One Cup Of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus

The sentence “one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus” may be familiar to you if you have been researching about nail fungus, you may also have heard this from medicine salesmen while advertising their products. One thing that you should know is that nail fungus is somehow difficult to treat, you can never treat nail fungus by taking a cup of any substance. This claim is not true because nail fungus can easily adapt to anything and any environment, so it will take a lot of time to get rid of it.

Nail fungus is a common disease that affects the nail. Also known as onychomycosis, this fungus is stubborn and can start damaging the nail from underneath the nail tip. Nail fungus usually affect the toe nail more than the fingernail and it is most common in older men. 


Some of the major symptoms of nail fungus are:

  • Thickening of the nail
  • Discoloration of the nails from white to black, green or yellow
  • Ugly fingernails or toenails that can cause psychosocial issues
  • Cellulitis especially in the lower leg
  • Foul smell coming out from the nails
  • Painful nails
  • Gaps may start to form between the nail and its bed
  • The nails become inflamed and brittle.


When fungus like dermatophyte, non-dermatophyte types of mold, and even yeast invade into the bed of the nail, nail fungus occur. Dermatophyte is a type of fungus that carries onychomycosis and it is a common cause. Exposing your nail to certain temperatures and environments can cause allow this fungus to grow faster.

According to there are some factors that can increase the risk of having nail fungus, some of them are:

  • Excessive sweating 
  • Walking barefooted in damp places like gym, bathroom or even swimming pool
  • Slow nail growth
  • Reduction of blood flow to the nails
  • Constant use of artificial nails
  • Wearing shoes and socks always without allowing the nails to be exposed to air
  • Other nail infection
  • Foot or nail injury
  • Diabetes
  • Poor immune system
  • Wearing tight shoes
  • Traumatizing the skin under the free edge of the nail constantly.


One Cup Of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus
One Cup Of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus

There is no substance that can be taken once to get rid of nail fungus but there are some home remedies that can help you to treat and restore your nails. Some of the home remedies are:

1. Weekly Grooming

Weekly grooming may sound like only a preventive measure bit it can be used to treat nail fungus as well. Having a fungus on the nail does not mean that you should abandon the nail, you should clean and trim the nails so that medicines can easily penetrate the nail bed. Other than it, trimming and keeping the nail clean is also for personal grooming.

2. Wear Clean Shoes And Socks

Wearing dirty and wet shoes or socks will only cause the infection to spread to other nails or it can even cause reinfection especially if you are treating the fungus. You should always wash the inner and outer surface of your shoes and socks to prevent fungus from dwelling inside of them. Make sure to dry them very well too. Add a cup of vinegar or a half cup of baking soda to water before washing your shoes or socks. 

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon has high citric acid that can help prevent fungus from spreading. There are also high amounts of antiseptic and antifungal properties in a lemon to help you treat your fungus. 

To use lemon juice, use a cotton swab to squeeze some lemon juice into the affected nail, this should be done once a day for few weeks. Allow the juice to soak into the nails for 30 minutes and you can wash it off. Dry your nail with a clean towel. You will start to notice your nails regaining their color after few weeks.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antifungal properties that can treat nail fungus if used consistently for a long time. It can even prevent recurrence as well. Mix 2 cups of water with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and soak your nails for 30 minutes and dry your nails afterwards. You can also mix apple cider vinegar and rice flour to make a paste, apply this to the affected part of the nail and allow it to stay for minutes before you wash off. 

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective in treating many skin issues like fungal acne, athlete’s foot and nail fungus. The oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can penetrate deeper into the nail to destroy fungus while restoring the nails. 

You can dip a cotton swab into the oil or drop some of the oil directly on the affected nail and allow it to stay for few minutes. You should do this many times a day, you can also clean out the debris from the nail with a clean toothbrush. This will help the oil to penetrate into the cracks and inner areas of the nail to give you better results.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil can treat fungal infection, you can even use it in place of lemon juice if your skin is too sensitive. You can either drop some of the oil on the nail or mix it with lemon juice. Allow the oil or mixture to stay on the nail for at least 30 minutes before you wash off, this can be done many times in a day.

7. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is mostly used in making most fungal treatment medicines as it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apply the oil on the nail for about 30 minutes, do this at least 3 times a day.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a household item that can do many things. It acts as moisturizer for the hair, skin and nails, it also contains high amounts of antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help fight against nail fungus. Apply the oil directly on the nails twice or thrice a day, allow it to stay for few minutes before you wash off. If you are consistent with this, you may start to see changes after a month.

9. Thyme Oil

Thyme oil contains a compound known as thymol, this compound has antifungal and antibacterial properties that is used for most cough suppressants and other products. Apart from being used for nail fungus, you can use thyme oil to treat athlete’s foot and most fungal issues. Apply some oil to your nail at least twice or thrice a day, this will give you results after some time.

10. Black Tea

Black tea has tannic acid that can destroy bacteria and fungi, it can also reduce excessive sweating. Boil 8 cups of water with six tea bags, allow it to get cool and soak your nail for 30 minutes.

11. Baking Soda

Baking soda is the most commonest product that can help you to get rid of nail fungus. According to researches, baking soda can prevent fungus from growing at least by 79% as it can soak up fungus moisture. To treat nail fungus with baking soda, you can either pour it inside your clean shoes and socks or you make a paste with it. To make a paste, mix the soda and water, apply this paste on the nail and allow it to stay for 10 minutes before you rinse off.

12. Olive Leaf Extract

If you cannot use olive oil, you can use the leaf extract. There is an active element in olive leaf extract known as oleuropein, this has great antifungal, antibacterial and immune booster properties. You can squeeze out the juice and apply it on the affected nail and also take a dose of the extract daily to maximize the benefits. 

13. Garlic

Garlic is not just a food spice but a medicine that can treat nail fungus and most respiratory issues. Mix garlic oil and white vinegar, rub the mixture on the affected nail and cover it up. Allow it to stay for 30 minutes before you uncover. You can also chop raw garlic and place it on the nail for 30 minutes. Do this everyday for few week, you will see changes on your nails. 

14. Listerine Mouthwash

This mouthwash is not just for cleaning bacteria off the mouth, it can also help to treat nail fungus as it contains ingredients like eucalyptus, menthol, and thymol have antifungal and antibacterial strength. Some the affected nail with the mouthwash, allow to stay for 30 minutes before you wash off. You can do this everyday to get better results. 

15. Cornmeal

Cornmeal is not only a meal but it can serve other purposes like treating nail fungus as it contains antifungal properties. You can make a paste with it by dissolving the powder in warm water. Allow the paste to cool down before you apply on the nail for an hour before washing off. You can also dissolve cornmeal in warm water and allow the two to mix naturally for an hour. Add more water to cover your nails and allow them to soak for an hour before you rinse off. 


Looking for “one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus” may not be possible because nail fungus needs time to be treated. You only have to use any of the above remedies or get over-the-counter medications that can treat nail fungus as well. But if you are consistent with the above treatment methods, you will see results in no time. 

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