What is the Average Weight for a 13 year old

Lets attempt to answer the question “What is the Average Weight for a 13 year old?” . We are also going to consider the concept of overweight and underweight as well as some tips of gaining an healthy weight.

Evaluating the Average Weight of a 13 year old child

Some people do not consider weight issue as critical or essential. Enquiry about the weight of a child
or adult is important. For a 13 year old boy and girl, thier average weight ranges between 75-145 pounds
and 76-148 pounds respectively.
This implies that below 75 pounds ,a 13 year old boy is underweight and above 145 pound ,he is
considered overweight.

For the girl, weighing below 76 pounds and above 148 pounds isn’t safe either for her.
The data can be represented thus,


(Pounds) (pounds)
5th 75 76
10th 80 80
25th 88 89
50th 100 101
75th 116 116
90th 133 135
95th 143 148

A child’s age play a key role in determining the Average weight.

How To Calculate Average Weight of A 13 Year Old Child

Before trying out how to check the average age of a child you need to know the age of such child. Another point to note will be the height and weight of the child. Body Mass Index (BMI) is useful for determining the average weight of a child.

BMI works by using your height and weight to work if your weight is healthy.
When using the BMI calculator,you will be required to fill in the age, height and weight of the child.
Data shown from BMI shows the following types of weight in regards to percentiles:

(1) Underweight – less than the 5th percentile.
(2) Healthy weight -5th percentile to 85th percentile.
(3) Over weight – 85h to 95th percentile.
(4) Obesity – Equal to or greater than 95th percentile.

Does it really matter to know the average weight for a 13 year old child? Indeed Yes! and is very Important.

Being underweight, overweight or obese isn’t a healthy weight. There are risk factors often associated with them.
Even most parents do not take the risk involved into consideration. Normally the weight of a child

depends on the amount of calories intake into the body as well as the amount the body uses and quantity stored.
That’s to say that a childs weight is directly also related to his or her food intake, amount stored as fat
and energy used.

Important Terminologies Associated With BMI

In this article titled” What is the average weight for a 13 year old”, we are going to be looking at the following terminologies.
(1)Obesity – Excess weight places more pressure on vital organs of the body such as the heart and
favours the accumulation of damaging substances in the body tissues.
(2) Underweight – A situation where the body is malnourished. When a child is growing, it’s important to give such child food that contains essential nutrients which helps in development of the body.

If a growing child is deprived of the basic nutrients ,it will result to deficiencies. Malnutritional diseases like Ricket, Anaemia Marasmus etc may likely affect the child.

Factors That Can Influence The Weight of Your Child

(1)Puberty :During puberty, a child body changes . Children differ so do their body, during puberty.
A child may increasingly gain weight during that period due to the changes in his or her hormones.
(2) Genetics : The genes of both parents also play a role in determining a child’s weight. If both
parents are overweight, a child may likely have the tendency of being overweight.
(3) Sufficient and Adequate balanced diet: If a child is deprived of essential nutrients needed for
development, such a child may be malnourished and underweight.

What to do If A Child Is Either Overweight Or Underweight

In this section of the article ” What is the average weight for a 13 year old child” we are going to examined some necessary and basic things to do if a child is either underweight or overweight.

(1) Discuss with a doctor or padietrician: If methods used to keep it in check does not work, then it will
be preferable to talk with a medical expert about it.
(2) Try Exercising: Never thought of it? Let the child exercise.
(3) Regulate diet: Adopt a healthy feeding habit for your child.Avoid too much fat intake and
provide food that help in body development.
(4) Sufficient sleep/ Rest: A childs weight is also affected by this. Children should never be
deprived of sleep and rest when necessary.

It is important that you constantly check your child’s weight as monthly routine. Also, never deprive your child of food just because he/she is overweight but rather regulate their diet.

In conclusion, we have critically discuss on the topic “What is the average weight for a 13 year old child”, we have looked at evaluating the average age of 13 year old child using the BMI as well as providing some useful information on what to do in a situation where a 13 year old child is either overweight or underweight.

We therefore hope that this article “What is the average weight for a 13 year old child” is useful to you.

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