Side Effects of Rice water on Hair

The side effects of rice water on hair arouse the interest of may people for decades.

Did you know that women in far countries like the china, Japan as well as the Asian countries engaged in the treatment of the hair using rice water. The benefits of using rice water as hair treatment can be traced back to aforementioned human race.

Are you wondering if this hair treatment is scientifically tested, or are you still in doubt of the numerous benefits that can be obtained from using rice water on the hair?

This article titled “Side effects of rice water on hair” is created just to clear your doubt about the use of rice water as old and effective method for hair treatment.
Rice water is the leftover water from boiled rice, soaked rice which helps in hair growth as well as smoothing among others. There other benefits of rice water, which will be elaborated by the article are as you read on.

The History of Rice Water

According to documented historical facts, between 796 to 1185 CE in the country of Japan, women had long hairs that could reach the floor and the maintain this by constatntly washing it with rice water.

The rice water has its history traced to old Asia and its benefits have been seen right from the early Asian century.

The modern time story is traced to the women of yao, in the village of Huangluo, in the country of China. They are recognized for their hair with averages as long as 6 feet. 

Are you fascinated by incredibly long hair? Here is a little shocker! their hair does not grow white hair until they reach 80years limit. That’s how effective rice water can affect your hair when used in consonance with its utmost benefis to man and society.

The side effect of rice water on hair is still applicable in modern erra. In modern times the trend of hair treatment with the use of rice water is heavily patronized as hair experts now thread this path.


How To Make Rice Water

In considering the topic ” Side effects of rice water on hair” , there are three main methods of making rice water, and the effectiveness of this method is based on time.

The soaking method: This is one of the fastest ways of making rice water, and this can be done with only these simple steps. Half cup of rice is required, for this process. Rinse the rice thoroughly and continuously for about 3 minutes. Soak the rice in a bowl for about 30 minutes, then the rice and the water are ready for use.
The boiling method: The boiling method will required half a cup of rice, and a cup of water. The rice should be left to boil for about 7 minutes and then leave to be cold. Rinse the hair thoroughly in running water, to ensure it’s adequately rinsed.

Put the rice water into the hair, ensuring the rice water reaches all the parts of the hair and make sure all the hair and scalp are soaked with rice water.

Let the rice water be on your head and hair for about 30 minutes. Also, with the use of warm water, rinse the rice water with running water and do this weekly to see the magic on your hair.

Benefits of Rice Water on Hair

Before examining the side effects of rice water on hair, lets discuss on first on the benefits.

Rice water is filled with numerous nutrients and considered one of the best methods for hair treatment. Here are the reasons:

 (1) Rice water enables anti-aging of the hair: Just as these benefits were recorded in early chinese women. This benefit is still fully utilised. Amino acid which is contained in the rice water, as well as minerals and antioxidants, helps in the slow aging of the hair and skin. It’s also known to reduce the activity of elastase, an enzyme that plays a huge part in the aging process.

(2) Skin barrier health is boosted: The skin barrier which is the outermost layer of the skin has the function of preventing the skin from drying up, it also prevents eczema as well as atopic and dermatitis. Rice water which is rich in protein enables it to protect the skin.

(3) Helps in growing strong hair.

(4) Helps in growing long and natural hair.

(5) Helps in detangling hairs, thereby making the hair smooth and shiny.

The side effects of Rice Water on Hair

1) When rice water is left on the hair for too long it begins to ferment, leaving it prone to bacterial infection and possibly the growth of fungi.

(2) The use of rice water on the hair, can make the hair dry and feel stiff. This is possible because of the large molecules of protein in the rice water.

(3) Excess use of rice water on the hair can block it from gaining an adequate amount of nutrients.

(4) It can leave a foul smell, if not properly rinsed well.

(5) When rice water is used on the hair frequently it can damage the texture of the hair.

(6) Dried scalp can be formed as a result of excess production of yeast. The magic of rice water also so has a side effect, in your quest of finding the benefits, bear in mind the side effects too.

(7) It may lead to protein overload. Hence over time when you use rice water multiple times, it can even go to an extreme level where you need to get a medical treatment done to cure your scalp. This constitutes the most common mistakes people do while applying rice water in their hair. Some people, be default may allow the rice water stay on their hair for a long period sometimes, a whole night.  This is quite harmful.

In conclusion, we have discuss exhaustively on “Side effects of rice water on hair”. We have also examine the advantages of using rice water on hair.

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