Scab Like Boogers In Nose: 13 Causes, Prevention & Treatments

It is not uncommon to see scab like boogers in nose, this scab can be like dried mucus that comes from the insides of the nose. Sometimes, this scab can be a mixture of mucus and blood. The insides of the nose as we know, is made of delicate tissues and any trauma can lead to bleeding and inflammation. The scab in the nose is not harmful and it can heal on its own, however, it is important to know what causes this scab and hoe to treat it to avoid problems later. 


1. Injury and Trauma

Trauma like scratching or rubbing the insides of the nose, hitting the nose or even picking the nose can cause injuries. The nose is very delicate and any trauma to the nasal passage or nose can damage any of the delicate skin or tissues and leave scabs (, 2019). This is why it is advised that you should not pick off any dried mucus or scab from the nose as doing so can cause another scab to develop.

2. Allergies

Allergies like dust, pet dander and pollens from plants can cause itchiness in the inside of the nose. The more you scratch or rub the nose, you damage the delicate insides of the nose. This can cause bleeding, inflammation and scabs to form in the nose. Even when you do not scratch or rub the insides of the nose, the inflammation from the allergens can cause inflammation that can cause scabs to develop.

3. Human Immune Virus (HIV)

HIV can cause inflammation (like rhinitis and sinusitis) of the nasal passage and this can cause scabs to form within the nose. Painful lesions can occur in the nose, these lesions can bleeding and takes long time to heal.

4. Herpes

Herpes virus can cause sores to develop in the nose, these sores have a tingling and burning feeling. When they are dry, these sores turn to scabs when they are healing. 

5. Environmental Dryness

Change in climate or weather can cause the skin including the insides of the nose to break and become chapped. The dryness can cause the nose to bleed, the bleeding can turn to scabs when they are dried.

6. Drugs

Some hard drugs like cocaine, heroine and methamphetamines are always inhaled through the nose. The inhaling can damage the insides of the nose. Continuous inhaling of these drugs can cause the nose to become irritated and also to develop scabs. 

7. Sinusitis

When the sinuses are inflamed and swollen, this can lead to a condition known as sinusitis. This condition can cause bleeding and irritation which can lead to scabs developing in the nasal passage. The swelling makes the fluid and dirt to accumulate in the nose, the accumulated debris and fluids can get hard and form scabs.

8. Long Use of Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays are used to shrink the blood vessels in the nose and make enough passage for air to flow in and out of the nose, thereby making the nose to feel less congested (Medical News Today, 2017). Nasal sprays can help the nose but they can also cause the nose to become irritated and dry, the dryness and irritation will cause scabs to form in the nose.

9. Irritants

Irritants like smokes, chemicals, smoke from cigarette and fumes from cleaning products can cause the nose to become irritated and inflamed. The inflammation and irritation can cause scabs to form in the nose.

Scab Like Boogers In Nose
Scab Like Boogers In Nose

10 Blowing the Nose too Hard

Blowing the nose is very helpful in removing foreign objects from the insides of the nose but doing this too hard can be harmful. The insides of the nose can be irritated from too blowing and this can cause bleeding and scabs to develop. When you blow the nose too hard to remove scab, new ones will form.

11. Pimples or Boils

The nose has hair follicles and these follicles can be infected with bacteria, this can cause boils and pimples inside the nose. These boils and pimples are painful and can cause irritation. If you try to pop or scratch these pimples or boils, you will end up developing scabs.

12. Nasal Cavity Cancer 

Cancer can develop in the nose and one of the symptoms is bleeding from the nose and congestion. These can cause irritation and scab formation inside the nose. Most scabs are not cancerous, you can see a doctor if you notice other symptoms as well.

13. Surgery

Surgery on the nose or sinuses can cause crusts in the nose, this is common and they usually go away on their own. However, you can rinse the nose frequently to help with healing. 


Most scabs in the nose are not harmful but some scabs may form in places that are dangerous and this will lead to further problems.

Some risks of scabs in the nose are:

  • Blowing the nose becomes very painful and uncomfortable especially if these scabs are too big.
  • Some positions of the scabs are awkward and can cause difficulty in breathing especially if there is bleeding.
  • Scabs that are caused by infection or allergy can cause other problems for different parts of the body including the throat, guts and respiratory tract.
  • Some scabs can be caused by cancer, these scabs are rather tumors and they pose a great risk to the general health.


Most nose scab disappear after one week on their own or with home remedies, if they persist after this time, you should see your doctor. Other kinds of growth can be mistaken to be scabs, so you should check if the scab is just minor especially if it does not heal after a long time. Your doctor will check for other symptoms and ask you questions to know if you have underlying health conditions. Your nasal passage will be examined to analyze the scab. 

If there are signs of infection, your doctor will order for blood test and examination to check for signs of any infection or virus including HIV and herpes. If the scabs are caused by chronic problem like nasal cancer or sinusitis, you will be referred to an ENT. 


The treatment for scabs depend on the cause, some treatment are:

  • In case of sinus infection, oral antibiotics are used.
  • Allergy medicines can be used if the scabs are caused by allergens and irritants.
  • Antiviral drugs can be used in cases of herpes and HIV.
  • Topical creams and ointments can be used to reduce irritation, pain and to prevent infection.

Home remedies for scabs in the nose especially if they are caused by colds and allergies are:

  • Drinking plenty of water and liquids to keep the body hydrated. Drinking plenty water will make the body to flush out mucus out of the nose naturally.
  • Using a warm, wet cloth to place on the nose several times a day can help to relieve congestion.
  • Applying saline nasal sprays on the nose can help reduce the irritation and pain, they can also help the scabs to heal fast.
  • Diffusing essential oils can help to relieve nasal congestion. You can use oils like peppermint and eucalyptus oil.
  • Having a steam treatment by placing your head over a bowl of hot water and covering your head with cloth to capture the steam. Doing this can relieve nasal congestion and soften scabs.
  • Applying petroleum jelly in the nose to prevent the nasal passage from drying and causing scabs to form.


There are many ways you can take to stop scabs like boogers in the nose, some of these ways are to:

  • Take drugs that can help with allergies should be taken when you come in contact with allergens. Make sure these medicines are prescribed by a doctor.
  • Blow the nose gently when it is necessary. If no mucus comes out, you should stop to avoid damaging the delicate tissues.
  • You can use saline sprays in cases where blowing does not bring out mucus from the nose.
  • Do not use decongestant nasal spray containing oxymetazoline unless your doctor recommends it. Do not use the spray more than twice a day and longer than 3 days.
  • Avoid inhaling drugs including illegal and hard drugs
  • Do not put foreign objects including your fingers in your nose
  • Apply petroleum jelly and drug-free saline spray in the nose to keep the nose moist and to avoid drying out.
  • Use a humidifier 
  • Do not pick at scabs, bumps or pimples in the nose 
  • Do not smoke or avoid staying in a place where people smoke
  • Avoid inhaling harsh chemicals, you can cover your nose when using them
  • Take medications to prevent or treat cold sores. 


Scabs in the nose can be caused by various reasons like allergies, irritants, trauma, environmental dryness, pimples, surgeries and others. There are many methods of treating these scabs including home remedies but you should see a doctor if there are other symptoms or the scabs does not heal after home remedies. Take care of your nose and prevent things that can cause scabs to develop as there are risks associated with these scabs. 

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