How to Use Uda Seed for Breast Firming

The question is, how can you use uda seed for breast firming? To answer this question, let’s first of all look at the nature of breast. Breasts are larger in females than in males, they are sex organs and for feeding babies. Breasts, when developed during puberty are usually firm and perky. They increase in size with age and hormones.

There are a number of factors that affect the size and firmness of breast, those factors are:

In the recent years, women have become more conscious of the firmness or sagginess of their breasts. This awareness has lead to a surge for means to firm their already saggy breasts, or to maintain the firmness so that it will not loose its elasticity.


The skin naturally looses its elasticity with age. You see, our skin has been around for quite a long time by the time we approach 50. Constant skin exposure to free radicals, UV rays, chemicals, and so on has made it unavoidable for the skin to loose its youthfulness.

Normally, our bodies can produce antioxidants to balance out the effects of free radicals, but this antioxidants are not sufficient, causing the body cells to go through stress.

Pathogens invading the body and actions of the immune system to defend the body also results to free radicals being produced. All of these phenomena lead to continuous weakness and damage of body cells.

The accumulated effects would eventually result to aging, and contribute to age-related illnesses e.g diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases, etc.

If all these processes are not disrupted by daily interventive measures of an external substance, deterioration sets in – wrinkles emerge, age-related diseases set in, and breasts sag.


The interior breasts are made up of adipose tissues, lobules, blood vessels and nerve endings and milk ducts, and fat; while the exterior part of the breast consist of the skin, areola, nipples. The breast is not muscular, neither is it bony. Although there is a muscle between the breast and the rib cage.

Hence, it is natural for breast to hang down after a while even without pregnancy, child birth and lactation. Now we all know that breast sagginess is inevitable.

Just like the skin around every other parts of our bodies, the skin around the breasts also looses its elasticity with age, chemicals from foods, creams, soaps, hair products, that initiate release of free radicals, exposure to UV rays and air pollutants, unhealthy habits like smoking, eating unhealthy foods like junk, disease, drugs, the list is endless.

Apart from these, breast sagginess is also initiated by wearing wrong bra size, not exercising the pectoral muscles, excessive weight loss or gain, and too much alcohol.


Exercising is one way to live up to this. There is only one stress-free way of fighting aging and free radicals — Antioxidants! or perhaps antioxidant containing supplements

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are mostly contained in fruits and vegetables. They are substances that neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. They fight aging and keep the skin youthful and elastic, they also fight off free radicals introduced into the body by one or more of the aforementioned factors.

Some examples of antioxidants are; vitamins, phenolics, anthocyanines, phytoestrogens, carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.

There are several ways by which the breasts elasticity and firmness can be improved, and, adding uda seeds to your diet is one of them. It is outrightly marvelling to know that Uda seeds aka Negro pepper can actually promote firmness of the breast. At least, you get close to that youthful look without much stress and anxiety.

What are Uda Seeds?

Uda seeds, also known as negro pepper are spices. They are a reservoir of powerful antioxidants.

uda seed for breast firming
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Nutritive Content of Uda Seeds

Uda seeds aka Negro pepper has the botanical name Xylopia aethiopica.

Antioxidants present in Uda seeds include: flavonoids, alkaloids, cineol, phytosterols, tannins, saponins, glycosides, carbohydrates, β-pinene, paradol, α-terpineol, terpinene-4-ol, terpenes, cryptone, verbenone, β-phellandrene, spathulenol, bisabolene, trans-pinocarveol, limonene, linalol, and myrtenol.

How to Use Uda Seed for Breast Firming

  • Uda seeds peel can be chopped and added to traditional liquid bitters
  • They can be used to flavor palm wine.
  • Uda seeds can be prepared as tea by boiling in hot water, together with ginger.
  • The seeds can be chewed
  • They can be crushed into powdered form and added to any soups and smoothies.

Whichever way you choose to consume uda seeds, will likely produce the same beneficial results. Play high on consuming this spice so you will not have to keep unnecessary checks of your mammary gland.

However, excessive consumption of uda seeds per day can lead to hair loss, dysentery, nausea, cloudy urine, dizziness, etc. Hence, it is important to keep a check on the amounts consumed in a daily.

Uda Seed for Breast Firming: Other Benefits Of Uda Seeds

  • Uda can be used to fight infections and arthritis because of its high antioxidant content.
  • It is also used as a natural family planning method, either by drinking Uda water or chewing the seeds.
  • Uda seeds also serve as aphrodisiacs as they enhance male/female sex drives and sexual performance.
  • Uda can relieve premenstrual syndrome and stomach gaseous congestions.
  • Uda peel can be crushed and applied to the skin to heal skin conditions like boil, rashes, ring worm and eczema.
  • Respiratory issues can be set at bay with uda tea (mixture of uda seeds, ginger, garlic).
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