4 Reasons Why a Pregnant Woman Should Make Love Everyday

Pregnancy sex is not only safe, it is recommended. In this post you are going to know the 4 reasons why a pregnant woman should make love everyday.

Love making is an interesting part of marriage and must not be avoided because of pregnancy.
Sex during pregnancy is entirely different from how it was before pregnancy. Most women don’t feel like having sex while the men feel they have less sex when expecting a baby.

It is very okay for a woman to make love or I will rather say have sex throughout her pregnancy unless her Doctor says otherwise. A lot of women have this fear that having sex during pregnancy will harm the baby. Sex does not harm the baby or cause miscarriage.

It is as a matter of fact that you have as much sex as you want because the baby is well protected by your uterus muscular walls and sealed off in the amniotic sac, so you definitely can’t hurt the baby by having sex.

Now let’s know the 4 reasons why a pregnant woman should make Love Everyday.

4 Reasons Why A Pregnant Woman Should Make Love Everyday

1. It Aids Easy Labour and Delivery:
One of the 4 reasons why a pregnant woman should make Love Everyday is that it aids easy labor and delivery.

During sex, the pelvic muscle contracts and the cervix opens. Contractions of the pelvis muscle helps in normal delivery as it makes labour easier and strengthens the muscles so you won’t need any external help to bring out the baby.

2. It Reduces Stress:
Pregnancy could be a very stressful period for most women due to the distress of vomiting, spitting, unstable appetite etc.

When you have an orgasm, you tend to fall asleep and as such, you rest from a lot of stress.

3. It Enhances Self Esteem:
Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to a woman’s body which may be to much to take in, you may not look like your former self and you may feel less attractive and so insecure.

An increase in sex may give you that confidence and positive feeling towards yourself. It makes you see yourself in a different and a better way thereby enhancing self esteem.

4. It Helps You Keep Fit:
Just like every other exercise where you get to move your body, while having sex, you also move your body.

It helps you burn some calories, it helps lowers blood pressure, it boost immunity, adds circulation of blood to the body and helps you keep fit.

Here is the fun part, you do it together and you get fit together. It also helps the baby grow well.
Notwithstanding, it is okay to look out for unsafe periods during pregnancy

When you have signs of miscarriage or false labor.

When you have abdominal pain or cramps.

When you have vagina bleeding or discharge.

When your Doctor or midwife says you shouldn’t.

When your water has broken.

It’s best to reach out to your Doctor if having sex makes you have some symptoms like;






Sex during pregnancy has a lot of benefits and it could only have disadvantages in a complicated pregnancy.

The golden rule of sex during pregnancy is that if they pregnancy is going smoothly and you and your partner are keen, it’s fine.

Always feel free to tell your spouse what you’re feeling. Position might be a problem especially in late pregnancy as the belly becomes so big and the pressure makes you uncomfortable, letting your spouse know how you feel helps reduce the discomfort.

Never forget, your Doctor should be your go to person if something doesn’t go right. Keep enjoying your sex life even during pregnancy. If your husband needs helps on erection, we recommend Longvigor Coffee help him boost libido and stamina.

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