3 Essential Methods Have Helped Me Shrink Fibroids Naturally!

The day I was diagnosed with multiple, large fibroids, I was very desperate to find out how I can shrink fibroids naturally, that is, a fibroid cure which did not involve surgery.

I was bleeding so excessive that I had to take iron supplements to treat anemia, I even looked bloated. The symptoms where unbearable and I was already tired of it and was prepared to give anything to identify a uterine fibroid treatment method which did not involve surgery.

I never had any child before and I needed children in future so, hysterectomy, the only surgical procedure which provides permanent relief from fibroids was ruled out in my case.

Even though my doctors assured me that fibroids are rarely life threatening, I was desperate to start my treatment for uterine fibroids at the earliest.

My Story Continues……

Because, I was not interested in hysterectomy my doctor advised me to follow the wait and watch approach. Usually fibroids disappear on its own with the onset of menopause.

Hence no treatment for uterine fibroid is recommended for women approaching menopause. Taking my age into account, effectively this meant that I had to put up with the symptoms of fibroids for at least five more years.

My symptoms were getting unbearable by the day and there was no way I could put up with them for five more years. I decided to do my own research and find a way out to shrink fibroids naturally.

Thanks to internet I found a lot of valuable information to guide me. I learned that fibroids are usually caused by a combination of environmental, lifestyle and hereditary factors.

Since there is no single cause of fibroids which can be pinpointed with certainty treatment for uterine fibroids becomes a little complex.

The uterine fibroid treatment plan which you adopt must be able to address all the multiple causes and eliminate each one in a systematic manner so as to shrink fibroids naturally.

My Discovery….

So, in this article I am going to share details of natural remedies for uterine fibroid treatment I adopted. It is important for you to understand that natural treatment by itself will not eliminate the uterine fibroid tumors. It will help in shrinking the existing fibroids and reduce the symptoms of fibroids and restrict the growth of new fibroids.

I paid particular attention to diet, liver detox and yoga during my fibroid treatment period. These three factors were largely responsible for making a success of my plan of treatment for uterine fibroids.

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1. Diet

When I knew the foods I eat could make fibroids to grow even bigger, I had to make a few dietary changes and included certain categories of food which would help to shrink fibroids. I added iron rich fruits and vegetables like spinach, beans, peas, dried fruits and nuts in my daily intake. If necessary you can consult your doctor and take oral iron supplements too.

Taking Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron better. Hence make sure that you include oranges, sweet lime and other citrus fruits in your daily intake.

Also, Vitamin B 12 and Folate also help the body to produce more hemoglobin and reduce the incidence of anemia. Foods rich in this vitamin include cereals, avocados, bananas, orange juice and green leafy vegetables.

2. Liver Detox

The second most common modern day cause of fibroids is toxins such as dioxins and xenoestrogens. Estrogen is naturally produced in our body. In addition to this natural estrogen, certain pollutants often tend to mimic the action of estrogen in our body. Usually found in detergents, cosmetics and pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables, these get accumulated in the liver and boost the growth of fibroids.

In case your liver is overloaded and unable to break down these estrogen mimickers, fibroids will grow and start multiplying too. Hence liver detox is essential to get rid of these estrogen mimickers. Liver detox must therefore form an integral aspect of your natural uterine fibroid treatment plan.

3. Yoga

I got relief by practicing yoga and acupuncture to enable me get relief from pelvic pain and heaviness. The alternative methods of treatment for uterine fibroids do not cure fibroids as such but give relief from the physical pain and discomfort caused by fibroids.

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