Can You Take Ibuprofen With Dayquil

Can you take Ibuprofen with dayquil? Both Ibuprofen and dayquil are over-the-counter medicines. However you can take Ibuprofen with dayquil. Ibuprofen is commonly used in the treatment of symptoms of fever and pain, while dayquil is used to treat daytime symptoms of cold and flu. Can you take ibuprofen with dayquil? Read on to find … Read more

How Long Does Juvederm Last

How long does Juvederm last? Juvederm is a product that contains an active ingredient which is called hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient (hyaluronic acid) in juvederm helps to restore volume to ones cheek, face, chin, forehead and the lips in order to reverse the sign of aging in the person. Aging cannot be over emphasized … Read more

Virectin: Ingredients, Usage and Side Effects

Virectin is defined as a product that is produced to help correct erection dysfunction, boost libido and increase sexual confidence in men. It helps a man to sustain an erection for a longer time, it also help to make the erection to be rigid (strong), it also helps to boost the sexual desire of any … Read more

Trigoxin: Is it Real or Fake?

Trigoxin matches the name of the drug Digoxin. Digoxin is used to boost the performance, strength of the heart, curbs irregular heartbeat, abnormal pulse, and management of arrhythmias. The drug trigoxin was mentioned in the movie ‘Run on Hulu’. In reality, research by Mayo Clinic found that there is no such drug called Trigoxin but … Read more

Gelmicin: Ingredients, Dosage, Side Effects

Gelmicin is a topical ointment containing active ingredients that include gentamicin, betamethasone, clotrimazole and excipients. It has  anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and corticosteroids properties and has a wide range of use. Composition Every gram of the gelmicin cream contains 500mcg of betamethasone, 10mg of clotrimazole. 1mg of gentamicin as base including 100grams of excipients. Gelmicin cream is an oil-in-water emulsion containing mineral oil,white petrolatum and cetostearyl alcohol … Read more

Can You Take Mucinex and Nyquil

Can You Take Mucinex and Nyquil? Mucinex and Nyquil are two common over-the-counter medicine you can find at a pharmacy.Can you take Mucinex and Nyquil? Yes, read on to discover why that is possible. What is Mucinex? Mucinex is a brand name for the products whose active ingredient is guaifenesin. It is used to treat … Read more

Why is Amlodipine Banned in Canada

Why is Amlodipine Banned in Canada? What is Amlodipine? Amlodipine belongs to a class/group of medications called calcium channel blockers or is also called calcium channel antagonists. It is used to treat high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and angina. By stopping calcium from entering certain tissues and arteries, amlodipine relaxes those tissues and arteries, … Read more

Can You Take Mucinex And Tylenol: All you Need to Know About it

Can you take mucinex and tylenol is one of the questions raised by so many people to medical professionals and Pharmacisits. So many people ask of the interaction of a drug with the others and it happens that the interaction of mucinex and tylenol happens to be one of the frequent questions. Some interactions of … Read more

Rinvoq Side Effects

One of the most recognised rinvoq side effects is to stop the proper functioning of the body immune system thereby subjecting the body to be vulnerable to bacteria and virus attack. RINVOQ DRUG Rinvoq is a drug used to reduce the operations of the immune system thereby stopping it from attacking it own cells. Rinvoq … Read more

Benefits of Taking Citalopram at Night

Are you considering taking the antidepressant medication Citalopram, but not sure when to take it? Taking it at night might be the best option for you. This blog post will explore the potential benefits of taking Citalopram at night, as well as other important information you should know about this medication. Keep reading to learn … Read more

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