Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses

Why Do Blind People Wear sunglasses ? Many people mistake blind people wearing sunglasses as trying to avoid other people from seeing how their eyes are while others believe it is for aesthetic purposes.

Another believe is that they are totally blind. These are stereotypes because most people with eye disorders are not totally blind. They do not also wear sunglasses to prevent people from seeing their eyes or even for aesthetic purposes. The reason may be to hide their eyes, shield them from sun or to avoid feeling discomfort


In this post “Why do blind people wear sunglasses”, we are going to enumerate various reasons for it.

(1) To protect their eyes from the sun : The ultraviolet rays from the sun is harmful to the eyes. It can lead to many eye condition including cataract, inflammation of the cornea, eye cancer, pterygium, photokeratitis or even macular degeneration.

These eye condition can be caused when the eyes are exposed to the rays from the sun. These sun rays can affect both the eyes of the visually impaired and those who can see.

While it is easier for seeing people to reduce the impact of the rays on their eyes by using their hands to shield the rays away from their eyes or looking away, it is difficult for blind people.

This is because they will find it hard to identify when the ultraviolet rays, using their hands to shield their eyes may not be possible as some of them use their hands to identify places. Even without being able to see very well, the rays cause them pain and migrane. That is why this topic “Why do blind people wear sunglasses” is recommended for all.

(2) To protect the eyes from foreign objects : Dust particles, harmful object, insects are foreign objects that can harm the eyes when they enter. People who are able to see can easily avoid these objects when they are coming to their eyes, the case is not the same for a blind person as they may not know when these objects are coming.

Blind people can easily walk into objects like doors, trees and this can be very painful. Dust pollens and insects can enter the eyes too. A person who sees can stop them from entering by slapping them away or use their hands to shield the eyes.

When these things enter the eyes, they cause irritation and intense pain. Wearing a sunglass can help prevent all these.

(3) Sunglasses can help improve vision : Most people who are visually impaired are not totally blind, they see to an extent. Legal blindness is a level of vision loss that has been legally defined to determine eligibility for benefits.

The clinical diagnosis refers to a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the best possible correction, and/or a visual field of 20 degrees or less. This means that people who are diagnosed with legal blindness still have some vision to some extent.

They can make out shapes and objects but their vision may be blurred. Some sees narrowly because they have tunnel vision. Wearing sunglasses can help them see better and focus on their sight than when they are without them.

(4) Sunglasses can also help those with photophobia: A condition of being extremely sensitive to lights which can affect vision. People with this condition experience discomfort and pain when they look at bright light so, they wear sunglasses specifically made to shield their eyes from colors.

(5) For aesthetic purposes : Sometimes, many eye condition change the shape of the eyes and disfigure them. These disfigurations can make those who have them to be ashamed of looking at others directly with their eyes.

They cannot maintain eye contact and this can have effect on their self-esteem. The sunglasses helps to cover their eyes and make them approachable. They will be able to look at others without feeling shame or discomfort.

(6) To let other people know they are blind : One of the signs used in knowing a blind or visually impaired person is their cane. Blind people use cane to know their way and avoid bumping into things. The sunglasses can also be used to know a blind person.

Wearing sunglasses will help other people know they are blind, be careful around them and help them especially in crowded places where people can easily bump into them.

(7) To fight the stereotype : There are stereotypes that blind people or visually impaired people wear sunglasses to avoid others from seeing how their eyes are damaged. This is not entirely true as sunglasses are worn to improve the way they see and to protect the limited amount of vision they have against sunlight. Blind people also wear sunglasses to avoid others feeling uncomfortable looking at their eyes.


We have examined the topic “Why Do Blind People Wear sunglasses ” . Wearing sunglasses are important for blind and visually impaired people. They can wear non prescribed sunglasses or specifically recommended ones depending on their eye condition. It is stereotypical to think or say the only reason why they wear glasses is to hide their eyes. It can be for many other reasons.

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