What To Use Instead Of Loofah

You may have come across this sentence “what to use instead of loofah”, well you are not the only one. Do not get us wrong, loofah is a perfect scrubber that cleans you from dirt and scrubs off those dead skin cells. But one thing you may not know is that a lot of those dead skin cells are trapped in your loofah. 

When you are done with your shower, your loofah gets hanged in your shower. The shower is the wettest place in the house that breeds germs and bacteria. The loofah easily traps bacteria giving it the somehow bad smell it has. This implies that you change your loofah from time to time at least once every three weeks. The best option is to look for another alternative or substitute for a loofah. Let us start by explaining what a loofah is.


A loofah is a coarse, fibrous ball that is used in the shower to exfoliate the skin, get rid of dead skin cells. It is used in the same way as a sponge but designed to exfoliate the skin and increase blood circulation. A loofah is a plant (gourd), also known as Luffas and refer to two different types of gourd: L. acutangular and Luffa aegyptiaca. Both types are used as sponges for bathing although one is rigid while the other is soft on the skin.

Loofah is grown in warm climate and it looks like a zucchini or a cucumber when it grows. When a loofah is harvested, it is left to dry. After then, it is soaked in water, peeled and the seeds removed. The next step is to slice the loofah and turn it to any shape to form different varieties of sponge, these are done after the loofah is totally dry.


A loofah is used in the same as a sponge. It is just like the shower balls which are popular because they form luscious lather on the body during shower. Although loofah is easy to use, there are some drawbacks. A loofah has rough holes which may be more harmful to the skin than the good. The dead skin cells from your body are trapped in these holes on the loofah and before you know it, many germs will accumulate.

So, instead of the loofah cleaning your body, it introduces germs and bacteria around your body. This is why dermatologists recommend that you change your loofah regularly to avoid germs and bacteria accumulation. You should replace your loofahs every 3 weeks even if you allow the sponge to dry after use. To avoid the replacements and introduction of germs, you can look for what else to use instead of loofah.


1. Silicone Exfoliating Brush

This is the perfect alternative to a loofah. A silicone exfoliating brush is made to fight off bacteria that might want to grow on it. The material dries very fast making it an ideal sponge for a moist environment (shower or bathroom). The brittles of the brush works to exfoliate the skin and at the same time give your body a luscious lather just like a loofah if not even better. 

Silicone exfoliating brush lasts longer and you can wash it easily by using your hands or a dishwasher. However, one drawback to this amazing alternative is that it is not eco-friendly like a loofah, it is not biodegradable. But the long lifetime makes up for the drawback. There are many silicone exfoliating brush.

Some of them are:

1. Apprize Silicone Back Scrubber: This comes with a long handle that make it easier to use on every part of the body, it is best for people with limited flexibility of reach. Apprize silicone back scrubber is made with silicone material that is free from chemical (BPA-free). It is also hypoallergenic and does not produce microplastics. 

This back scrubber can be easily cleaned as there are no holes or porous surfaces which can trap in bacteria or germs. The drawbacks to this product is the review from users stating that the scrubber is slippery and the bristles may be too soft to thoroughly scrub the body.

2. Exfoliband Silicone Loofah: Exfoliband silicone loofah has a unique design that allows the sponge to wrap around your hands for easy hold. It can cover a large area of the skin while scrubbing off dead skin cells and grease from the body. The surface is made with antimicrobial silicone and this makes it easy to clean the sponge after use. The drawbacks is that the design of the sponge does not allow you to vigorously scrub the skin as expected and if you try to be tough with it, you may break it.

3. Silicone Long Bath Body Brush and Back Scrubber: This is both a brush and scrubber, it is 24 inches long with two handles making it good for scrubbing many areas of your body vigorously. It is easy to clean and has a hanging handles for storage. The product has two different types of surfaces that works for different types of exfoliation. However, the long and large design of the sponge makes it difficult to store in a small bathroom or shower.

