Triple Eyelid: Causes and Prevention

If this is your first time of hearing the words “triple eyelid”, it may sound strange. The eyelid as we know, is a thin gold of skin that covers the eye. Your eyelid protect the eye from foreign objects. Have you looked at your eyelids or someone’s else, and you see their eyelids having two layers of skin? That is a triple eyelid. Triple-eyelid occurs when the upper eyelid has two folds instead of one.


People get triple eyelid as a result of: 

(1) Their skin becoming weak.
(2) No fats under their eyelids especially the upper one 
(3) Their muscle attachment is weakened
(4) The skin being torn away from the ligaments
(5) Surgery done on the eyes.


There are many factors that can cause triple-eyelid. Some of these factors are: 
(1) Old age: When you get older, your skin looses it’s elasticity and become frail. This can also affect the skin around your eyes. Older people are likely to have triple eyelid than young people.

(2) Body shape: Younger people who are thin are likely to have triple eyelid than fat people.
(3) Race and ethnicity: People of the Asian race like Japan, China, Korea, Thailand are susceptible to triple eyelid. This is because they have more fats on their upper eyelid which are close to their eye margin. As they get older, triple eyelid appears.

(4) Health condition: Some health conditions that involves swelling of the eyes can cause multiple creases on the eyelid.
(5) Skin tone: When you have a pale skin, you can have triple eyelid even when you are young

(6) Prolonged use of eyeglasses: Continuous use of eye contact overtime can cause your eyelid to have more than one skin layer.

(7) Insufficient fat supply: When the body does not supply the eye with enough fats, this can result to you having triple eyelid. This might be as a result of old age or surgery.

(8) Excess fluid in the tissues surrounding the eyes: When the eye tissue have excess fluid due to a health conditio that can congest the blood vessels and stop blood flow, triple eyelid forms.

(9) Lack of sleep : When you stay awake for a long period of time or your body lacks sleep, your eyes will be puffy and swollen. Triple-eyelid can also form.


If your triple-eyelid is caused as a result of allergies or lack of sleep, with time, the multiple creases will fade away on its own.

Some triple eyelids which are caused by infection or inflammation can be treated with medications. This might take time but the result will eventually show. Be sure that the medications are recommended by a doctor before usage as the eye is a very delicate part of the human body.

Extreme triple-eyelid can be corrected with a surgery. If you opt for a surgery, your best option is an oculofacial surgeon. The surgery can be done in many ways, one of it is blepharoplasty . This procedure is used to correct eye defects like droopy eyelid and also to remove excess fluids.

The excess skin and muscles forming the creases are removed.  Another way is to lift the brow. In cases where the brows’ skin are loose, this makes the brows to sag and the savviness affect the kids by causing more folders of skin. To correct this, the sagged brows are lifted and the creases are lifted.

When lack of fat supply is the reason why you have triple-eyelid, a surgical procedure called lipofilling is recommended. This involves getting fat cells from other parts of your body and filling them in the required area. 


Some triple eyelids are genetic while others are due to lifestyles. Below are major steps on how to prevent triple-eyelid.

(1) Staying hydrated : Staying well hydrated is very important to your eyes. It does not only help you prevent your eyes from drying up but also stop you from developing triple eyelid. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated.

(2) Get enough sleep always : You should give yourself at most 8 hours of good sleep. When you deprive your eyes of sleep, they swell up and creases will form.

(3) Stop smoking : Smoking can dry your eyes, affect the tissues and make your eyes puffy. Smoking will not only cause triple eyelid but can also cause cataract, and poor sight.

(4)Protect your skin from sun exposure : Exposing your sun to sunlight can cause triple eyelid. Use sunshades when the sun is too hot.

(5) Know your allergies :If there are certain foods or drinks that when you take them, can cause your eyes to swell up, avoid them. 
(6) Limit your alcohol intake.


Having triple eyelid is not a disease, it is not a death sentence. The cause can be biological or genetic. Knowing what causes it can go a long way to help. If the triple-eyelid do not fade away after some time, you can consider seeing a doctor. He or she will be in the best position to know if medications can do the magic or surgical procedure. 

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