Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching

Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching?
Eyebrow twitching is a common occurrence. It can be annoying and uncomfortable. Twitching of the eyebrow is when the skin around the eyebrow moves or spasms involuntarily. It often occurs when the eyelid twitches, as this can pull the skin around the eyebrow. 

They usually last for few seconds but they go away on their own. Eyebrow twitching is painless. I bet you have had this experience before and you found yourself asking ” Why is my eyebrow twitching?” 
In fact there are superstitious beliefs associated with eyebrows twitching. Let’s look at some beliefs.

In Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon, it is believed that when your right eyebrow twitches, it can mean good luck. While the left eyebrow twitching means bad luck. Indians believe right eyebrow twitching is a positive omen for men.

Others feel right eyebrow twitching brings good omen like child birth to women. So, when your eyebrows twitches, does it mean you will be lucky or you will be expecting a child? Of course not! Dystonia, the scientific term for eyebrow twitching, is a repeated, involuntary spasm of muscle which you have no control over.


Many people experience eyebrow twitching which are caused by common things. Some of these things are:

(1) Fatigue : Tiredness can cause any part of the eye to twitch. You can experience it for sometime after which they fade off eventually. Sleeping for 8 or 9 hours at night or taking breaks if you are working can help reduce it.

(2) Too much caffeine : Regular and heavy intake of caffeine can make the muscles around the eyes to twitch. Although eyebrow twitching fades off on its own, reducing your caffeine intake can help speed up the process.

(3) Drugs, tobacco and other stimulants : Stimulant could be nicotine or any other hard, illegal substance. These substances are known to overstimulate the nerves and muscles including the eyes’. Alcohol also stimulate the twitching. 

(4) Stress : When you are stressed, your whole body is worked up. To some people, when they are stressed, their eyebrows twitch. Pay attention to your stress level and try to reduce it as it has other health benefits.

(5) Allergies : People who are allergic to certain foods can get their eyebrows twitched if they take those foods. When an allergic reaction is triggered, histamine is released, which causes itchiness. Also rubbing irritated eyes can cause twitching of the brows.

(6) Eye strain : Looking at a screen for a long time can strain the eyes. When the eyes are strained, the muscles become weak and tired. This can cause the eyebrows to twitch. It is advisable to take breaks when using the screen for a long time. If the eyestrain continues, you can get a prescription from a doctor for glasses.

(7) Medications: Some drugs can cause twitching. Drugs used to treat ADHD and antiepileptic drugs can cause tremors. If you notice your drugs are giving you twitches, talk to your doctor.

(8) Medical problems: Some medical problems like flu, food poisoning, dehydration can cause eyebrow twitching. When next your eyebrow twitch, it may be because you are not healthy.


Why is my eyebrow twitching has been a lot of questions asked by American citizens. Twitching can be a symptom of other diseases or medical conditions like:

(1) Tourette syndrome : This is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds such as repeatedly blinking the eyes, shrugging shoulders or blurting out offensive words. There is no cure for this but it can be managed through psychological therapies and medications. 

(2) Blepharospasm : This is a rare condition. It involves blinking your eyes uncontrollably. The cause is unknown. Other symptoms can include irritation, dry eyes, frequent squinting.

(3) Bell’s palsy: Bell’s palsy is a condition that can make the muscles in the face weak. It is temporary and the cause is unknown but can be linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, or virus like herpes simplex. Eyebrow twitching is a complication of bell’s palsy. Because of the weakness of the facial muscles, you may find it difficult to smile, eat or control your facial expressions. You may also have a drooling face. See a doctor as soon as possible when you experience these.

(4) Multiple sclerosis (MS) : This affects the nervous system like the brain, spinal cord and nerves. It is a chronic condition. Scientists do not know the cause for it. The immune system attacks the nerves which can cause the muscles including the eyes’ to twitch. It can be managed through therapies and medications.

(5) Hemifacial spasm : When your facial nerves are irritated, your brows can twitch. This can continue for a very long time, and it’s usually on the left side of the face. Hermifacial spasm is different from any other eyebrow twitching and it is rare.


Since we know that most times, eyebrow twitching are caused by stress, fatigue, stimulants, we can try to reduce instances of this by:

  • Getting enough rest and sleep.
  • Avoid looking at screens for a long time. Even if you do not get eyebrow twitching, you can get other eye defects.
  • Reducing your caffeine intake.
  • Using eyedrops when it is recommended.
  • Taking medication when you have an allergy attack.

Be sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible if : 

  • You have pus coming out of your eyes.
  • When there is swelling or redness of the eye.
  • When the twitching continues for more than few weeks.


In this blog post ” Why is my eyebrow twitching”, we have considered and discuss in details the causes of eyebrow twitching, disorders that can lead to eyebrows twitching and preventive measures among others.
So now you know what can cause eyebrows to twitch and remedies to stop or avoid them. The mythical beliefs might be true or false depending on you but know that there are scientific reasons for them, they are not rocket science.

Some eyebrow twitching are harmless while some are are symptoms of underlying health conditions. They usually fade off on their own. So when next your brows twitch, just know that you are not going to die, rest and allow your muscles to rest.

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