What To Use Instead Of Loofah
What To Use Instead Of Loofah

2. Antibacterial Shower Mitt

This may be more costly than a loofah but it is a good alternative. Antibacterial shower mitt gives your body a cleansing foamy lather and can also exfoliate your skin giving you a super clean feeling. It is naturally antifungal and antibacterial as the mitt can quickly dry after use thereby actively reducing the buildup of bacteria and germs. The product is designed like glove which you can easily put on your hands and use during shower.

One of the good sides of this mitt is that the quick dry feature makes it a good option for travelling, you do not have to fear about the moistness affecting your belongings. One of the drawbacks of antibacterial shower mitt is that it has abrasion that brings out the exfoliating qualities but this feature makes it harsh to be used on the face. 

3. Washcloth

Washcloth does not exfoliate the skin like loofah does but it is perfect for people with sensitive skin because of the quality. Washcloth can make lather to soften your skin and cleans dirt as well.  It is also easy to clean washcloth as you can load it in the washing machine after every bath in order to maintain their hygiene. You can get as many washcloths as possible so that you will not have to wait for one to get dried before you shower or use a washcloth more than you should.

4. Evolatree Loofah Sponge

This is similar to a loofah both in looks and how it works. However, it is made from carefully sourced cotton and jute plant fiber. Evolatree loofah sponge can be washed with a machine. The sponge lasts for a long term and is cheaper as well.

You can use Evolatree loofah sponge for other cleaning purposes like washing delicate metal or porcelain dishes. One of the drawbacks of this sponge is the roughness of the material who h can be harsh especially for sensitive skin. Another drawback is the complexity of the design making it frustrating to use.

5. Rosena Boar Bristle Body Brush

This is made of coarse boar bristles and it has a solid wooden handle and a cotton handle that make it easier to hold while bathing or showering. Rosena boar bristle body brush is good for gentle skin exfoliation. The brush has rubberized nodes that gently massage the skin and this makes the brush good for lymphatic drainage. One of the downside is that vegans who are plant-based will not be able to use this brush.

6. Shower Bouquet Charcoal Bath Sponge

This sponge is made with natural material and is infused with charcoal and bamboo. The design is easy and can be used just like a loofah. The infusion of charcoal and bamboo gives the sponge anti-toxin properties and additional exfoliation for the skin.

7. Fabric Scrubbers

These are fast becoming popular because of their usefulness. They are very helpful and can clean and exfoliate the skin quickly. Fabric scrubbers are made of a durable cloth with a towel-like layer. The layers of fabric scrubbers are thick for you to hold and handle. The quality of the cloth makes it easy to wash in with a machine, they dry quickly and does not retain moisture like many thought. However, just like washcloth, you will have to clean these scrubbers after use. 

8. Electric Body Scrubber

If you are not a fan of manual sponge, you can switch to Electric body scrubber as they are considered the future of cleaning. They are cheap and if taken care of properly, this can last for a long time. Electric body scrubber saves you time and energy you would have spent on physically scrubbing your body. They are gentle and comfortable on the skin while providing massages. 


Some of the things to consider when choosing an alternative for loofah are:

  • The price of the replacement
  • How effective it is
  • Materials for the product
  • Cost of the sponge, brush or scrub
  • The usability
  • How it is maintained

You can ask questions like:

  • Do I have to replace it and how often?
  • What is the price? Is it affordable and how long will I use it?
  • Is it made with a safe material? 
  • How long does it take to be cleaned? Will the cleaning make it last longer or weaken it?
  • Can it be used by all skin types? 


Loofah is an ideal sponge for showering and exfoliating the skin but it is the most place for germs and bacteria to breed. Using it for a long time can spread germs around your body. You are to replace your loofah once every 3 weeks. 

If you do not like the concept of replacement, you can look for alternative to loofah. There are many substitutes that will give you almost and even more results than a loofah would. Before getting an alternative, you should consider factors like the price, usability, effectiveness, and material .

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