Metallic Taste When I Cough: Causes & Treatment

A metallic taste is a type of taste that’s known medically as parageusic, this unpleasant taste can develop suddenly or longer. To know what causes metallic taste you must know how taste work.


There’re many reason for metallic taste when coughing, when metallic taste is accompained with coughing the culprit is likely to have respiratory infection such as cold.


1. Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don’t brush and floss regularly the results can be teeth and gum problem such as gingivitis, periodontist, and  tooth infection and it can be cleared up with prescription

2. Over the Counter Vitamin or Medicine: Vitamins with heavy metal(chromium, copper and zinc) or cold remedies (zinc and ozenges) can cause metallic taste

3. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, dysgeusia occur. For expectant mother, craving for pickles and ice cream while for others it could mean an inexplicable metallic or sour taste.

4. Allergiesa: Metallic taste in your mouth can be a side effect of food allergies, especially such as shellfish or tree nut. Sign like anaphylaxis occur which can be deadly.

5. Hay Fever

Known as allergic rhinitis is a allergy to pollen dust or other allergens.It can leave a metallic taste in your mouth due to inflamed nasal passage that disrupt your ability to taste.

Other symptoms include: Runny nose, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, post nasal drip and watery and itchy coughing

6. Sinus, upper respiratory and ear infection: Infection that block your ability to hear can also interfare with your ability to taste.

Other symptoms include: Facial pain, headache, ear pain and cough

7. Medication Side Effect: This can lead to metallic taste as side effect which includes antibiotics,anti-arthristics. Other side effect are heart palpitations, rashes, fatigue.

8. Pine Nut Syndrome: Pine nuts syndrome is a taste recaction to pine nut that begins 2 to 4 hours after eating and causes a bitter metallic taste.

9. Gum Disease: Gum or periodontal disease is an infection of the gum tissue in the mouth. Symptoms include, bad breath, swollen land, bleeding gums.

10. Cold: Cold are results of infection in the throat and lungs,it can affect sense of smell which then affect sense of taste causing a metallic taste.

11 Certain Types of Medication: Certain types of medication can cause a metallic taste why coughing e.g antibiotics and lithium

12 Cancel Treatment: This can affect how the taste function and change normal flow of saliva. Chemotheraphy and radiation therapy can cause metallic taste when you cough

13. Upper Respiratory Infection: This is a viral infection that pass from one person to another, irritating the throat and lungs which come with nagging cough. Phlegm,muscus and discharge from infection can have a metallic taste when coughing.

According to CDC, it affect about two to three times a year and younger ones often. Another respiratory infection that can cause metallic taste when coughing is sinus infection.

14. Asthma or Trouble Breathing Due to Exercise: People with trouble breathing due to asthma have metallic taste problem along with wheezing or coughing can occur when breathing become difficult

15. Coughing of Blood: A small amount of blood in phlegm or muscus you cough up during cold is normal A little bit if blood in your phlegm will make phlegm look red and pick and it’s usually mean that the frequent coughing has irritated your respiratory trait.

16. Wheezing or Trouble Breathing: If your cough is so severe that you have trouble breathing, visit your doctor immediately and seek medical attention.

Difficult in breathing can be a sign that you have narrowing due to serious medical attention such as severe asthma attack and anaphylactic shock


If your cough with a metallic taste is being caused by common cold, treat it with the following medications and steps.

1. Pain Reliever: If the upper respiratory infection as left you, achy or with sore throat, over the counter (OTC)Pain reliever such as Tylenol(Advil,Motrin) may help temporarily relieve it.

2. Cough Medicine: A cough suppressant may help with your cold symptoms and the metallic taste. Dextromethrophan (delsym, Robitussin) is a common and easily available option for reducing a stubborn cough.

3. Baking soda is an amazing cleaning agent known to be effective at eliminating plague too. You have to mix about 1tbs baking soda in a glass lukewarm water and rinse your mouth daily with it.

4. Salt Water: What’s better than salt water on getting rid of bacteria. Mix at least half the of salt in lukewarm water and gargle with it.

5. Green Tea: Rich in antioxidants and it’s help to reduce metallic taste.It also get rid of any inflammation in your mouth too

6. Gum disease is usually treated with good oral hygiene and measures which includes brushing regularly everyday, flossing and using mouth watch as necessary

7. If the metallic taste is as a result of cancer treatment, it’s critical not self medicate.Avoid taking vitamins, supplement or other product.

8. Stay hydrated to prevent dry mouth which can cause metallic taste

9. Swap out metal cullery and water bottles which can make metallic taste worse.

10. Quit smoking

11. Rinse your mouth before eating using baking soda

12. Eat food that can mast the taste of metal line

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