.
Some other method included:

  1. Washing: The area of piercing should be washed and kept clean always. This can be done effectively with the aid of soap and water. This help supports the body, it tries to clear out the infection.
  2. Loose clothe: Wearing a loose clothe help the would to breathe, hence healing fast. As tight cloth hold more sweat and bacteria against the infected site.

Note: Prevention is better than cure, that a popular saying. Preventing an infected nipple is more advisable than curing it. Pierced nipple should be treated with great care to avoid infection.
To prevent nipple infection, pierced nipple should be given a rapid attention.

Washing and treating pierced nipple also help to prevent nipple infection. Also, Gold or jewelries attached to the nipple should be kept clean. Avoid attaching rust or dirty jewelries to the nipple to avoid nipple infection.

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