12 Wonderful Benefits of Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

If you are interested in improving your health as well as staying refreshed and energized then a olive oil and lemon juice combination should be your go to. A lot of people only use olive oil as anointing oil, others use it as cooking oil. It is important to know that olive oil has natural benefits and has been used since the days of old as a traditional medicine. Lemons, on the other hand contains vitamin and other ingredients which is beneficial to the health.

You achieve maximum or more benefits when it is combined with lemon juice. Drinking only olive oil may taste weird but when combined with lemon, it gives a meaningful taste. It claimed that the combination of olive oil and lemon juice can treat a lot of conditions and help you feel refreshed and energized. Studies has investigated and shown that both olive oil and lemon juice have essentially healthy benefits. In this article, you would get to know the benefits of olive oil and lemon juice combination.


Olive oil is gotten from pressing out the oil of ripe olive fruits. This oil can be gotten using these methods; pressure and centrifuge. It is fondly called the golden liquid. Olive oil contains vitamin E and K. It also has a natural compound called polyphenol which is an antioxidant that cleans up harmful compounds called free radicals in your body. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is identified to be the best and quality type of olive oil. It is made up of 75% Oleic acid which is a cardiovascular healthy monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) that lower the concentration of cholesterol in your blood.

The acid also helps to reduce inflammation levels, it has a lot of antioxidants. Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which is similar to those of Ibuprofen. Therefore, it helps to alleviate pains. Also, olive oil is good for the mental health. A study shows that olive oil protection your memory by reducing bad proteins which builds up in the brain. As you she, it keeps protecting your brain. When going for olive oil, extra virgin olive oil should be your go to because it is ungrateful, cold pressed and made with minimal processing.


  • Lemon juice is excited when lemon is pressed.
  • Lemon is known to be a citrus fruit from the family of plant; putaceae.
  • Lemon is known to be very rich in vitamin C and B.
  • The vitamin C makes it possible for lemon to fight against chronic diseases and health conditions such as asthma.
  • Vitamin C also stimulates your skin acting as a cleanser.
  • Lemon is also rich in an ingredients as thiamine, magnesium, potassium and flavonoid.
  • A study shows that 101 middle ages Japanese women who take lemon daily found out that it helps to lower blood pressure due to the ingredients flavonoids.
  • Flavonoids contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • This antioxidants makes it possible for lemon to prevent and fight against some diseases and health conditions.


Yes, olive oil and lemon juice is a good combination. It is a perfect harmless combination with a nice flavor. When combined, their peculiar benefits come together to give you a super duper benefit. This is not just any benefit but health benefits.

More so, it can be a great flavored for your food or a beautiful topping for your salad. No study has found olive oil and lemon juice combination to be hateful. But, if you experience any allergies after taking it, it is necessary you contact or visit your Doctor who would be of great help.

Olive Oil And Lemon Juice
Olive Oil And Lemon Juice


1. It Helps In Weight Loss

Olive oil and lemon juice combination plays an important role on weight loss. Vitamin C is essential for the making of carnitine. Carnitine is a compound that helps to transport and fat molecule into the cells. At the cells, they are broken down and used as a source of energy. Less intake of vitamin C can lead to a reduction I the break down of fat which leads to weight gain.

In a study in 2006, it was noted that people who take vitamin C burn about 25% of fat while walking for about 60 minutes compared to people who do not take vitamin C or take it in less quantity. Olive oil on the other hand helps in managing your weight and effecting weight loss. It sounds false because olive oil contains lot of fat but to clear your doubt’s, containing fat does not mean it makes you fat.

2. It Keeps Your Skin, Hair And Nails Healthy

Olive oil and lemon juice combination is a great nourishing moisturizer to your skin, hair and nails. It keeps them healthy and glowing. Olive oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that gives your skin and anti-aging agent while lemon contains vitamin C with make them glow naturally.

For skin and hair, mix olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl , take it into your palms and gently massage. It will make your skin smoother and makes your hair fuller, dandruff free and grow. For your nails, mix olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl and soak your nails for about 10 minutes, remove it and clean with a towel, this will strengthen your nails.

3. It Cleanse And Detox Your Body

Although, there is no many studies on if olive oil and lemon juice helps to cleanse or detox your body. Olive oil and lemon juice in the little research found is used to cleanse  and detox the liver, gall bladder and digestive system. Their antioxidants properties help to alleviate toxins from the body. It also helps to empty your bowel.

4. It Gives You Energy

When you consume olive oil and lemon juice on a daily basis. It gives you a generous amount if vitamin E and K. You get oxygenated and energized for the whole day.

5. It Helps To Reduce Your Cholesterol Level

Olive oil and lemon juice contains monounsaturated fat gotten mostly from the olive oil. It helps to reduce the level of cholesterol and improvement the circulation of blood in your body.

6. It Prevents Kidney Stones And Gall Stones

A low intake of vitamin C and high intake of saturated fat can cause the above mentioned conditions. Olive oil contains unsaturated fat and lemon contains vitamin C which can help prevent this conditions from forming. Vitamins, especially vitamin C increases the pH of urine making you body prevent the formation of kidney stone. Lemon can also help prevent gall stone which is a hard deposit that developed in the gall bladder.

7. It Protects Your Cardiovascular Health

Olive oil is rich in fatty acid that helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the circulation of blood to the heart. Lemon juice is rich in vita C which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and it also lower cholesterol. This helps blood to flow freely to your heart and helps your heart health to be stable.

8. It Enhances Digestion

Lemon contains pectin which is a soluble five that improved the gut health and olive oil has been found to have effective mineral oil which helps to deflate your stomach, helping to improve food definition and nutrient absorption.

9. It Controls Your Blood Pressure

Olive oil and lemon juice contains antioxidants and other natural ingredients that helps to control blood pressure. All you need to do is drink this olive oil and lemon juice combination everyday.

10. It Boosts Your Immune System

Olive oil and lemon juice contains vitamin C and antioxidants that helps your immune system to work properly.

11. It Prevents Constipation

Olive oil and lemon juice contains antioxidants that helps you get rid of toxins. It also helps in the proper definition of food by lubricating the digestive mucosa preventing constipation from ever occurring.

12. It Alleviates Body And Joints Pains

Olive oil and lemon juice contains anti inflammatory properties that helps to alleviate body and joint pains. You have to be consistent in taking it if you want to experience a perfect result.


You will need the following ingredients;

  • Extra virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon)
  • Lemon (½)
  • Lukewarm water (200 ml)

Steps to follow;

  • Squeeze out the juice from the lemon
  • Add the olive oil to the juice
  • Finally, add the lluke warm water

Drink this when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes to breakfast. You will experience results of this olive oil and lemon juice combination in few days. You will also experience more benefits than what you expected.


There is no study or research to prove that the consultation of olive oil and lemon juice is harmful. So, there might be no side effects at all.


Olive oil and lemon juice have their separate benefits. Bringing it together, into a combination of a blend makes the benefits inexhaustible. It is advised that you take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach , 30 minutes before breakfast or 30 minutes after dinner, before you go to bed. You are sure to experience maximum benefits.

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