Virectin: Ingredients, Usage and Side Effects

Virectin is defined as a product that is produced to help correct erection dysfunction, boost libido and increase sexual confidence in men. It helps a man to sustain an erection for a longer time, it also help to make the erection to be rigid (strong), it also helps to boost the sexual desire of any man and his stamina and performance in the bed room. It is a product that is manufactured by Gentopia Laboratories.

Virectin is a product that is made with 16 organic (natural) ingredients. Among this 16 organic ingredients is one most important ingredient. This ingredient helps in boosting the testerone level of a man.


According to the manufacturer, it is best to take this product in an empty stomach (that is, before eating) and it should also be taken as a daily supplement. The number of capsules to be taken is not fixed but two of the capsules will be more effective than one.

The reason why the number of capsules to be taken is not fixed is because how the product works varies from person to person. How well the product functions depends on the metabolism of the person taking it. So, if after taking the first capsule and the medication has not reacted positively on you, then you can take another capsule to make it two for better efficiency of the product. Taking this product can make you have angry sex


As mentioned above, this product is made up of sixteen (16) organic or natural ingredients that help to boost libido. These ingredients includes:

Fenugreek seed: Fenugreek seed is one of the active ingredient in virectin. Fenugreek seed is an ingredient that helps in boosting a man’s libido

• Niacin: Niacin is another active ingredient in virectin. Niacin is also called vitamin B3. It is an ingredient that helps to give a man energy that can increase his stamina in the bedroom during sex. This ingredient helps to convert the food eaten to energy and it also helps the brain to function well.

L- arginine: L- arginine is also an active ingredient in virectin for tackling erection dysfunction but it works better when combined with yohimbine hydrochloride.

Damiana leaf: Damiana leaf is also an active ingredient in virectin. It helps in sexual stimulation.

• Epimedium: Epimedium is a natural ingredient in virectin. It is also called horny goat weed. It helps a man to have good erection.

• Ashwagandha: This is an active ingredient found in virectin. The purpose of this ingredient is to help men to produce quality semen during sexual intercourse and not watery sperm.

• Avena sativa: Avena sativa is and ingredient in virectin that helps to increase blood flow which inturn will make the penis to be erect and also function well.


Virectin unlike other medication for erection dysfunction is not a product with too many risk or side effects because this products are made from natural ingredients. Taking this product can only pose some health risk when you take them with other medication without consulting your doctor first for proper prescription.


As said earlier, it is a medication that is produced to treat erection dysfunction.  A lot have persons who has purchased this product and has used it. Here is a brief review about the product, some of which are positive and some are negative.

So far, the negative review about this product is much more than the positive review gotten from it. The following below are the positive review about virectin:

A user of this product has testified about it: He said that after he started using virectin, his sex life with his wife changed. He said he can get erection at anytime and can also last longer on bed.


(1) Virectin-users has complained that the product did not meet any of his expectation. He said that he was asked to take two tablets of the drugs on a daily basis and he ended up taking three tablet and yet still, nothing worked.

(2) Another negative review about the product was from a user whose name is Gustovich from the United kingdom. He said that he didn’t get any positive effect after using the product and he had to go back to his old sexual enhancement product.

(3) Another user from Amazon has complained that buying virectin is a waste of money and time because after taking the drugs for mere than four weeks there was no improvement whatsoever. Another user has complained that the product didn’t work for him, that it has placebo effect


For persons suffering from erection dysfunction, before taking virectin, your penis will always fall, it doesn’t rise and it makes it hard for the person to get erection but after taking this product, after the first to two weeks, your penis will add about 2-3 inches.

If the person continue taking the drugs for like three to four weeks, at that four weeks, the penis will be another 3 inches long and the person will have enough stamina to last longer in bed.


This product that is made up of so many ingredients. Although this ingredient are natural, it is possible that some of this ingredient may react to some medication that you may be taking. So, it can affect interact with some medication. So, it is best to seek the advise of your doctor before combining virectin with other medication.

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